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You still have a day left to leave me one of these! X3 *looks cute and lovable*

My Valentinr - elyndys
Get your own valentinr

Also, I think I have an idea for the 24 hour Valentine's Day fic-writing challenge thingy - only problem is, I also have to write my dissertation proposal. -_- Hmmm.

New plans for future. Am thinking. :3
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Random amusing moment in that lovely Narutomo clip about the end of K8's tour:

Ohkura goes to slap his hand down on Ryo's bare thigh and Ryo recoils away with a Look. XD

Also someone who's so inclined could write a fic where Pi is mysteriously pouty after Ryo's recent, ah, escapades. Someone can say "Don't you love NewS anymore??" Someone else can get huffy over Ryo's nice Okinawa tan, and Ryo can be like "...I've come straight here after 113 shows in 5 months, you've all had summer off thanks to my hard work!!" His voice sounded a bit ropey in that Narutomo clip too, bless him.

Argh, all the fics I'm writing at the moment suck! They're all nearly finished, so it seems like a waste not to complete them, but... I'm typing them up and they're rubbish. XD And the only one that isn't it too difficult cos I'm not a good enough writer. >.<;;

In any case, I need to get back to Issues in Historical Sociolinguistics. Thankfully it's a much easier read than the book I got last week and failed at. XD
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Meme stolen from various folkses:

1. Ask me some fandom-related questions in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/fanlistings/etc. in general.
2. Ask as many questions as you want - they can have sub-parts too. I'll answer as honestly as I can.
3. That's it. They can be as normal or odd as you like.

I watched the first ep of the Princess Princess drama, but I thought it wasn't that good. :/ It was all a bit school-play for me. Kenta was good, and Natashou made me giggle (unlike in the anime, where he is FEAR ITSELF o.o), and the opening theme is brilliant - but somehow all those things couldn't make it great. I'll give it a chance, though - it's probably far more hilarious if you watch it with someone else, too.

Why has my writing gone to shit? *facepalm* I've been trying to improve my style, but I don't know where it went wrong! *goes off to - gasp - write a bit more*
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Hey, what's with all the good Hyotei fic today? o.o I don't read as much for PoT as I used to, but I'm glad I idly clicked on some fics - excellent OshiGaku from [livejournal.com profile] jellypond here and from [livejournal.com profile] akahannah here, and also a very nice Higa story (again by [livejournal.com profile] jellypond) here. Now gotta find enough brain power to leave feedback.

I think the fear's come back - joy, eh? )

Which reminds me - got to go to the gym this weekend! Not been for yonks. Wanna write too - get all the important scenes done with, then starting filling in the gaps. Well done, brain, for waiting till I've written 3500 words to let me know I need to write in at least one more character and associated plot-line... ^^'
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Oh lord, The Wicker Man is on ITV4 right now. That's the daftest film I've ever seen! But it does have Christopher Lee in a dress. XD

In the greengrocers' in Broomhill today, I found Crunchies with popping candy in! I was beginning to think I'd dreamt them, but I remember having them back in about 1997. ^^' :9 They didn't pop as much as I remembered, but they were still yummy.

Work was pretty boring again, but I think I'm done there now. In a week, though, I (apparently) start doing admin for National Children's Homes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one! I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that publishing would be a decent career choice for me. They say the best way in, though, is just to approach people, and get as much experience as you can, so hey, anyone who needs a beta reader, I'm hereby opening myself up to any offers! ^^' Please do get in touch if you need someone - I'm willing to do technical beta'ing in fandoms I don't know, too. ([livejournal.com profile] sublimeparadigm, I am cracking on with yours! I haven't forgotten! :)

Due to all this employment that's going around atm, my journal may get slightly more tightly locked. So if you, by any remote chance, are a passer-by who wants in on the action, please let me know. ^_^

Errr... what was the other thing? Oh! Yes, I did some writing again today, over a slightly un-coffee-y mocha in Remo's. :9 Probably 300 words, and I have to say, I'm reading back what already have of the story and I'm pretty satisfied! It'll just be filling in the gaps that'll be hard - all that "relationship development" stuff. I'm not used to that! ^^'

Ahh, current location - the novelty will wear off soon. I'm not that creative!
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I probably shouldn't be on the internet after the amount of wine I've had, but that said, I'm not exactly the world's biggest drinker - I've consumed two-thirds of a bottle since, like, 8pm, so I don't think that's too bad. Feel less giddy than I did half an hour ago, anyway. *cough* Now I've got a nice cup of tea, anyway, which is far more me. :9

While I'm here, though, does anyone else still write by hand? I do! )

I can't seem to get it right if I just write it direct into Word. :/ I've got to think it through, and I can only really do that with a pen in my hand. [/caveman] The above is an excerpt from this silly reinc fic I'm doing, or at least, the notes for it. Going quite well so far... nearly got 1500 words. :] Full marks if you can read my 4am handwriting! :D

I think I was going to say something else... and there was the poll about pizza, too... guess I'll save that for later. ^^'
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I did one of these years ago, but since then I've met a lot of new people to test. ;3

Go on. All the questions are kind of similar (mainly favourites-types things), and even if you get answers wrong, all the options I gave were reasonable guesses, so feel no shame. ^_~

I wrote nearly 900 words today. This could be the first time I'll ever be early for anything (mainly cos I forgot the date). ^^;; I have this tendency to forget all previous ideas through working on any particular thing (it's another reason I get very reluctant about writing), so let's hope the million and one fics I still need to write are still there, hibernating, by the time I get round to them. >.<;;

I hadn't listened to this song for yonks! *sings along*


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