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I've been feeling really bad the past couple of days over That Post I made - I SWEAR I have no psychic connection to Johnny, and if I did I have plenty of other ideas I'd much rather be sending him! >_< In all honesty I thought Johnny would never make it clear one way or another. I don't want anyone to think I'm glad or gloating or anything. I feel sad on behalf of my friends, because of course I understand disappointment and I always respect people's fannish emotions. I don't want to feel awkward with anyone. No hard feelings? :(
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A non-Uchi fan's apologia )

In summary: Uchi is all well and good but... I just want him to stay over there. XD
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I'm only awakw because of a really nasty dream that somehow managed to involved *both* my phobias - well, I would only count one of them as an actual phobia, the other is just something I'm scared of, lol (in a stroke of just-woke-up genius I called it a "fauxbia"). But then I realised the Wahaha PV would be out so I didn't want to go back to sleep anyway!! And I'm typing this as I wait for it to dl, because I'm avoiding spoilers on my friends list, haha. XD I've had this conversation a couple of times recently, so some people will know but I'm actually one of the least-bothered people I know about spoilers (it's a consequence of being a soap watcher at points in my life, haha, where the whole *point* is you know what's going to happen, and that's why you watch it, lol) but I really want to experience the PV with no prior knowledge!

But! Even though I had horrible dreams, I do remember a really sweet one that Uchi was in! There was a knock at the door and there he was! XD I asked him how he was, he said he was fine and I thought, What a nice young man! ...Then I was like Wow, I get to answer the door to Uchi! In a manner that suggested I did it all the time, lol. He was visiting my housemates. He'd bought a tyre. Everyone told him that was a stupid thing to buy, but I'd just got a letter that said my car was due for MOT and I said if it needed any new tyres I'd buy it off him, lol.

I found my black shirt that I've lost (I last saw it in the kitchen! But it's gone! ;_; I love that shirt!) but a spider was on it (cue fauxbia!!) but I lured the spider away (from a distance, lol). Then I went upstairs and warned [livejournal.com profile] rat_lord about the large arachnid and then I went into a room that doesn't actually exist in out house to brush my teeth because I was going out shopping with [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire, [livejournal.com profile] adustierstar and [livejournal.com profile] hikariblue (I *am* going shopping with two of those people, but guess which one can't make it due to being thousands of miles away? ^^'). Like 8 of us were in there at the same time - for some reason, besides Uchi, a lot of other people had called, which isn't uncommon here XD - and I told Uchi I'd buy the tyre if I needed it and that made him happy. XD

That was actually quite a nice, happy dream with a feeling of great camaraderie! It was very detailed. Uchi was really lovely in it, haha. I feel very warm towards him now! ♥

Now I think I just have time to make tea before my PV finishes dl'ing... though my internet seems to have frozen during the download so I'll need to start again. ARGH!!! >( >( >(

[Edit] OK, seen it!!!!!!! And although I'll probably do a whole other entry's worth of flailing at some point, let me just say I feel like I've been waiting the whole time I've been into K8 for this PV. :D
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Whew, well, I love when my fandom goes berserk! I know everyone knows the really important stuff about the second Dome concert now, but I thought I:d share a few of the other bits as well! Again, it:ll just be my own impressions (ie, it:ll be the Subaru Report XD), but hey, I:m milking the fact that I was an eyewitness for all that it:s worth! XD

I:ll mainly be talking about things that were different from other times I:ve seen them, because the set list was largely the same and the songs were all really good and everyone sounded great (though Ryo did sound a little bit hoarse at times - that boy needs to quit smoking! XD). So please refer to my other flailings for more details, such as they are!

I:ll be showing off about *this* one for a while! XD )

I wasn:t into K8 until a long time after Uchi was suspended, I:ve never claimed to care about him; but honestly, last night, everyone looked so damn thrilled to be together that I was utterly won over - I flailed and screamed with everyone else, because it felt like such an important moment for the band. It:s impossible not to be happy for them. They:ve worked so hard. They really deserve some reward. I really, really hope they get a ton more recognition and success, and if Uchi comes back, maybe there:ll be an even bigger chance of that happening.


Oh yes, and this is the reason why Shibutani Subaru is my favourite pop star ever. It:s like something off a Miles Davis album cover. Unending adoration!


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