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Glitter Words

I don't have anything big or fancy to offer, but as I said in my post at [livejournal.com profile] baru_daily, I feel like I've seen him change over the time I've been into K8, and I feel like he's accomplished so much - I remember reading something he said to the effect of, he wanted kids to look at JRock and go "Ahh, I want to be in Johnnys cos I want to be in a band" - like, he felt like Johnnys was broadening, and he was happy to be in Johnnys. I'm glad. ♥

He also said recently how he hates imitations, he wants to do his own thing, and that's something I can respect almost more than anything else in the world. ☆

And of course, equal congratulations go to K8 on their anniversary! \:D/ I'm so, so happy to be a fan of theirs. They've given me so much fun, and some awesome experiences, and I can't wait to come back and see them again. ^_~
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Work progress is... not great - last night I was panicking a bit about Japan, and that pretty much put me out of action brainwise, so didn't get anything done; I've finished transcribing the discussion but that was such a mission I took a break to watch an ep of the Mighty Boosh, and it was so good I watched another, lol. ^^' It won't take *that* long, when I get to it, but there's so much, I need to be selective. And it's a pain!

I can feel how tense my neck is. o.o I feel completely drained of energy too. I'm feeling cool about Japan atm though, so that's something! And I can't stop staring at these pictures:

Oh my lord, Yasu looks good. *_* And I like Subaru's look too, though he still NEEDS A SHAVE and I do admit, I miss the long hair. :3

[Edit] Dave says Subaru looks like a "lesbian crack addict". He's just jealous cos he's too manly... XD

[Son of Edit] I want to make some kind of JE IC secrets comm, like [livejournal.com profile] pot_secrets - I'd totally make one for Subaru that said I wish I wasn't in Johnny's, so I could take real crack. ^^'
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I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in 6 months. I was expecting EXTREME PAIN today, but surprisingly, I got out of bed without screaming this morning! The only place that hurts really is my ribs, especially on the right, which is kind of bizarre but I did do some sit-ups. I actually quite enjoyed it yesterday and it wasn't *too* hard going, so I hope I can get back into the habit. :)

Hello to people I met through the big old Johnny's friending meme! :D Tsubasa came to Ireland! Nino's been to Berlin and is going to Paris! Now, why can't the Johnny's I care about come to Europe? >:/ Subaru keeps going on about how he wants to come to England - do it, boy! I'll take you to gigs and go shopping with you and teach you English so you can write songs to go with all your English titles! You know, I would actually give a kidney to go to the Dome concert this weekend. Oh well, guess I'll have to make do with [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio... ^_~ And hey, you won't escape watching the other live DVD I have, so it'll be the next best thing... ^^;;

I've eaten far too many blue corn tortilla chips. :9
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Home again~! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground for having me again! ♥♥♥ Much [livejournal.com profile] tenipuri_fusion hilarity was had this morning! (Live RPing is the best. XD Especially when it involves lines like "Now get undressed" and "But Mommy promised", and you're having a conversation between Rikkai D1 and Kirihara. :D) And it was a wonderful coincidence that [livejournal.com profile] dystopiarcadia wasn't working, and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio was able to join us too! :D Always a pleasure to see you all! :-*** And thank you again, Liz, for the wonderful gifts you brought back! They certainly kept me occupied on the train back! ;D

Incidentally, it turns out that the weekend of the 1st of April is Nationals weekend! Which means several members of my household will be away in Edinburgh rolling dice! Which, I reckon, makes it a great time for Rikkaimyu party. ;D (Though if that's not possible due to work etc, we can always go a few days later cos that'll be the Easter holidays and someone's bound to be away somewhere. ;) Make a note, everyone~!

Anyone else disturbed by the fact that I currently have no less than 3 icons featuring Shibutani Subaru? *dies* *uses one anyway*
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How come every time I see Kanjani 8, another one of them looks uglier? And how come every time I see Ya-Ya-Yah, another one of them looks cuter? *dies* I overcame my fear of Subaru, largely thanks to this rather striking performance of Tokio's Mr Travelling Man, with Taichi on piano. He may have a weird face, but his voice is very interesting, and he wears trousers well. Er. And I feel kind of dirty (or would if I had any conscience left), but Yabu is stunning. That little face! *_* ...Damn, this slope is slippery. XD

Yes, I know only about two people on my friends list care or, even, understand! This just means more conversion must take place. :3 (Still need icons, damnit. All the nice ones have the wrong guys on, and the ones with the right guys on are wishy-washy. :/)

Err... anything else to report? ^^' Car passed its MOT, am so very close to done with my Christmas stuff (haha), bought myself a shirt... Nope, not much happening!

I've been trying to come up with some Quotes of the Year. I have a couple that are just funny things from my life, and of course I can only remember about as far back as October, if that, but let's start off:

"Get a better clown"
"Sell your daughter to the gypsies" [to the tune of Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter]
"I tried thinking positively" [^_~]
"I like the part where we grind"

...Yeah, it's a short list. Told you I couldn't remember. Anyone else have any fun ones? They can just be random stuff that doesn't mean anything to anyone else, but if they're funny, please share them! I mean, Get a better clown? Random thing from work, but just hilarious. XD


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