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Utahime last ep! O.O Ohkura was right, I was misting up. ;_; The series was completely not what I expected it to be, and in a way it would've been cool to actually see more about the movie he went there to see in the first place, lol, but it was a beautiful series, very touching and with some very nice performances. I'm going to miss that one.

Yuukan Club, on the other hand... OK, I'm not even going to start on what frustrated me about the series, lol, but I admit I loved the Yuukan Club themselves. They deserved a much better series, because they had a really nice chemistry together and put in some great performances, especially Noriko, Yuri and - to my surprise! - Bidou. It would've been so nice to actually see them in a *story*, but I guess Yuukan Club isn't about that. Shame. Yoko did get to look mega-kickass in that last ep, though. I was highly impressed. :D Mainly, I'm happy Yoko got a lot of exposure thanks to the series, really! Wow, he's gone up so many places in my K8 list since I first got into them!

Today was more of a 大成功 than yesterday, in that I picked up my prescriptions, bought my mum a Christmas present, bought myself a load of socks and even got a couple of books out of the library for the plane! I'm a bit worried about cutting it very fine for the work I have to do for before next semester starts, but I have over a week between getting back and my first thing being due in - I think - so I should have enough time... I have no idea when my dissertation proposal is due. And I'm not 100% certain when everything else is either. ^^' Oh well, no-one expects you to do any work till well into January anyway, right? Right...? ^^'

Oh, and Dave got me a beautiful necklace - it's in OTP colours and everything! ♥ And I got a huge stack of cards this morning too! :D I'm going to be sending more of mine after I come back from Japan... so they'll be late, but they might include interesting surprises! :3

Gonna try and write more fic tonight... but first I better finish packing. o.o And find my passport. XD And attempt to find my camera too. :|

Oh, I was going to talk about this week's JaniBen too, because it was particularly fun! Ohkura got to be very funny twice, it's rare but satisfying when it happens! XD
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I'm just curious. :3 Seems a lot of people are Nano-ing in some way or another this year, and while you wouldn't catch me doing it in a million years (I'm well aware of my capabilities, thanks XD) I'd like to wish you all lots of luck! Not to mention, check out your hard work! ^_^

[Poll #1085865]

I've started watching Hana Yori Dango, finally. I'm finding myself entertained, whilst remaining detached from most of the characters for now. :3 I'll be keeping going, though! And the torrent for Utahime 5 is out!! Yaaaaay~!
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What a lovely picture. ♥

And Yasu was talking in Wink Up about how he and Subaru spent a lot of time together in Okinawa, as if Subaru was his girlfriend. Awww. Lovely cover on Duet, too. Though Ohkura must be standing in a hole, lol. He looks so cute though! Everyone does! It's such a nice photo.

Seriously, new Vendy's scans gave me a much-needed lift this afternoon. As did posting up my questions for discussion on Monday, though they're a bit wishy-washy, lol. All my thinking on this topic (and, indeed, most topics...) is pretty broad and "Wheeee I think we should study *this*!" rather than "I feel his use of terminology insufficient to encapsulate this complex concept". I'm now valiantly trying to not think about anything else, lol. Let this be a lesson to me!

Oh! Loved this week's Utahime too. :D James Dean Ohkura was adorable! I squeed. And Nagase at the end made me yay. I'm following it quite well! I'm quite proud of myself!
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Subs for Utahime ep 2. Gonna have to watch the ep again tomorrow, though, cos I'm soooo tired! Even though I've been washed out from being ill I've not been sleeping more than usual, but tonight I really do feel sleeeeeeepy. e_e

Thank you everyone for participating in the lovefest! :D Feel free to keep at it! I'll try and do some more replies in the morning. ♥
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Utahime ep 2. Nagase singing Jailhouse Rock. Accompanied by a guy with an accordian. O.O I LOVE THIS SERIES ALREADY. :D :D :D

(Haha, accurate diction would just have taken too long. XD Bless!)

I also liked the song the evil guy sang. Even though he's evil. ^^'

*goes back to ep*

[Edit] Ohkura's little face! :D

[Edit 2] Next ep - crotch grabbed by obachan! XD XD XD

I really am enjoying this series. Nagase is so very compelling. :9


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