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Hey, NEWS, what's with the unstoppable production of flawless, polished pop songs?! That goes completely against Johnnys' usual policy! XD First they put out what's actually an excellent pop album, then Taiyou no Namida is also suspiciously good - and I'm able to say this objectively, as a person who has no particular vested interest in either NEWS or pure pop music! Man, I'm so happy for NEWS though - I feel they've rather been overshadowed, even since their return, and although I can't say I'm *un*happy it was K8 and their monopolising of Ryo that caused that for much of 2007, I still think they deserve a break, really - I just think they've worked quite hard to become a band and get over their setbacks. Rather than just having money thrown at them. *cough* (Of course, this brought on by NEWS' new PV - the ending of which really does nothing to disprove the theory that Yamapi is just drunk, all the time. XD)

Was also actually quite excited to hear about Arashi's new prime-time TV show! One of these days I'll start downloading Arashi's TV shows... and the space on my external HDD will be gone like *that*.

Pancake Day today! :D Hooray! Now I need to go buy flour, milk and toppings, then practice my talk for tomorrow. Eeeek. (We have to do a 'panel discussion' between the four of us, with an audience that will probably consist of our lecturers and a few other assorted academics. We have to talk about a resource then ask each other practiced questions. I'm alternating between being 'OK, I'm prepared!' and 'ARGH WHAT IF I FORGET EVERYTHING OR GET IT IN THE WRONG ORDER OR GET LOST IN MY NOTES OR SAY 'MOBOOK PRAYERHAWK' INSTEAD OF 'MOHAWK PRAYERBOOK'??' ^^;;)

[Edit] Also, you may well have seen this pic around your friends list already, but it's just way too adorable! Actually, somehow I reckon K-T fans won't be squealing over this in the same way K8 fans are, haha, but that's their loss! (And for the record, I got the pic via [livejournal.com profile] boneprincess88 and [livejournal.com profile] bakabanri... who got it from [livejournal.com profile] za_riel, who I'm too shy to friend cos I don't want to seem like a user by only friending people for their uploads. :/
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...I had this nagging feeling my class at 10 on Mondays is only alternate weeks, but I went anyway; turns out I was right, it *wasn't* on. -_- But at least I had a little while to refresh my memory about the infamous do. I have two more papers about the bugger to read for next week, too!

Some bits from last week's JaniBen, cut for scary!! )

Also amused that the "kekkon" rumour never even got a chance to be a rumour - everyone just went "HAHAHA no." ^^' Rich source of drabble opportunities, though. :3 If I ever have time ever again, I might try and write some of them. ("4 times Subaru didn't get married and one time he did"?)

Added to list of songs I almost certainly shouldn't like, am not sure if I even *do*, but keep listening to anyway: Arashi's Right Back to You. I like the title! Plus, you can't go wrong with glowing sticks.
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I feel afraid of everything today. ;_; I don't quite know what to do! I could go to the gym, or go recycling, or fill in my uni application form, but I just feel kind of wobbly and scattered. o.o

Better do something, though. ^^'

We went to see Letters from Iwo Jima yesterday. It was a great film, actually, it had a lot of impact - I found it more moving than any other war film I've seen, I think. Very well-done. Though I could've done with less gore. x_o I bet Nino was glad to get back to dancing on rainbows and being a mannequin. [livejournal.com profile] zalia said she'd seen Arashi mentioned in The Guardian last week, in the context of Nino being in them and also being in an internationally-acclaimed film; it does amuse me to think of anyone with any kind of serious interest in film looking him up and seeing, for example, this. I also always think of MatsuJun as an actor first, and forget he's in Arashi too. It also always disturbs me to remember he's also 2 years younger than me. He's been around, like, forever! I've wasted my life! XD
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Hey, what do you know, I found an Arashi song I like! Thanks, Johnny's Countdown! ♥ (I do want to see Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, but why, out of all the Johnny's they could have had, is it Nino who'll be in the latter? The one who creeps me out and looks like a Japanese Adam Sandler? -_- That said, I changed my mind dramatically about Subaru and Yabu, so let's see how long it takes for this one to turn around too...)

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone! (I just wanted to start with a different topic so next year I can do that "First sentence of every month" meme and the first one will be a bit more interesting. XD) I hope 2007 is a stellar year for everyone! ♥

Well, 2006 wasn't half bad, actually! I still can't believe I've been to America! XD I also can't believe it's less than a year since I went to Squeefest and met [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground et al! :O I've also had a job for nearly 9 months, and that's been a huge part of why 2006 was better for me than the previous year. It may not be anything much, but it's been incredibly good for my own stability.

In 2007, I have made up my mind to visit Japan, finally. That's less a resolution, and more just a thing I fully intend to do. XD Though I'll need someone to go with *hint hint* - America was one thing, where there's no language barrier, but I wouldn't feel happy being lost in Japan alone. XD At least if you're lost with someone, you're, well, with someone. ^^;;

Actual resolution-wise, I want to:

- listen to more music (especially jazz, world, experimental - through the marvellous medium of the BBC!)
- drink more water (atm I go for long periods without doing this. Like, days. Especially in winter.)
- go back to the gym (it's boring, and after work I usually can't be bothered going out again, but I really should >.<;;)

I may have to do some difficult things in 2007. I have a couple of ideas about things that sound great right now, but let's see how they feel in a few months, before I start getting all excited like I have done in the past, and then it's come to nothing. :3 [/cryptic]

I've reached the stage with this fic where I can't even bear to type it up, everything about it just seems so awful to me. I don't even care if I get disbarred from participating in [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge in the future - that'll learn me! I'll finish it, but maybe not in the next two days. :/

Note to self: don't forget to watch This Life tomorrow. :D :D :D (It's the show that made Jack Davenport! ;)


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