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IT IS DONE!! I just went and handed the beast in, haha. I took a photo but my phone is playing silly buggers and won't let me see it from my computer. I was comforted when the woman in the office said that several had been submitted already, lol, so some other people didn't take full advantage of those extra three days either, haha. I was reading through it last night and I'd describe it as... patchy, lol, but not particularly worse than anything else I've ever done - and I've got on the PhD already, so it's all going to be OK! XD

Now I have to go buy last minute supplies (like books!! I haven't read anything for fun that wasn't on the internet for ages! XD) and finish packing. Once the initial madness of getting to Japan is over, I'm going to go to an onsen resort and just spend a couple of days completely relaxing. :3
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I thought I'd do a bit of guinea pig claw trimming today, but the problem is, Spats has two black paws, so it's hard to see the pink bit and I cut one toe far too short and made him bleed. ;_; Poor little thing!

Also my laptop power connection seems to be dying. I can't move it around at all, and sometimes even when I'm keeping it still, it just won't stay connected. Combined with the fact that my battery is now pretty much dead (I have had it nearly 2 years now) it's not great, so I ordered a new battery - it's better than nothing, especially at this point where I really don't want to be sending it away. I really really need to get back to my dissertation now. XD I saw my supervisor today, though, and I do need to narrow my focus (mainly by getting rid of a bunch of my variables), but are they going to be the right variables? I have this horrible feeling that the variables that will be most use to me, will be ones a) I haven't made any figures for yet and b) no-one else has done any study on either. -_- Hmm. ...Hence, I need to actually start doing useful work. XD

...Damn, I was enjoying all that dossing around and having fun. XD
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I have hiccups. It is very, very annoying. >.<'

I've aldo never experienced quite as deep a NEED for cheesecake as I had today. Luckily the cheesecake I purchased was very, very good. :9 And I had just been to the gym, so it's OK!

Gah, I feel very frustrated about my dissertation. For a start, every book I want to look at is out of the library; plus, I have a feeling a lot of the stuff I should read will be in journals, and I don't know where to even start looking. And besides, I feel like I know pretty much nothing about, like, linguistics. I was so enthusiastic a couple of months ago! But now I'm all defeated. I guess I'll just start analysing my data - after all, that's the sort of linguistics I'm most interested in, so I guess I don't need too know all the technical stuff about every different area of study in the field.

It definitely feels like a Friday, haha, so even though I've done no work I feel like just kicking back and writing some fic tonight. :3
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Good thing: I don't have to go to London this week after all! Hooray! Seemingly a lot of useful material is online, so I can sift through that and see if I need any extras. That gives me a very definite direction to explore immediately, which is very good.

Bad thing: I feel incredibly inarticulate today. -_- I feel like a thuggish Northerner with all my "like"s and unfinished sentences and vague, ham-fisted expression of ideas and emotions! Rubbish. I also felt ugly, even though I was wearing awesome clothes.

I might go to the gym tonight. I got used to the steam rooms at Center Parcs!
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You still have a day left to leave me one of these! X3 *looks cute and lovable*

My Valentinr - elyndys
Get your own valentinr

Also, I think I have an idea for the 24 hour Valentine's Day fic-writing challenge thingy - only problem is, I also have to write my dissertation proposal. -_- Hmmm.

New plans for future. Am thinking. :3
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Happy Friday! I finished my book review (I only realised after I'd sent it that I hadn't even read it through, haha), and so I am zen. :3 I also went for a massage that I'd forgotten I'd booked, and I had to go otherwise there would've been a cancellation charge. >.<' But I think I needed it - the girl described my shoulder muscles as "crunchy", which isn't good! I could feel it too. I'm gonna hurt tomorrow, I think! It was at the gym, though I didn't even have time to do any exercise cos I had to rush back and send off my review, haha. But I'll try and go tomorrow or Sunday. Then I've got to start on my dissertation proposal. Which, I'm realising, I don't really know how to start. ^^;; But that is for NEXT WEEK. And after that... oh, there'll be genuine free time, at least for a while. :D I'll get so much done, now I can stop procrastinating! XD

Also, have a present:

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - The Beat That My Heart Skipped. Seriously this is one of the best tracks I've ever heard in my life. I love the lyrics, I love the message, I love the beat, I love the bass, I love the music box bit at the end. And it's a live version - I don't know how he does it! All the songs I've heard by Sac & Pip have been A+++++ and I wish they'd release an actual album so I could have them all. (They're the guys who did Thou Shalt Always Kill, which is another genius piece of work.)

Ahh, I love that they have so many flaming gay guests on Janiben. :D It's especially hilarious cos Yoko and Hina are just like normal, yeah whatever, and Ryo just didn't know what to do with himself, being hit on by this guy, hahaha! That said he doesn't know what too do when it's a female guest either, bless him. XD I hope someone subs this one eventually! Seemed like a riot!
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Hey, NEWS, what's with the unstoppable production of flawless, polished pop songs?! That goes completely against Johnnys' usual policy! XD First they put out what's actually an excellent pop album, then Taiyou no Namida is also suspiciously good - and I'm able to say this objectively, as a person who has no particular vested interest in either NEWS or pure pop music! Man, I'm so happy for NEWS though - I feel they've rather been overshadowed, even since their return, and although I can't say I'm *un*happy it was K8 and their monopolising of Ryo that caused that for much of 2007, I still think they deserve a break, really - I just think they've worked quite hard to become a band and get over their setbacks. Rather than just having money thrown at them. *cough* (Of course, this brought on by NEWS' new PV - the ending of which really does nothing to disprove the theory that Yamapi is just drunk, all the time. XD)

Was also actually quite excited to hear about Arashi's new prime-time TV show! One of these days I'll start downloading Arashi's TV shows... and the space on my external HDD will be gone like *that*.

Pancake Day today! :D Hooray! Now I need to go buy flour, milk and toppings, then practice my talk for tomorrow. Eeeek. (We have to do a 'panel discussion' between the four of us, with an audience that will probably consist of our lecturers and a few other assorted academics. We have to talk about a resource then ask each other practiced questions. I'm alternating between being 'OK, I'm prepared!' and 'ARGH WHAT IF I FORGET EVERYTHING OR GET IT IN THE WRONG ORDER OR GET LOST IN MY NOTES OR SAY 'MOBOOK PRAYERHAWK' INSTEAD OF 'MOHAWK PRAYERBOOK'??' ^^;;)

[Edit] Also, you may well have seen this pic around your friends list already, but it's just way too adorable! Actually, somehow I reckon K-T fans won't be squealing over this in the same way K8 fans are, haha, but that's their loss! (And for the record, I got the pic via [livejournal.com profile] boneprincess88 and [livejournal.com profile] bakabanri... who got it from [livejournal.com profile] za_riel, who I'm too shy to friend cos I don't want to seem like a user by only friending people for their uploads. :/
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Thought I might as well give it a go. :3 Feel free to be as uncreative as you like if you do decide to send me one of these things! I won't be judging. ;)

My Valentinr - elyndys
Get your own valentinr

Man, I didn't realise I went to bed so late last night... Slept for the requisite time, but was completely and utterly drained of all physical energy when I woke up. This has happened the day after every time I've been to the gym since I joined. I'm hoping it's just cos I've been really inactive for the last few months, and that it'll pass once I get used to exercising again... :| I actually really enjoyed the gym last night, it made me feel a lot less tense and I was able to do everything I was meant to do without too much pain; just this overwhelming tiredness now. Hmm. I'll see how it goes and in the meantime worry like heck, no doubt.

My book that I have to review for, er, Monday, is actually pretty interesting so far, yay! Though I'm only on chapter 2. *cough*
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I. Hate. Referencing. I HATE IT SO MUCH! XD I loathe the arsiness of it. Looking back, I could probably have got better marks through my undergrad by learning how to do it properly, but I was too stubborn, lol - the very fact that such a stupid thing could lose me marks just makes me not wantr to do it. XD

Finished my essay about 5.30am... e_e I daredn't read it again, I don't want to realise it's crap, lol. Gonna go print out, hand in, then I have a free trial at a very fancy gym this afternoon, haha. It'll probably be waaaay too expensive for me to join, but I thought I'd go try out their sauna while pretending I'm more interested in the gym, haha. (I love saunas. I really regret not spending longer in Spa LaQua when I was in Tokyo, haha. My favourite part? The sauna with the therapeutic coloured lights. You could go through every Ranger... *cough*)

My slave said he bought bacon yesterday though, so I should have a nice breakfast coming up. :9 *eyes slave*
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Just finished my assignment; problem is, I only realised when I went to submit it that the deadline was 12noon. Oops. Oh well, I stuck a note on it explaining about my freak out last night (well, I didn't use those words, lol) so I hope they only knock me 5% off. -_-

Now I'm going to eat Christmas cake with cheese with apricots in. I'm a Yorkshire person, what?! Oh, and I'll watch that other ep of the Boosh. :D
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Work progress is... not great - last night I was panicking a bit about Japan, and that pretty much put me out of action brainwise, so didn't get anything done; I've finished transcribing the discussion but that was such a mission I took a break to watch an ep of the Mighty Boosh, and it was so good I watched another, lol. ^^' It won't take *that* long, when I get to it, but there's so much, I need to be selective. And it's a pain!

I can feel how tense my neck is. o.o I feel completely drained of energy too. I'm feeling cool about Japan atm though, so that's something! And I can't stop staring at these pictures:

Oh my lord, Yasu looks good. *_* And I like Subaru's look too, though he still NEEDS A SHAVE and I do admit, I miss the long hair. :3

[Edit] Dave says Subaru looks like a "lesbian crack addict". He's just jealous cos he's too manly... XD

[Son of Edit] I want to make some kind of JE IC secrets comm, like [livejournal.com profile] pot_secrets - I'd totally make one for Subaru that said I wish I wasn't in Johnny's, so I could take real crack. ^^'
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Essay all done! :D Only one more thing I need to do before the end of term, and that's not due for over a week and is only very short; and only one more class and one other thing to attend, and that's it! Man, it's really flown. o.o Next step will be starting to think about dissertation. Eek.

...But for now, I've just been watching this gif going round and round. :D It's too adorable! My DVD has at least been shipped, so I'm going to be on tenterhooks waiting for it to arrive! @_@

And for those of you who doubted me, I told you the hamster dance song was a song first, rodent-related internet phenomenon after! The song is called Cognoscenti vs Intelligentsia by the Cuban Boys, and it was a HUGE cult hit in 1999 when John Peel used to play it on his late-night radio show. Yes, the legend John Peel, coolest man ever on British radio! The song's classic late 90s lo-fi. Man, that sound takes me back~!

Now I think I'll do some more Christmas cards! ...Or first maybe I should post the ones I did a week ago. *facepalm*
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1/5 of the way through this essay. Still. D: All encouragement in form of drabbles, pictures containing inappropriate touching, screencaps of you-know-what, and JE macros welcomed. x_o
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Let's cuddle. ♥ Credit to [livejournal.com profile] gemma_m

No better way of getting me to write fic than the knowledge that I have a scary assignment to avoid do. ^^' The worst thing is, it makes you feel productive! So you think Oh, I've done something good! and are all pleased with yourself... then you remember you've still got the awful assignment waiting for you. ^^'

*goes back to awful assignment* Oh well, at least it's not looking *quite* as awful as it was a couple of hours ago. Let's see how far I get. I'm also quite alarmed by how very tired I feel. o.o

Oh, and I usually leave the charity posts to those who do them better (and I guess this is no different, as I'm linking to something someone else said) but recently [livejournal.com profile] postingwhore posted about Pretty Bird Woman House. It's a cause that really clicked with me: I think this sort of thing is a much-overlooked cause, because it's something that's happening in a developed country, where people either aren't looking for it at all, or don't want to see it.
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I love the casual gayness that seems to have taken over Tsuukai Everyday, lol - not only do they have Piiko-san, but in recent weeks they've had a variety of equally flaming guests (including that mangaka who was on Janiben, with the scary pictures); ...and then there's Maru, who does a pretty good impression of being okama-ish, lol.

The bunraku ep was really cool, though. I thought the puppets would be scary, lol, but next time I'm in Osaka (haha) I'll totally go to see it! I wanted to see Maru play the shamisen too.

Scans finally emerging of the photobook! I got more than a little doki-doki, lol. ...That doesn't quite accurately describe my level of excitement, lol, but I'm trying to hold at bay the frustration I feel at not actually having my own copy yet. ;_;

Now I have to go to the library cos some bastard's got the book I want out, so I have to use the reference copy. Oh well, at least there *is* a reference copy. I *so* do not want to do this assignment. Desperately!

Oh! For some reason I dreamt about MatsuJun again last night! And he was being a lovely friendly boy! I think I dreamt he must've been in, or at least friends with, the Japan Society at Sheff, lol. I was chatting to him very comfortably about Arashi, haha!
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"confects" is not a word. And if it is, it should be to do with chocolate.

...Please be prepared for many random posts of an entirely irrelevant linguistics-related nature over the next few weeks/months. ^^' Today we spent far too long concocting incredibly elaborate ways to dispose of our least favourite theorist. (You better keep looking over your shoulder, David Denison, cos we're coming to send you into space...)

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] peacock I remembered that my mp3 player has quite decent sound recording, so I shall attempt some kind of voice post so you can be treated to my dulcet tones. (I sound like a man, btw. A rough Northern man. I shall attempt to make it hilarious.)

When I'm better, I mean *next* time I'm better, I'm going to completely make the most of it. I'm never taking being happy for granted again. I've always been a staunch proponent of "do it now, while you'll enjoy it, because you never know when you won't be able to", but this has reinforced it to me.

Gonna hack my way through the rest of this slightly whimsical paper about Chaucer, lol, then sleep. Oh, and lookit the cute new icon! ♥
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I'm wearing an orange top (and orange socks :D) today because it's Maru's birthday!

(Sorry, it's a cut picture, but it's one I like a lot. :9)

I still think this is one of the finest moments in the history of Kanjani8: )

He was so pleased with himself, bless him! ♥ He seems like such a lovely guy. A lovely, eccentric guy, lol, but that's the best kind! ☆

Oh dear, so tired today. Had to wake up early to make a doctor's appointment (which, thankfully, I did), then couldn't really get back to sleep. Class was... not as bad as it could've been, lol, but then the book I ordered from the basement of the library doesn't seem to be the right one... so I'll have to go back and order another. -_- Which is really cutting down the amount of time I'll be able to actually spend on an assignment I don't really understand anyway... but at least maybe I'll be able to get some of the reading done for Wednesday tonight. Yay.

EVERYTHING IS SO BLAH. What I'd really like to do atm is have a big fangirling weekend with loads of mixed JE people and JE stuff. It doesn't matter what you watch, when there's a gang of you! It's always fun to watch stuff with people who really care about it, it's infectious! But all my JE friends are far away. ;_;
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What a lovely picture. ♥

And Yasu was talking in Wink Up about how he and Subaru spent a lot of time together in Okinawa, as if Subaru was his girlfriend. Awww. Lovely cover on Duet, too. Though Ohkura must be standing in a hole, lol. He looks so cute though! Everyone does! It's such a nice photo.

Seriously, new Vendy's scans gave me a much-needed lift this afternoon. As did posting up my questions for discussion on Monday, though they're a bit wishy-washy, lol. All my thinking on this topic (and, indeed, most topics...) is pretty broad and "Wheeee I think we should study *this*!" rather than "I feel his use of terminology insufficient to encapsulate this complex concept". I'm now valiantly trying to not think about anything else, lol. Let this be a lesson to me!

Oh! Loved this week's Utahime too. :D James Dean Ohkura was adorable! I squeed. And Nagase at the end made me yay. I'm following it quite well! I'm quite proud of myself!
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I got an an unconditional offer from Sheffield for my MA! :O That was fast, and unexpectedly hassle-free - didn't even need an interview, and I never even got my degree transcript back from the uni, so I dunno what happened with that. ^^;;

But I ain't questioning! :D
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This is the most awesome song I've heard in a long time, though [livejournal.com profile] davechan disagrees, inevitably. XD

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Though Shalt Always Kill

I mean, come on! With a title and artist like that, how can it *not* be made of awesome?!
"Thou shalt not think that any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a paedophile - some people are just nice...
Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry...
Thou shalt spell the word “Pheonix” P-H-E-O-N-I-X not P-H-O-E-N-I-X, regardless of what the Oxford English Dictionary tells you."

Frickin' A. ♥ Angles is almost even better, cos it tells more of a story, but I've not found an mp3 of that, though you can hear it at his MySpace.

I'm also distressed to find myself liking this My Chemical Romance song. o.o Well, we all knew I got emo, I guess it was inevitable! ^^;;

Speaking of emo, was worried to find myself in a state of semi-panic in M&S earlier because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to get for tea. Deciding this was not an appropriate reaction, I told myself to get a bloody grip, for heaven's sake, and it mainly worked, though I'm mainly worried because I was so worried. Hmm. I even made myself an appointment at the doctor's about that pain in my ribs, but it's gone away now. Oh well.

Oh, and when I looked at the uni website about getting a replacement degree today, I realised that what I actually need is a transcript of my marks, which I would have to pay for anyway, so that makes me feel better. And I rang up and clarified that yes, I do still exist on the university's records, so yes, they can give me said transcript. Phew! So now I've stuck my application and the reference I got back in an envelope, and if I send it tomorrow that'll be a huge step! I hereby promise I'm going to try my best at this course, provided I get on it. Really. I really want to work hard. Please let me be able to. XD


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