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This afternoon, Irwin Industrial Tools was quiet. I found myself just staring out of the window, because it was such a beautiful day, so spring-like, and I just felt so utterly peaceful. I was genuinely happy, even though I was just sitting, looking, doing nothing, and it was work that helped me get there. I'm not an ambitious person; I don't want a hectic job with lots of pressure. Right now, I just want something where I can be left to my own devices, with specific things to do. If I'm by myself, I don't have to think about how other people might be better than me; I don't have to think about living up to anything, or putting all that effort in, because people, let's face it, require effort. Right now, I'm enjoying being quiet, solitary; peaceful. Just watching. It's beautiful. ♥

Last night I also thought of a much better (ie, actual) ending for my (current) school reinc fic. Hope it's not too hoary and cliched. I also thought of an idea for a third school reinc story, because these things work so much better in threes; this will complete The Fine Art of Fooling Around.

Continuing International Saiyuki Week, I bring you uploads of the first three volumes of Gensoumaden Saiyuki!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

I was hooked from volume 1 - it's funny, because I was struck by how good the art was, but it's a testament to Minekura's development and dedication that now, when I go back to look at the early volumes, I think how strange and (comparatively) unattractive they are when placed against the new chapters. (Though I do think she peaked roundabout Burial time; everyone's profiles look a bit... odd since about volume 5!) If all my haranguing hasn't worked yet, I'll implore you once more to download these volumes and let it get its claws into you. ^_~ I'll be uploading more imminently, and will prepare more detailed ramblings for further persuasion. O:)
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Quote of the day: "In Soviet Russia, LiveJournal cut you!" (from a random LJ I happened across).

Random things I keep remembering from the weekend:

- watching the last 4 eps of Gluhen and ENJOYING it O.O
- Niou and his ice cream van XD XD XD (that still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it XD)
- everyone re: Papa to Kiss in the Dark: "It's so wrong... but can I copy it?" >:D

The first day of my new three-day job went well! I had a lovely lady with me all day, but tomorrow and Thursday I'll be covering for her, so I'll be ALL ALONE and confused. ;_; I can't get a decent cup of tea, which is frustrating, but the machine stuff is drinkable and only 10p, so it'll do. At least I only really have to answer the phone, so I can take a book. I've started Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and am greatly enjoying it so far! Though "so far" is only up to about page 40.

Did you know it's International Saiyuki week? I don't know when it started exactly, but I've changed my default icon to a delicious picture of Sanzo in celebration, and here's some links to manga I uploaded a while back:

Gaiden chapters 9-18 [missing chapter 15b... I think... ^^']
Gaiden 19
Gaiden 20

You all know how capable I am of rambling about Saiyuki, but I'll actually do a proper post (maybe tomorrow) with scans and explanation and discussion of some of my favourite moments. ^_^

Man, I'm tired - think I got a maximum of 6 hours of sleep, and I've had a stomach ache off and on all day. :/ This isn't anything especially new, but it's been oddly persistant. Oh well, probably just the terror! Which is made all the worse cos I ate chicken earlier (I just felt like some, so I bought a chicken quarter from Waitrose [only 95p!] and, er, ate it before tea *cough*) and chicken always gives me the fear. o.o

... end ramble. Time for a proper cuppa!
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Hmm, funny how one appearence from Yukimura can suddenly start the fandom squeeing again! And if they're not squeeing, they are at least talking about it. I'll be honest, though, that is the sort of thing I've been waiting for - I want to know more about the period after Yukimura came out of hospital and before the Nationals. I want to *know* how cool he is, instead of just thinking it anyway! Hey yeah, I sold my soul to the yellow side, what of it? Plus, I kind of liked seeing Atobe getting his ass kicked, even if it was only very briefly. *cough*

I also dl'ed the PoT movie, subbed, so if anyone fancies that this weekend, there can be dinos, dinos for all! >D Now, did I dream it or did someone do the Atobe mini-movie already? I've only seen it raw, but that would be awesome, to see it with subs. *snerk*

Randomly uploaded some things for someone last night, so if, by any chance, you want a copy of Saiyuki Reload 4, grab it here! It has Gojyo and Hakkai's Burial arc in it, which is worth reading anyway, even if you haven't read the rest of Reload; heck, it's worth reading if you don't know anything about Saiyuki, because, to me, Burial arc art is *the* pinnacle of the whole manga, in terms of drawing. :9 (Plus, youkai Hakkai! And the implication of umbrellas being used as a lethal weapon!! And gaaah *descends into rabid 585-squeeing* That's the best advert I can give!) That's not even to mention Goku's Burial arc, and we all know chibi Goku is *the* cutest thing ever. I also put up chapters 9-18 of Gaiden, though it is missing the mysterious "second" chapter 15. *headdesk* One of these days I'm going to be reduced to begging, I know it. I also need the little summer story Minekura did last year. The translation made it sound so cute!

Hmm, I could use more sleep. x_o Should I be brave and resist..? Heh, I don't have much incentive. *crawls back to bed*
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I had a Saiyuki dream last night! ^^;; I woke up so happy, even though it wasn't exactly a happy dream, being as how it was basically identical to the fourth part of [livejournal.com profile] louiselux's batsmut, but still. It's thrown off my feelings about Saiyuki all day when I've tried to read stuff. o.o Weird.

But, it did remind me that I promised I'd upload these for a couple of people ([livejournal.com profile] almighty_frog and [livejournal.com profile] guiltyschu, so now I have your attention! :D), and I finally got around to it! ^^;; Of course, if anyone out there with even a passing interest in Saiyuki doesn't have them, I'd urge you to grab 'em, because, well, they simply demand to be read. Especially Gaiden. Tomorrow, all being well, Reload volume 2 is released by Tokyopop, so that's my lunchtime sorted - off to the Space Centre, though I have to say I don't really expect them to have it so promptly, what with one thing and another. >.<;; Oh well, that's my lunchtimes sorted for the rest of the week, then..!

Reload 2
Reload 3
Reload 4

Gaiden chapters 1-8 available here
Gaiden 9-18 [NB: **Missing the second half of chapter 15**]
Gaiden 19
Gaiden 20

Please let me know if any of the downloads are dodgy! I used Megaupload, which didn't work so well last time, but I thought I'd try anyway... :/ Enjoy, anyway! ♥

I miss the guys on main. I don't work well with women. Today was a series of things going wrong - not major things, but just stupid little ones that made me feel even more incompetent than usual. >.<;;

I did at least write a few more Christmas cards, though I haven't had chance to post any yet! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] chzbrgr_of_doom, [livejournal.com profile] zerotwofan and [livejournal.com profile] klingonpoo, as well as those I've mentioned before, for your cards (and letters)! :D :D :D It's my favourite thing about this time of year, all the international mail. ^_~ I shall try to post mine on Wednesday, when I'm working late, so should have chance to get to the Post Office before I start work. x_o


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