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I was *this* close to cancelling my careers appointment this morning, but I dragged myself out of bed (somehow realising it was at 10.30, not 10, made all the difference) and have been able to make the most of a nice lazy afternoon! ^^;; I seem to have been really busy recently, so I'm just having a nice quiet day. (The fact that it's sunny outside is making me feel guilty, though. ^^;; It is still pretty damn cold, though, so I'll wait till it warms up before getting any more vitamin D, thanks. *rickets*)

I randomly uploaded some music, too, so if anyone wants it - I know there are those out there who like to grab random new songs - help yourself! :)

First, The Crimea - White Russian Galaxy. Brand new song from a pretty new band - their previous song was called Lottery Winners on Acid, and it was OK, but nothing especially inspiring; this one is similar, but I really love the piano in it. Plus, White Russians are one of my favourite cocktails, so it's a delicious reminder. :9

Next, as we were talking about them last night, Talking Heads - Psycho Killer. [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire mentioned a dj pic with Fuji wearing a Talking Heads t-shirt, and I can imagine Fuji liking the Talking Heads, actually! I don't really know that many of their songs (the ones I do know kind of... meld together in my mind ^^;;), but this one's awesome.

Finally, this one's for [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire too! The Powerpuff Girls - Love Makes the World Go Round. :D Nostalgia! (For, oh, about 5 years ago. When I was 19. XD Good times!)

Finally, I love when my fandoms explode, in the good way. ^_~ Last week it was KKM everyone was talking about, with the last ep - it's funny, I've been watching it for 2 years now, so my squee levels have dulled slightly over time. After yesterday, though, it's back to Saiyuki. Everywhere you look you see Youkai Hakkai! I certainly ain't complaining. :9 I love seeing people enthusiastic about my fandoms! Means more fics for me to stalk! *cough*

I'm drinking fizzy French stuff, even though it's only half past 4! Dave wants it finished so he can properly start his no-meat, no-alcohol, no-chocolate, no-nuffink diet. *slurp* I apologise in advance for any spam this may cause! >:D

[Edit] What I said about 'the good way'... how come that always leads to the bad way? Ugh. [/pessimistic]
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KKM fans really should check out this post of drama CD tracks. I dl'ed the Ryan/KG ones just for crack's sake, and it's fantastic! If you've ever wanted to hear Namikawa Daisuke having a conversation with a family of bears, go dl track 4! XD That track also has the most adorable Wolfram and Conrad moment at the end. Wolfram sounds so sweet and scared, and tries to cover it in the cutest way. ♥

I have eps 54 and 55 of KKM to watch, but somehow I'm not that eager - I still love the series, but ever since it deviated from the novels I can't stop the nagging feeling of wondering what I'm missing. I *know* I've seen summaries of novels at various places, but I think they were mainly over at the ConYuu comm, which I, er, left cos of my growing distaste for the pairing. #^^# If anyone could help me out with links, at all, I'd be hugely grateful! Aside from, when I was in the Space Centre the other day, I actually saw a novel version of... something, so it kind of fills me with hope that maybe more manga-related novels will be translated in future - we can only hope! I really want to know what "actually" happens in the story. I hate being a manga (or, in this case, novel) snob, but in some cases - KKM being one - it really makes a difference. Not like PoT, where anime and manga canon can often quite happily sit alongside each other - personally I have no problem "believing" in Jr Senbatsu, or the training camp with Hyotei, and also the beach trip with Rokkaku - I think all those things can have happened, even though they don't appear in both versions of canon. (Of course, Midoriyama is where the problems *really* set in. In most cases of other, smaller differences, I choose the better version of what happened, lol - for example, I "believe" in the anime version of Fuji vs Kirihara, cos I much prefer it [if you ask me why, I'll be happy to tell you!]; but manga version of the D1 vs. GP match, cos the anime version is just a bit boring. And has golf in it. *dies*)

All of this leaves me with a difficulty when it comes to Saiyuki - do I believe in Homura? I've not seen his anime eps, so right now I'd probably have to say no. I have seen the special little manga chapter Minekura drew featuring him, and I know what he is, but I don't know much about how he's meant to fit into the world and story according to Minekura. @_@ I really want to see the Gaiden-bits of the anime, though, cos I adore Gaiden and may well cry at the end of it.

And, um, that's about as much as I have to say on the topic of adaptations of manga. ^^' Dunno how much sense it made, lol, but I'm always interested to hear what other people think about anime that have been adapted from manga. (I could have mentioned ParaKiss, but I'll save that for another day. :)
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Ooooii, RP-types! Where are you all? I'm feeling spammy, but it's no fun alone. :]

Also, this is the greatest icon ever. :9 Yarr! Everyone loves Yukimura's booty.

Nabbed this meme from [livejournal.com profile] dilettantka, amongst others...

Ten of my interests EXPLAINED! )

Oh, another thrilling day in my life. ^^;; Watched ep 49 of KKM, finally! I enjoyed it, but I still feel just a tiny bit uneasy when I think of it deviating from the novels. I want to know what's "really" happening! :/

Watched 11 and 12 of Legend of Duo, too - like [livejournal.com profile] zerotwofan said, it's a funny little series, but I love the 5-minute format - for a start, it fits nicely with my attention span, lol, but I also find it very interesting. Seems like such a different style to a normal series. Wonder where it's going to go from here... It'd be a nice bit of filler for the anime society too, if you need five minutes filled in anywhere! ;)

Even though I didn't really care for Haru o Daiteita, I still dl'ed the movie trailer, and it looked pretty good! The art's still a bit ugly, but somehow the story appealed. I liked the historical-epic feel, though I suspect it may be somewhat melodramatic. ^^' I'll see when it comes out.

Now I think I'll go any work on my [livejournal.com profile] top_cagnotte fic, being as how I actually have an idea of what the hell to do with it. ^^' Not many people seemed to care for schoolgirl Niou. What's that about?!
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Sheffield people, eat at The Mashouse. It's very very delicious, but I knew that before the great Sunday dinner we had there today. :9

They also had wines on the menu called The Trickster (white) and The Villain (red). Well, it amused me...

Yay, new KKM manga! :D I absolutely love it - it follows the same story as the anime, but somehow it's just even more awesome. Manga Gwendal is even hotter. :9
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Tomorrow is Kamio's birthday. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, [livejournal.com profile] robojellyfish! >:D

Greatest KKM fic EVER. 16 year old Greta needs to find a suitor, but Yuuri doesn't want her to get married. Very funny, and expertly played out. *grin*

Also, you know yesterday I wanted a translation of Sanada's letters to Yukimura, from the latest RajiPuris? Well, [livejournal.com profile] datenshi_blue posted some! They're very cute and fun. *pets Sanada* I hate the word "dork", but there's no other word for it. XD

Got an idea for a cross-dressing-gone-awry fic this morning. Maybe I'll even write it. *adds to the increasingly-long list* To remind myself I'll write the line "Jesus Christ! Will you just - stop - bitching?!" and hope that triggers my memory later...

Also, am applying for a library job back at good old Barnsley College! The only problem is when I'm talking about my employment history - do I count my placement there? Hmm. Ah well, I'm fairly confident I've got everything they want, so I'm going for it.

Today's jobs include:
- Tesco's for shopping and recycling
- cleaning kitchen/general tidying
- WRITING damnit!!!

My wallscroll was shipped today too. *glee*
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Oh my lord, ep 47 of KKM! *_* Young Gwendal is the most adorable thing ever! And slightly-older Gwendal is incredibly hot. :9 Sometime I should do that 5 (or was it 10?) fictional characters you'd sleep with meme. Gwendal, although he's not my absolute favourite character in the show, would defnitely be my choice from KKM. (Those eyes! *burbles incoherently*) I alkways found that meme a bit hard, though, for a variety of reasons: mainly, I like to think of the guys with each other, not with me, lol. Hence, I can't think of anyone in PoT I'd *really* like to do, cos I'd much rather watch them with (an)other boy(s). Also, I keep getting them mixed up with real people; like, I'll go "Oo! I'll put JURI on the list!" then realise he's not actually fictional. *cough* Well, it's an easy mistake to make..! #^^#

OK, I'll give it a go anyway... )

Aside from that, here's some randomness!

PoT writers, you've got one day left to join [livejournal.com profile] top_cagnotte, the PoT reverse ficathon! ^^' Go go go!

I also got stamped as Eiji over at [livejournal.com profile] tenipuri_rating.

I wouldn't've expected it, but hey, it's better than the alarming Gakuto's I got a couple of. ^^'

I also don't know who to be at [livejournal.com profile] desert_tennis. So much choice! ^_~

I think I might have a touch of lurgi. x_o Couldn't enjoy my mocha at the Egg properly! ;_; It was delicious too, and free, cos my loyalty card was fully stamped. O, the tragedy.

Still pimpin' the [livejournal.com profile] dinosaur_zone. >:D Oo, and I still gotta do that Taka tag. *grin*


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