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Today, as [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground and [livejournal.com profile] solaas were going to Hiroshima, I decided to check out a few of the temples in Kyoto, as they're so spread out we won't have time to cover them all in the time we have left.

So I went up to Kinkakuji, the famous golden pavilion. Yup, it sure is golden. That's about it. ^^' Unless was missing something very vital, there wasn't much else to it, apart from a pleasant stroll through some trees.

So that took, like, 20 minutes. Then I went on to Ryoanji, with its also-famous zen garden. The zen garden, as all zen gardens are, is a series of rocks arranged in some neatly raked white pebbles. Very nice, but I was expecting something more... expansive. The garden is all enclosed by walls and quite small - very zen I'm sure, but not as inspiring as I thought it'd be.

So I got on another bus, and went down to Daitokji, a temple complex not far away, again famous for its zen gardens. Similar story here - the gardens, though exquisitely maintained, were small and, to one not schooled in the zen arts, not as captivating as the more elaborate temples with more, well, shiny stuff and treasures. So while I'm glad I saw the zen gardens, I wouldn't necessarily call them unmissable.

Then I got on yet another bus (spent a fortune on bus fares today, because I didn't know where to get an all-day pass from) and went to find a tea shop I read about. I found it after only one false start, and had some... interesting tea I'd never tried before - not sure I was entirely keen, but you only have to drink 3 tiny cups of it. XD You have to cool the water to 60 degrees, so you have to keep pouring it from cup to cup till it's cool enough to put on the leaves. It was fun! I bought a couple of varieties, cos I think I'll have another tea party for my birthday this year, but a Japanese style one. A めっちゃ抹茶 party. Except I didn't buy matcha, cos I don't like it that much. ^^' (I hope people in my house like hojicha, cos I have a feeling I now have two lots of it. ^^' I should've splashed out and bought the more expensive sencha with the prettier name!) They gave me a sample of a very sweet powdered ice green tea, which I've forgotten the name of, but that was pretty good. :9 Maybe I'll get a chance to go in a different shop tomorrow...

After that, I went to say goodbye to Osaka. ;_; Managed to confuse myself so spent a very long time trying to get out of the station the right way, but eventually I did and went back to the sushi shop I went to a couple of times before. The guy remembered me~! ♥ I told him I was going home on Wednesday but that I'd definitely come back! I can't believe it's so soon! A week ago I was ready to come home, but now I'm not anymore! I'll be sad to leave! I'm already planning to come back - especially as I have people to visit next year too... People who are likely to get K8 tickets... ;D

Whyyyy did I only discover Friday magazine when I'm about to go home? >.<;; It has all the celebrity gossip. Though appears to be aimed at men, with its suggestive pics of girls in very little. o.O Plus, according to that Chinese article it's the magazine that got Subaru in trouble for smoking underage back in the day. ^^' But atm it has pics of Jin and that Rosa girl he's meant to be doing behind her boyfriend's back. I'd've been an avid reader if I'd realised it existed! x_o

Wah, so many things I'm going to miss when I get home! XD Though more on that closer to the time, when I'm summing up. ♥ さよなら大阪!好きやねん!また来年!
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First things first - thank you, everyone who's left me comments while I've been here! ♥ I'm sorry I haven't got back to everyone individually, but it really means a lot that people are reading and thinking of me! You can never be lonely with an internet! :-*

Well, this morning it was raining, so I decided to, um, not do much. So I actually stayed in the hotel till after 2 - there was some kind of traditional theatre performance on TV, so I watched that, and then Hina's show was on so I watched that too. ^^' It wasn't very exciting, lol, but it made me want to eat okonomiyaki. So I went down to the southern part of Osaka and Amemura, where there are loads of boutiques and cool-looking shops - I've loved wandering round Osaka. ♥ It was cool to just stroll around the vintage shops and think "I bet Subaru and Yasu bought stuff here!". XD It's weird, there weren't many people around at all - they were all on the main couple of shopping arcades, which were absolutely rammed! I was desperately hunting for food, but the food places and the shops aren't really in the same places. ^^' And a lot of stuff was shut at 3pm on a Saturday. (...It is Saturday today, right? ^^;;) In the end I bought takoyaki, but it was a bit too tentacular for me. ^^' Plus it seemed kind of... runnier than I expected. o.O I ended up not eating much of it, so to compensate for my frustration I decided to go back to the Daimaru department store and treat myself to a cake set. :9 That was delicious - nice blackcurrant-y mousse and a lovely cup of tea. Japanese department stores are just wonderful - the food departments are just amazing! *_*_*_*_* I did actually see mangoes that cost 15000yen, too (that's about £75 O.O). That better be made of solid gold! XD

By the time I'd had my tea and cake, it was after 6, but I didn't want to come back north and then have to go out again, so I lurked in a bookshop (reading Oricon Style - I only didn't buy it cos I already have a hundred magazines XD) and wandered more till it was eatin' time. I eventually went to a place in Namba walk, the underground approach to the station, and to be honest my teriyaki bentou was disappointing, so today's food overall failed due to entirely different reasons to last week! ^^;; Oh well. I was in the mood to drink, so I decided to come back to a nice-looking jazz club I'd seen near the hotel. So I did. And it was lovely! The mama (who sang) also spoke English, so I had a little chat with her, and the wine was surprisingly good. :9 Stayed there a couple of hourse and did some work on my [livejournal.com profile] jexchange! (It doesn't make any sense, but blargh, better to at least make a start, right?) The price at the jazz place was suspiciously high, even taking into account cover charge for the music, but never mind - it's the most I've spent since I've been here, and it was fun, so I don't mind!

Oh! One last thing, I went in a knock-off JE shop down by the river! XD The Idol Box. :D Didn't buy anything, but they had a load of photos (including paparazzi shots, though no juicy ones XD) and pencil boards and posters and stuff. Not at all expensive! I also nearly bought Yorokobi no Uta, because every time I hear it I feel a certain affection. ♥ I want a theme song for Japan! XD ...Well, I have K8's whole album, lol, but I already had that. ^_~

Other observations from today:
- oh my lord, Japanese people walk soooo slowly!
- but then maybe they're tired, cos there are no seats in the shopping centres. o.o
- those tan guys with big, lightened hair really don't look as cool as they think they do. ^^;;
- the milk here is milkier. And the juice is juicier. :9

Tomorrow, I'm off to Hiroshima~!

[Edit] Oh yeah, and I found out something the other day - carshrimp kurumaebi means scampi. XD I didn't know that! Also, Samurai Blues = Japanese national football team. Of course~!


Jun. 8th, 2007 01:51 am
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OK, so I suddenly realised I really had better think about booking the next leg of my journey, so I went to HostelWorld (thanks for the tip, [livejournal.com profile] muscatlove!) and booked a nice-looking (and incredibly cheap!) hostel for 3 nights.

...What I'm still trying to figure out is why I booked from the 10th, when I'm meant to leave here on the 9th? I even looked up the right date for the Shinkansen timetable and everything! *headdesk* Oh well, I guess an extra night in Osaka won't hurt! :D Now just got to make sure they can keep me. ^^'

I'm sorry [livejournal.com profile] honeybeanlove, I think we talked about meeting in Hiroshima? But as my rail pass runs out before you arrive I decided I'd make the most of it and do the far-away places while I could. But I'd still love to meet up somewhere! I'm sure we'll work something out. :D Let me know where you're going to be, when you know! ^_^

Castle today, I think! And I'd like to do Tennoji too (look at the zoo, see Yasu's relatives...), so I'm sure I won't run out of things to do in Osaka. :]
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...Can I take a moment to flail about how awesome Osaka is? I've only been here 3 and a half hours and it already knocks Tokyo into a cocked hat. Or possibly kicks it in the crotch, I don't know. I knew it was going to be good the moment I got off the train in Shin-Osaka station, because there was - joy of joys! - a lift. Tokyo station has no such thing. (I shall curse Otemachi station for a long time. Especially tomorrow when I can't move my right arm above shoulder-height. -_-)

Haha, I've already spent so much money. XD XD XD I bought another shitload of magazines (I'm gonna have to ship these home, my case weight a ton XD) and - OF COURSE!!! - K8's new album. Which I am currently listening to, in a Japanese-style room in Osaka, after eating sushi. I am the coolest person in the world right now. XD

I also drank beer for the first time in what feels like a looooong time. XD It was goooooood. :9 And the sushi people were so nice! When I went in at first it was empty, so I had a little conversation with him. I spent a while just wandering round - I didn't want to come back! Oh! And I found Mandarake too! I found BL manga, but not doujinshi, so I guess I should go back when I'm sober. ^^' I went past a brilliant-looking cake shop too, but I thought "No, I'll eat real food first" and I couldn't find it again. ;_; Oh well, maybe tomorrow~! Osaka seems like a cool place for just hanging out - I hope it's as good in the light of day. ^^'

Hooray! Hooray for everything! :D :D :D Aww, and this song is making me grin like a maniac, just remembering. ^_~

[Edit] Live version of Stereo is better, Ryo. :3 CD version of Ryuwa is just as damn amazing, though. More thoughts to follow, I'm sure. :D


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