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Utahime last ep! O.O Ohkura was right, I was misting up. ;_; The series was completely not what I expected it to be, and in a way it would've been cool to actually see more about the movie he went there to see in the first place, lol, but it was a beautiful series, very touching and with some very nice performances. I'm going to miss that one.

Yuukan Club, on the other hand... OK, I'm not even going to start on what frustrated me about the series, lol, but I admit I loved the Yuukan Club themselves. They deserved a much better series, because they had a really nice chemistry together and put in some great performances, especially Noriko, Yuri and - to my surprise! - Bidou. It would've been so nice to actually see them in a *story*, but I guess Yuukan Club isn't about that. Shame. Yoko did get to look mega-kickass in that last ep, though. I was highly impressed. :D Mainly, I'm happy Yoko got a lot of exposure thanks to the series, really! Wow, he's gone up so many places in my K8 list since I first got into them!

Today was more of a 大成功 than yesterday, in that I picked up my prescriptions, bought my mum a Christmas present, bought myself a load of socks and even got a couple of books out of the library for the plane! I'm a bit worried about cutting it very fine for the work I have to do for before next semester starts, but I have over a week between getting back and my first thing being due in - I think - so I should have enough time... I have no idea when my dissertation proposal is due. And I'm not 100% certain when everything else is either. ^^' Oh well, no-one expects you to do any work till well into January anyway, right? Right...? ^^'

Oh, and Dave got me a beautiful necklace - it's in OTP colours and everything! ♥ And I got a huge stack of cards this morning too! :D I'm going to be sending more of mine after I come back from Japan... so they'll be late, but they might include interesting surprises! :3

Gonna try and write more fic tonight... but first I better finish packing. o.o And find my passport. XD And attempt to find my camera too. :|

Oh, I was going to talk about this week's JaniBen too, because it was particularly fun! Ohkura got to be very funny twice, it's rare but satisfying when it happens! XD
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Didn't think this week's Yuukan Club was quite as good as last week's, somehow. Though Yoko in glasses was a highlight for me, I admit as was the scene where he was lying face down on the ground, but let's not admit that, shall we?. Jin seemed to be kind of slurring. XD Also, am I the only one who finds Suzuki Emi really, really unattractive? She's gawky and ungainly in that school uniform and her face is all out of proportion too. Kashii Yuu is way prettier!

It was really weird to watch shiny, over-the-top Yuukan Club after a constant diet of HYD over the past week or so. XD I'm nearly done with HYD2 now~! 2 eps left to go. ;_; I don't know what the received opinion on this is, or why it should be, but I think HYD2 is a better series than the original. For reasons which I'd expand on if it wasn't 2am. ^^' It could easily be half the length, though. So much to-ing and fro-ing and umm-ing and ahh-ing! Oh my lord!

I ALSO HAVE TO ADMIT IT, I WOULD BE JUNBAIT. It's the eyes. *_* MatsuJun somehow manages to be more than the sum of his parts - he has no chin to speak of, too many teeth for his mouth, far-from-perfect skin; and yet somehow... I'm susceptible. XD It totally is the eyes. I must have a weakness for them. There is other evidence to suggest it.

Did 2/3 of my assessed piece for Monday... Could easily have done it all but there's time.

...I just wanted something to talk about, really.
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Highly remiss of me, but I completely forgot to post in honour of the birthday of the guy who started me off on this whole Johnny's mularkey:

Nagase Tomoya, whose birthday it was yesterday! Some people are Junbait; I was Nagasebait. [livejournal.com profile] aicha showed me My Boss My Hero, and - besides it being a completely compelling drama - my eye was well and truly caught by Nagase.

Cut for pics that better explain the appeal! XD )

He's a great singer, talented musician and songwriter, and - overall, in my opinion - an excellent actor with fantastic screen charisma. MBMH is ESSENTIAL VIEWING, as is the exceptional film Yaji & Kita the Midnight Pilgrims. (Seriously, I'll be repeating what I did last Christmas and offering those up to anyone who wants them, and probably some people who don't. :D)

As it happens, I also have a few TOKIO uploads knocking around, so here you go:

Best of TOKIO - not *officially* the best, but 38 of my favourite tracks. :)
Mr Travelling Man #2 - bonus version from Harvest album.
Doitsumo Koitsumo PV. You've gotta love disco samurai. :D

Also, anyone wanna play an online TCG with me? :D I joined Countdown, a JE trading card game, and it looks very cute. I've not traded with anyone yet but I've got all the stuff I do have up here. And if you do decide to join, please tell them Elyndys referred you! ;D

Oh oh, I kind of want to flail again about Janiben in Okinawa, but it's pretty much the same flailing as yesterday. XD I love how terrified Subaru and Ryo were of the birds. Subaru's *face* when he saw the cockatoo looking threateningly down at him! XD No wonder you guys were the loser team. *snerk*

Finally, I'm pleased Yuukan Club was good again this week. The firs couple of eps were so poor I had no hope, but 3 and 4 were actually pretty good. And 5 looks very interesting too, so looking forward to that. And it's Utahime day tomorrow!! Yaaaaaay! I'm even keeping up with the raws of that, I'm enjoying it so much. :)
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Put myself on that stalker meme I've seen a few people mention. :3

I think this week's Yuukan Club was the best one there's been so far, for what that's worth. ^^' I wasn't at all bored or rolling my eyes, put it that way. It was endearingly silly, rather than just stupid.

Also, I might as well do this now!

Happy birthday Ryo, you colossal dork! :D I was always a little cynical of your cool image, wondered if maybe you thought you were a bit aloof from K8's silly antics, but then you grinned in my direction when I told you "Bai bai" and did this and this on TV and this onstage in Okinawa and asked my friends if they'd have dinner with you; and I think the thing that really got me was "You trust me". XD Ryo, bless you, I don't know if that word means what you think it means. And I certainly wouldn't trust you, but I think you're a lovely lad really, and I hope I see you again one day. ;) ♥

Stupid cough! You're making me angry now!

[Edit] Vote for K8 in NTV's best artist event? Click on the big red box under the arrows, put in the artist name (関ジャニ∞ if you wanna be fancy), then put in your age range and whether you're male (left) or female (right). Then click the left button. :) Thanks to V for pointing that out! :D
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cranes for peace.

Yukan Club 2 hardsubbed! :O Man those guys are fast. :D I was wondering about dl'ing it raw, just cos I'm too eager to see that snippet of Yoko in the wedding dress, lol, but now I don't have to. Excellent!

Watched the new Burial ep subbed - it's shot-for-shot from the manga, and subs are preeeeetty much taken from Tokyopop's manga translation, but to be honest, I *like* Tokyopop's translation of Saiyuki (and clearly know sections of it word for word, lol), and the manga's so good, why fix what ain't broke? But wow, Saiyuki with, like, decent animation. o.O It'll be cool to see Banri animated next time. ^_^

This week's JaniBen was suitably off its nut. Japanese comedy really is like something from 1975, isn't it? And WHAT was Subaru wearing?! It's a question I should've learnt to stop asking, but it looked like something from the Hawkshead shop. XD

I keep looking at this pic and having a little smile. Bless them, it's a rare picture where Yasu looks like the *normal* one. XD Aww, lookit Mr & Mrs Murakami on their honeymoon. ♥ (Pic originally from that treasure trove, [livejournal.com profile] boku_nari_no.)

I'm... gonna go cough some more now. My diaphragm hurts! ^^'
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I was sceptical when people said there was a game part of Utaban that didn't get shown, but then I was looking at the copy of The Television that [livejournal.com profile] syuria sent me, and sure enough, there were pics, and electrocution was involved! Damn, I hope it does get shown at some point. XD Though I guess maybe it wasn't as hilarious as the previous time, if they didn't show it; but, I think they'd have had to work very, very hard to make it as funny as that. :D

I just finished watching Yukan Club too. Now, I've got no problem with anyone in it - everyone's been saying how bad Jin was, but truth be told I've seen a lot worse, lol; but I just found it all... silly. Which is highly ironic I know, coming from a K8 fan, but it was that manga-silly that events bear so little logical relation to the real world that I can't get on it. You don't notice it as much when it's drawn, but when it's dramatised I'm just raising my eyebrows all the time.

...That's not to say I won't download any more, lol - I'll give it a chance. ;) But so far I'm enjoying Utahime a hundred times more. ^_^

Now, work or fic, work or fic... I know I'll probably end up doing neither. -_-'

What time does Kikujani air, anyway...? Never mind. Congratulations, Yacchan. *rolls eyes at self*

[Edit] Vendy has the new Popolo and Myojo up! The little thank you messages from K8 to each other and everyone were sweet. ♥ And it seems Popolo got another angle on that kiss, if anyone's still counting (I am)! <3 )


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