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I know I'm not the shiniest sequin in the Johnny's costume closet when it comes to these things, but how hard is it meant to be to redeem a YesAsia gift certificate? Seriously! I made the order initially, thinking it'd give me the option to redeem the certificate when I put in payment details, but no, the order went through for the full amount on my credit card. However, it's still a pre-order, so I thought I'd contact them to see if they could apply the certificate to my order.

Took them two emails to send me a real response, and now I've followed their instructions, clicked on the "redeem" button in the certificate email (several times, when told to do so), but in my account summary it still says I have no certificates on record! But then I go to the Gift Certificates section, and it's there. So why doesn't it show up in my credit? I can't see anything else to click that would make it work! >:E I've never had problems with YesAsia before, but if this doesn't work out I'm totally cancelling, because I can get the thing from elsewhere for less than $70 (though £35 doesn't sound nearly so much, haha) *and* it'll count towards the chart.


In better news, I had 8 victims for my drama showing! :D People seemed to enjoy My Boss My Hero most, but that was a given, as it's the greatest drama ever. ^_^ As I can get the room for free, think I'll do another drama night, when Japan soc *aren't* also having a showing! ^^'

I also bought a hat and scarf today. And I'm going shopping again tomorrow. ^^' But I forgot, I've booked a hot stone massage taster session tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have to cut it short. Almost all the clothes we saw today SUCKED, though. And though a *style* of shoe I love is everywhere atm, I haven't found the perfect pair yet. The quest continues!
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Ah~h, rainy season, Tokyo - everything I hoped it would be! -_- Actually, it's not nearly as hot as people had warned me it would be, but I guess we still have to get to August yet. ^^' But yeah, as it was raining and I didn't want to do anything too strenuous, I slept in today and then went online for a couple of hours (takes a while for my wireless to start co-operating too -_-), then decided to heard off to Shibuya. After eating my first yakisoba, which was delicious, but more expensive than I've become accustomed to, at Y900! XD

Of course, as ever, Shibuya station was a little baffling, but not too bad - I only ended up going entirely the wrong way once or twice, but I did get to see the 渋谷安田ビル (Shibutaniya Yasuda Building). Leave me alone, you know I'm a fangirl! XD

Shibuya was... OK, actually! I saw the doggie. And then, I shopped. >D I bought a bunch of cheap dj - mainly Yaji & Kita, of all things, because they had quite a few in Mandarake and they were, like, £1 each! Oh!! And I bought a My Boss My Hero dj, cos it was the only one in the shop! :D Sadly it's mainly novel, but the bit that isn't has very nice art, is Mikio/Kazu and is, er, somewhat explicit. ^^' (Whoever told me about the steps down to Mandarake, you weren't kidding! XD And it smelt funny too. >.<;;) Also bought a JoJo's art book, lol, though I don't think it was the one I've seen a few vague scans of - seems like an older one. Oh well, it was less than £10! And I found a sort of con report of Subaru and Ohkura's live cons last year, in doujinshi format - lots of random handwritten text, but with lots of illustrations. I'll have to examine it more closely!

Oh, and the Arashi conspiracy continues - I kept seeing the truck promoting Time going around, and evey record shop I went in (and I went in a lot) had loads of promo stuff. My eyes were irresistably drawn! And I'll probably end up dl'ing Time. Just to see, you understand. I kept looking for TOKIO stuff, too - I nearly bought their 10th anniversary con DVD second hand, but it was still about £15, and of course, it was before a few of my favourite songs of theirs were released, so I wasn't certain. I'm going to regret it, I know! I *really* want to get the GIGs DVD, but I've only seen it new and it's £30. I went in so many record and book shops, haha - I'm not even trying clothes shops - for a start, I can get clothes at home, clothes that will *fit*, and prices are the same anyway. Plus, style here is... not me. XD Not at all. Everything's so... flouncy! I feel sooo good, having shopped, though! :D (Haha, this will only interest one certain person on my friends list, but in the second hand record shop I went in, they were playing an album of what sounded like rock/punk Beatles covers, but with the lyrics changed. On the counter they had the album case - seems like it was some kind of Metallica-related project! XD I'll have to look out for it when I get home. ;D)

Also, [livejournal.com profile] iverin, important question for you: red or blue? :3

Had an azuki frappuccino too, but it tasted mainly like melted soft whip ice cream, so that was disappointing. Then I thought, I don't want to go back to the hostel just yet, I'm not hungry but I fancy a drink - so I went to this place listed in my guide book, turned out it was a restaurant, not just a bar, so I felt obliged to eat something even though I didn't want to. It was a good burrito, though I couldn't finish it! But they let me bring the rest home. Wine cost only Y100 more than tea, it was crazy. If I'd thought quick enough, I'd've asked for another glass of wine instead. Y600 is very reasonable! But Y500 is extortionate for a *cup* of tea.

There was a band on, and they were actually very good, so I was lucky there - they had a couple of acoustic guitars, a violin, a... well, some kind of percussion box-thingy, and a piamonica (or something - one of those things you blow in that has a keyboard on it!). They played covers of pop and rock songs, and they were actually awesome, and no cover charge, lol, so that was pretty good. I was totally too tired to talk to anyone, though. I realised I wasn't exactly being approachable, but I just didn't care, I was so tired! z_z I'm *so* wishing I was in a hotel now, where I could just sleep in if I wanted and no-one would know!

Now I'm drinking Pocari Sweat, and it tastes like medicine. You drink it and go "Argh, that's vile!" but somehow you forget *how* vile until you take another drink. ^^' Maybe I'll go finish that burrito...
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Oh lord. I could never have guessed how difficult it could be, looking at doujinshi~! Surrounded by so much porn stuff, it's impossible to pick what could be good. :3 So in the end, I made myself a rule - just pick something random and buy it. If you see something better, then buy that too. Then stop. Stop, and get the hell out, because otherwise it could get dangerous.

Yes, I found Mandarake in Namba. XD But much better than Mandarake in some ways was K-books, a couple of shops along. :3 They had some reeeeeally nice-looking manga, but I was strong, and thought No, limit yourself to English manga, it's a handy way of narrowing down the choice! XD I did, however, buy a few dj, including a gorgeously cutesy Shuji/Akira one, one as a pressie for someone, and a K8 one (I HAD TO, IT WAS THE ONLY ONE IN EITHER SHOP, OK???). Some of the nicer-looking JE ones were really expensive (well, over 1000yen XD), and there weren't nearly as many modern ones as there were SMAP ones. ^^;; I wonder if that's a comment on the fanbase, or just that Johnny has clamped down on such slanderous doings more recently. But hey, if Bandai don't, why should he? But then, he is a megalomaniac.

But anyway. *cough* In more intellectual pursuits, I went to the aquarium this morning (expensive, but they had some damn big fish XD), then Liberty Osaka this afternoon. Liberty Osaka is a museum looking at human rights in Japan, and it was fascinating - they talked about the Ainu, women, "sexual minorities", Okinawans, Koreans, homeless people and several others I'd never heard about before. All the videos were English-subtitled too - I stayed till it was closing, but I could've spent at least another half hour looking at stuff, it was very interesting.

Then I spent a loooong time wandering around Namba, which was brilliant, and came back here just in time for Utaban! :D Nakai spent a lot of time taking the piss out of Yasu for being gay girly, it was cute. And Yoko's reactions were gold, as usual. :D It was more amusing than I was expecting, actually, in a way I can't quite pin down, except that, well, it's Kanjani8! ♥

Now I better eat food. :9 Osaka operates on different hours to Tokyo - nothing really gets started till 11am, but eating-time seems to be a lot later in the evening. Suits me!
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Today I bought hats (2). They're damn funky. I plan to customise one with feathers and plastic jewels in a tribute to the new Japanese overlords in my mind. (I also nearly bought skull and crossbones knickers, but £4 is a price I will not pay for a single pair of underwear.) I also raided Whittards for bargains and got a mug that I think will strike a chord with [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground. :3

Apologies for what feels like prolonged absence but is actually probably barely noticeable - I cite the crack. Not to mention [livejournal.com profile] disography [livejournal.com profile] schwaschwa's generous gift of Shakma. :3 My Spirits DVD also arrived today, and it's the greatest thing ever. Again.

It's nice to have a dream. ☆


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