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Amusing things over the past few days:

- seeing a double decker bus go past with an advert for Jet Li's Fearless on the side. Except the two parts of the poster were on the wrong way round, so it said LESS FEAR instead. XD

- predictive text strikes again: try putting the word "yaoi" into your phone. If it's like mine, the results will be entertaining. Tried it? ) Well, it made me laugh.

- the eyecatch for Gakuen Heaven 9. XD That'll teach you to cheat, Niwa!

Less amusingly, I can't remember my password for UP1. >.< I wanted to complete my Saiyuki DVDs, not to mention buy a Drama Queen title I don't have. At least UP1, through their lengthy heritage, still have the old order-by-post option!

...Man, I need to stop spending money. x_o But it's so hard, when there are so many cool things to get! Not got Reload 4 yet - will stalk the Space Centre again tomorrow.

Work sucked again. Or rather, I sucked at work. -_- I'm so glad I've got some breathing room in this job, though, because I have no idea if this publishing thing is going to get off the ground, and if it doesn't, I'm back to square one, with no idea where I'm going. Again. @_@ Why is this so complicated?! There are hundreds of different professions out there, why can't I *still* settle on one that feels right?! *headdesk*
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ARGH I forgot to take the post from work. -_- I wasn't the last to leave, though, so hopefully someone else will have taken it. >.<;; I'm always forgetting things, makes me feel like a real incompetant. Haha, along with everything else. *seppuku*

Jobs for the weekend:

- go to the bank and put in cheques remember to scrounge money off folks
- go to the station and see about refunds etc :3
- do some cleaning, I guess, though if it's sunny I doubt that'll happen.

Off to mother's on Sunday.

We have a shiny new fridge! Woo!

Jobs for work on Monday: CHASE UP THE HELIUM! ...Not literally.
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Mm, scrolly. My Rikkai wallscroll came today, but I don't know if I have any nails on which to hang it. Doh. It's a familiar pic, but it'll be nice to have on my wall. :9 Sanada looks disturbingly hot; Bunta and Kirihara look very cute, and Yukimura is lovely.

Also managed to dl the D1 duet (that sentence confused me when I read it back ^^;;), which, mercifully, is actually really good and I can't stop listening to it. #^^#

I keep forgetting to pimp this too. [livejournal.com profile] ssj10 translated a drama track from the PoT Animation Album SMASH! (apparently). Revel in its TakaFuji loveliness! ♥ Thanks too to [livejournal.com profile] noaizumi, who shared the track too.

Gotta finish this application. I feel so threatened by a big blank sheet of paper! Not to mention, how do I start? Bah! Also faced the humiliation of having to ring the gas company and say I couldn't afford to pay all my bill. [livejournal.com profile] avatar1983, if you've got any cash to spare please would you get in touch? x_x

Am still tired. :/ Think I may only have had 6 and a half hours sleep last night, but can't remember.
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Tomorrow is Kamio's birthday. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, [livejournal.com profile] robojellyfish! >:D

Greatest KKM fic EVER. 16 year old Greta needs to find a suitor, but Yuuri doesn't want her to get married. Very funny, and expertly played out. *grin*

Also, you know yesterday I wanted a translation of Sanada's letters to Yukimura, from the latest RajiPuris? Well, [livejournal.com profile] datenshi_blue posted some! They're very cute and fun. *pets Sanada* I hate the word "dork", but there's no other word for it. XD

Got an idea for a cross-dressing-gone-awry fic this morning. Maybe I'll even write it. *adds to the increasingly-long list* To remind myself I'll write the line "Jesus Christ! Will you just - stop - bitching?!" and hope that triggers my memory later...

Also, am applying for a library job back at good old Barnsley College! The only problem is when I'm talking about my employment history - do I count my placement there? Hmm. Ah well, I'm fairly confident I've got everything they want, so I'm going for it.

Today's jobs include:
- Tesco's for shopping and recycling
- cleaning kitchen/general tidying
- WRITING damnit!!!

My wallscroll was shipped today too. *glee*


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