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Sheffield folks! Go join [livejournal.com profile] sheffield_anime! :D So far it only contains brief intros to some of the series we'll be showing this year, but go friend it so you can keep up to date. :D (I also need a co-mod, as I'll be out of the country for a month - [livejournal.com profile] zalia? [livejournal.com profile] r_chan? Can I mod either or both of you?)

It also appears I'll have a job to return to when I get back from America. When I offered to come back after my trip, they said OK then! So that'll be nice to tide me over while I continue to waste time in my meandering career path!

My eBay account was also hijacked yesterday, but in the oddest way. They just listed some items, and one of them sold! I could easily have ripped that guy off for £100, because the faker said they'd accept PayPal, so I fail to see how anyone could hope to gain from using my account to sell fake items. ^^' Still, it all got sorted out, though I had to email the winning bidder twice before he got the message. -_- He even replied to me twice as well! Though he just said "thanks" each time. I'm still concerned, but eBay have rest my password and everything, so there's no trouble with them. Just got to keep an eye on my PayPal, more importantly. :/

Still got a crapton to do before America. The fear is still crippling me when I think about it, and sometimes when I don't. -_-
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Arghsotired. x_o I don't think this is natural! At least I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday, though today was probably the worst day I've had work-wise since I started at Burngreave. Also, it was hot. I love it when it's hot, but it was raining when I set off for work, so I was wearing trousers and a jacket. And being in an office while you can see the sun shining outside is never cheering. >.o

I also attempted to bring [livejournal.com profile] zalia to the yellow side. :3 Work will recommence in the near future, I'm sure! There's no escape... ;)

Hope all you British people went and voted today! ;)

Still working on drabbles. Thank you for your kind comments on my D1 one! Will reply individually, uh, later. For now, I'm crawling off to bed.
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Oh lord, The Wicker Man is on ITV4 right now. That's the daftest film I've ever seen! But it does have Christopher Lee in a dress. XD

In the greengrocers' in Broomhill today, I found Crunchies with popping candy in! I was beginning to think I'd dreamt them, but I remember having them back in about 1997. ^^' :9 They didn't pop as much as I remembered, but they were still yummy.

Work was pretty boring again, but I think I'm done there now. In a week, though, I (apparently) start doing admin for National Children's Homes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one! I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that publishing would be a decent career choice for me. They say the best way in, though, is just to approach people, and get as much experience as you can, so hey, anyone who needs a beta reader, I'm hereby opening myself up to any offers! ^^' Please do get in touch if you need someone - I'm willing to do technical beta'ing in fandoms I don't know, too. ([livejournal.com profile] sublimeparadigm, I am cracking on with yours! I haven't forgotten! :)

Due to all this employment that's going around atm, my journal may get slightly more tightly locked. So if you, by any remote chance, are a passer-by who wants in on the action, please let me know. ^_^

Errr... what was the other thing? Oh! Yes, I did some writing again today, over a slightly un-coffee-y mocha in Remo's. :9 Probably 300 words, and I have to say, I'm reading back what already have of the story and I'm pretty satisfied! It'll just be filling in the gaps that'll be hard - all that "relationship development" stuff. I'm not used to that! ^^'

Ahh, current location - the novelty will wear off soon. I'm not that creative!
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Yesterday I ate free cheese; today I drank free beer. (Well, it came with the price of admission. :9) Visiting the Dales is so tasty!

Jobs to do this week:

- water bill
- electricity bill
- council tax
(taken care of by [livejournal.com profile] rat_lord)
- kitchen
- recycling
- my room (*dies*)
- hoovering (*dies twice*)
- go to gym at least three times (went, though not for as long as usual; will try to go again on Thursday!)
- some writing. *quakes*

Adecco don't seem too hopeful about that Children's Hospital job after all - ah well, they've a whole week to find me something else before I have to go to the call centre. O.O I'm crossing my fingers that they come through for me!

I have an appointment to see a counsellor tomorrow. I've been thinking of all these things to say over the weekend, but being back home (and getting texts from [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire this afternoon ♥) has made me feel a little better than I have been. I know I have plenty to talk about, lol, but man I'm going to be annoying. >.<' I've become even more so bitter and twisted recently. And that's on top of the hypochondria and general lack of direction in life. *cough*

I never used to use my default icon, but Sanzo is just so pretty. *paws*
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This afternoon, Irwin Industrial Tools was quiet. I found myself just staring out of the window, because it was such a beautiful day, so spring-like, and I just felt so utterly peaceful. I was genuinely happy, even though I was just sitting, looking, doing nothing, and it was work that helped me get there. I'm not an ambitious person; I don't want a hectic job with lots of pressure. Right now, I just want something where I can be left to my own devices, with specific things to do. If I'm by myself, I don't have to think about how other people might be better than me; I don't have to think about living up to anything, or putting all that effort in, because people, let's face it, require effort. Right now, I'm enjoying being quiet, solitary; peaceful. Just watching. It's beautiful. ♥

Last night I also thought of a much better (ie, actual) ending for my (current) school reinc fic. Hope it's not too hoary and cliched. I also thought of an idea for a third school reinc story, because these things work so much better in threes; this will complete The Fine Art of Fooling Around.

Continuing International Saiyuki Week, I bring you uploads of the first three volumes of Gensoumaden Saiyuki!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

I was hooked from volume 1 - it's funny, because I was struck by how good the art was, but it's a testament to Minekura's development and dedication that now, when I go back to look at the early volumes, I think how strange and (comparatively) unattractive they are when placed against the new chapters. (Though I do think she peaked roundabout Burial time; everyone's profiles look a bit... odd since about volume 5!) If all my haranguing hasn't worked yet, I'll implore you once more to download these volumes and let it get its claws into you. ^_~ I'll be uploading more imminently, and will prepare more detailed ramblings for further persuasion. O:)
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Quote of the day: "In Soviet Russia, LiveJournal cut you!" (from a random LJ I happened across).

Random things I keep remembering from the weekend:

- watching the last 4 eps of Gluhen and ENJOYING it O.O
- Niou and his ice cream van XD XD XD (that still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it XD)
- everyone re: Papa to Kiss in the Dark: "It's so wrong... but can I copy it?" >:D

The first day of my new three-day job went well! I had a lovely lady with me all day, but tomorrow and Thursday I'll be covering for her, so I'll be ALL ALONE and confused. ;_; I can't get a decent cup of tea, which is frustrating, but the machine stuff is drinkable and only 10p, so it'll do. At least I only really have to answer the phone, so I can take a book. I've started Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and am greatly enjoying it so far! Though "so far" is only up to about page 40.

Did you know it's International Saiyuki week? I don't know when it started exactly, but I've changed my default icon to a delicious picture of Sanzo in celebration, and here's some links to manga I uploaded a while back:

Gaiden chapters 9-18 [missing chapter 15b... I think... ^^']
Gaiden 19
Gaiden 20

You all know how capable I am of rambling about Saiyuki, but I'll actually do a proper post (maybe tomorrow) with scans and explanation and discussion of some of my favourite moments. ^_^

Man, I'm tired - think I got a maximum of 6 hours of sleep, and I've had a stomach ache off and on all day. :/ This isn't anything especially new, but it's been oddly persistant. Oh well, probably just the terror! Which is made all the worse cos I ate chicken earlier (I just felt like some, so I bought a chicken quarter from Waitrose [only 95p!] and, er, ate it before tea *cough*) and chicken always gives me the fear. o.o

... end ramble. Time for a proper cuppa!
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Phew! Got back about 4.30 to NO INTERNET!!! So I napped a little (all the squeeing, it tires you out) while [livejournal.com profile] avatar1983 worked his magic, and now I'm going to attempt to catch up on my friends list. @_@ I had a fantastic time! I squeed over:

- PoT with [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio and [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground
- Saiyuki with [livejournal.com profile] new_kate and [livejournal.com profile] kittyheaven
- GW with [livejournal.com profile] seraphim_grace
- ES21 with Kerry

Now I feel very wobbly - can't concentrate that well, so I'll probably not actually take in anything I read (which is worrying, but no more so than usual x_o) and I have a job on a reception deskb for three days starting tomorrow. ^^' I also got the job on Friday (thanks for all the good wishes, guys! :D), and I start on the 3rd of April, so I'm gonna be busy!

OK. *rolls up sleeves* Skip?=5700 coming up...
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Have another song, folks! Go on, you know you want to. This one's like a combination of Electric 6 and Basement Jaxx, and contains a tuba solo. How cool is that?! Download it if you like crazy funky music that makes you want to point at things and shout. (That's what it does to me, anyway.) Braund Reynolds - Rocket (Natural Gambler)

Have some tentacles. Yes, I finally got round to reading [livejournal.com profile] ciceqi's Saiyuki/Lovecraft fusion-thingy. It's sanity-losin' good!

Was so, so cold at work today. I think I have chilblains on my hands now. x_o Only three more days to go! I'm a little sad, but part of me thinks it'll be nice to have a break. ^^' Man, I'm such a workshy slacker. And I say that with pride!

Oh, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] noaizumi - your card arrived today! :D Thank you!

I want 2006 to be the year I do and see all those things and places I really want to. Now all I need to do is think of what those things are... ^^'

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You know what? Today wasn't nearly as busy as yesterday and the day before. o.O' It feels weird to have a day off tomorrow! Yes, *one* day! But they are laying me off earlier than they intended, so my last day is now New Year's Day. I'm kind of sad, cos it's £150 less money, but mainly cos I've actually enjoyed working there. I've probably not been *the* most competent employee they've ever had, but I've never dreaded work, or hated any of my colleagues, so yay for that!

Just gotta decide what the hell to do next, now!

More immediatelty, what should I eat? (Aside from the prawn crackers I just polished off, and the lone surviving pineapple fritter. :9) The remnants of the fridge are as follows:

- 1 egg
- approx. 6 pints of milk, best before today
- 1 courgette
- net of sprouts

I also, of course, have various tins of pulses/tomatoes, onions, rice, couscous, pasta etc, so I could concoct some kind of freakish meal o'doom, but... I also need to head out and get some petrol, so maybe I'll give in and buy some, like, real food. I kind of fancy veg and couscous, but that milk niggles me - I feel like I should use as much as possible, so that means something in cheese sauce, followed by rice pudding, then hot chocolate before bed. ^^'

...I'm gonna go see if Tesco's is still open. ^^'
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Sweeeeet. @_@ I decided to indulge myself, as I'm all alone tonight (and tomorrow too *woe*), and bought Chinese from the yummy Hong Da. Thing is, I only realised after I'd eaten half of it that kung po roast pork probably wasn't the best choice, as it means nothing I've eaten today has been savoury. ^^' Crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast; tray of fruit and a chocolate bar for lunch; chocolate cheesecake after work (it's Christmas! *cough*). I love kung po sauce, but I wish I'd gone for chow mein now. *_x I got a pineapple fritter too, but as those are the sweetest (and most delicious!) things in the world, I don't even know if I can eat it. DOUBLE WOE!! *nurses glass of wine* Sweeet, sweet wine... or, in this case, sour, sour wine. Ah, relief!

Oh! And my copy of Reload 2 came yesterday! Possibly spoiler-ish ramblings about that )

I'm working tomorrow, 9-5.30. *laughs slightly unhingedly* Man, it's gonna be fun. Every man in Sheffield's gonna be glowering across the counter at us. XD

[Edit] I've finally tried Firefox again (it used to always crash on my computer, but that problem seems to have solved itself), but may I say I HATE how it just dl's stuff willy-nilly, rather than letting you choose where to put it. >:E Yeah yeah, tell me the way to alter that, but why can't it *default* to the sensible way? -_-
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Must be the influence of Most Haunted, but MY HAND WAS TEMPORARILY POSSESSED and I felt compelled to click "Buy it now". *cough* Oh well, Christmas present to myself? x_o I've not even been paid by Virgin yet, and my bank balance actually frightened me last time I checked it. *shudder* Oh well, my allowance from mother should've gone in now... *crosses fingers*

It was nice to see [livejournal.com profile] zalia today! :D And if you don't mind me saying so, your parents seemed dead cool. ;) Did you get anything good in the Space Centre? ^_~

I also had to serve Dr Pettinger too. *facepalm* I didn't dare say anything, but I think he recognised me. I tried to smile at him a lot, but for some reason I didn't want to say "See you on Thursday!" - like it would've blown his cover or something. XD Speaking of the doctor, though, I had this awful dream that me and [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire went to this joint counselling thing (where we were largely left by ourselves in a room, though I remember being asked to grade how "beautiful" and "intelligent" I saw myself as right now - I gave myself 1 and 4 marks respectively on a scale of 1-10, which is about right! ^^;;), but I mentioned I didn't really like people that much, really (like that's news to her XD), and after that she hated me! ;_; It made me really sad, even after I woke up! *cling*

Oh, by the way, [livejournal.com profile] alucinaria and [livejournal.com profile] pixieking - little Yoshi is fine! He's sooooo cute!!! (Wanna swap him for a guinea pig? ^^;;)

Also got a load of cards today too! Special mention has to go to [livejournal.com profile] moffit, I think. ;) Nice thought! *leer* I've got a lot of cards this year, but I don't want to try and mention everyone cos I know I'll forget somebody! #^^# Thank you very much, though, everyone! ♥
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I had a Saiyuki dream last night! ^^;; I woke up so happy, even though it wasn't exactly a happy dream, being as how it was basically identical to the fourth part of [livejournal.com profile] louiselux's batsmut, but still. It's thrown off my feelings about Saiyuki all day when I've tried to read stuff. o.o Weird.

But, it did remind me that I promised I'd upload these for a couple of people ([livejournal.com profile] almighty_frog and [livejournal.com profile] guiltyschu, so now I have your attention! :D), and I finally got around to it! ^^;; Of course, if anyone out there with even a passing interest in Saiyuki doesn't have them, I'd urge you to grab 'em, because, well, they simply demand to be read. Especially Gaiden. Tomorrow, all being well, Reload volume 2 is released by Tokyopop, so that's my lunchtime sorted - off to the Space Centre, though I have to say I don't really expect them to have it so promptly, what with one thing and another. >.<;; Oh well, that's my lunchtimes sorted for the rest of the week, then..!

Reload 2
Reload 3
Reload 4

Gaiden chapters 1-8 available here
Gaiden 9-18 [NB: **Missing the second half of chapter 15**]
Gaiden 19
Gaiden 20

Please let me know if any of the downloads are dodgy! I used Megaupload, which didn't work so well last time, but I thought I'd try anyway... :/ Enjoy, anyway! ♥

I miss the guys on main. I don't work well with women. Today was a series of things going wrong - not major things, but just stupid little ones that made me feel even more incompetent than usual. >.<;;

I did at least write a few more Christmas cards, though I haven't had chance to post any yet! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] chzbrgr_of_doom, [livejournal.com profile] zerotwofan and [livejournal.com profile] klingonpoo, as well as those I've mentioned before, for your cards (and letters)! :D :D :D It's my favourite thing about this time of year, all the international mail. ^_~ I shall try to post mine on Wednesday, when I'm working late, so should have chance to get to the Post Office before I start work. x_o
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OK... so I do have a job at Virgin after all! W007. I start on Monday!

This is Good, cos it killed my Angst right away. XD

We also have a working sink now. Wow, score!

...Oh crud, now I gotta get showered and dressed ready to go out in three quarters of an hour. Food would also be nice. ^^'
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I think I just had a premonition. o_x;;

I also have an interview at the Virgin Megastore at 11am tomorrow. *crosses all available whatsits*

I had a drink yesterday that was two shots of espresso and two shots of pure melted chocolate. It was the most intense thing I've ever drunk. :9 At £2.19, it's one of the cheaper things on Costa's menu too. ^^' Today they didn't have any mint to go in a Mint Chocolissimo, so that's a project for another day...

May spam later. :3
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I didn't get the job, so let us never speak of this again. For the first time ever I'm switching off comments, and I'd also really appreciate it if you didn't mention it to me in RL please. For the record, I'm not even too upset about not getting it - it's just the fact that I lost, in a two-horse race, in something that's meant to be my specialist subject. That's what irks, embarrasses and demoralises me, all at once.

I said not to talk about it, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be extra nice to me. ;)

Anime tonight! I need a good fix of hot men and crazy.
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Wasn't going to update till I heard back from Longley Park - they said they'd call tonight - but they haven't called. :/ There were only two of us - you'd've thought they'd ring either way. I guess I'll give them a ring in the morning, but I'm not too hopeful.

I thought it hadn't gone too badly, either. Well, my resources obviously weren't as good as the other guy's, and my classroom management was... well, let's not talk about it. But I still think it'd be nice to let me know. And when I ring, I'll ask what I should do better in future.

I won't ever get a better chance for a first job than that. I think I just shot a gifthorse in the leg. Or something.
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Bloody hell, everyone's British these days. That amount of times I click on a random person's LJ, and find they're actually English... fair brings joy to my little fangirl heart. Better get out my stalking hat.

Re: lesson tomorrow, I am so dead. I feel like I've done sufficient reading, if not as much as I intended to; but it still all feels mixed up in my head, and I have no idea where it's going to go! All I want is to have a big, successful discussion (after the small group work, of course, ahaha), and to remember all the points I want to make. >.<;; Bah, how likely is *that*?! *flails weakly* I did just have some kinda revelation that I should remember to make a note of, but I'm really worried it's not going to last 25 minutes. That's always my fear, under-running, and in a subject like this, you're really relying on the students.

Help. Help!

Someone uploaded scans of Saiyuubito today too, so that melted my brain briefly too. *_* I ain't stopping this fandom slide anytime soon, you realise.

[Edit] Bugger, forgot to say happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lin! And I can't even use the it's-still-the-day-in-your-timezone line either. #^^# Sorry, and hope you had a good day!
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Crack quiz nabbed from Alsie... )

I really only wanted to do it to say I've had sex in a tent.

Was going to do that favourite characters meme, but realised it was a) too easy and b) I usually have a lot of favourite characters anyway.

Argh lesson! @_@ Might go somewhere where there's no internet. It's a good excuse to go to a coffee shop, anyway... is there anywhere that does cheap refills? I dunno if the Interval still does, and their mochas are a bit weird, anyway. *cafegeek*

Oo, Densha Otoko alternate ending! With an extra half hour of footage! Er, yay. ^^;;
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I'm currently experiencing some pretty serious regret that I didn't go to YaoiCon after all. I can't even comfort myself by thinking about the £500 I didn't spend, because flying across the world is one of those things you can kind of justify to parents as "character-building" (as long as you play down the yaoi part). I hope everyone has the greatest time!! ♥

My stuff came from Longley Park about the interview - I have to prepare a 25 minute lesson about the philosophy of religion, which, as luck would have it, I've never studied before. So, philosophy buddies! Any tips? It's something to do with miracles proving the existence of god. Any helpful hints would be much, much appreciated. ^^;;

Finally, why can't humans be self-cleansing? -_- I loathe and detest having to wash, especially in winter, when you have to get naked and freeze your ass off every day. Bathing is better than showering in those circumstances, but that only works when you don't have to wash your hair, and having your period puts paid to it as well. So, in the spirit of crack-poll Thursday (only a day early), which of those annoying things that humans have to do do you have the most?

[Poll #598631]
Choose as many as you like! ;D

[Edit] People are choosing eating! :O That's the one I really can't understand, lol. Mmmmfood. :9
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Longley Park called me back already about my application - looks like they'll interview me, w007! (I think they only had one other applicant, lol.) That means I'll have, like, 2 months to learn how to teach philosophy, if I get the job. Oh crap. XD All you people who've actually *done* A-level philosophy (unlike me ^^;;) - any hints? *cough*[livejournal.com profile] avareece, I'm looking at you! ^_~

Also, got tagged for a meme by [livejournal.com profile] yukimura last week! ^_^

Name 5 of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Tag 5 people on your list.

1) Being outdoors. This one only really works in spring/summer (I'm realising this year just how much I really dislike autumn ;_;), but when it's a nice day there's nothing that makes me feel better than having a walk in the countryside, or even just the Botanical Gardens or something.
2) A nice cup of tea. Add cake and that's even better. :9
3) Being domestic. I'm not a tidy person, but sometimes doing some tidying/washing up/making a cake can make me feel really very accomplished. ...This one only applies when the mood takes me. XD
4) Dressing up! I love wearing nice clothes and putting make-up on.
5) Shopping! Whether it's for food, clothes, manga or whatever, I'm a firm believer in retail therapy. *nods*

Gah, I love being tagged but I hate tagging. Everyone do it! ^^'

Incidentally, this is where I spent the weekend. It's an incredibly good hotel, with a beautiful cosy bar and lovely rooms. Delicious menus too. :9


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