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I do dangerous things when I can't dl stuff, it seems - just ordered K8's Heat Up DVD. Compensation, I tells ya!

Took my machine back to Curry's, they said I have to call the serviceline in the morning but then someone will come and courier it away, and if it's not fixed in 3 weeks I can have another. Except, I want my stuuuuuuff! @_@

Isn't it frustrating to realise that that true, soul-deep enjoyment only really ever happens by accident? And I keep thinking that maybe, now, I'm not even ever going to be capable of it ever again. Not that very special, right-time-right-place, look-back-and-your-chest-aches nostalgic "wonderful days" that you don't realise are happening until they're over. You can't turn back the clock. I guess all you can do is keep going at "my pace", yeah? ;) Do what you want when you want to do it.

So much the better if you know what it is!

[Edit] Anyone for Subaru/Yasu pretend mpreg? Oh my lord, it shouldn't work but it does. (This posted for the benefit of about one person on my friends list. You know who you are~! ;)
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Had a great weekend with [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground (and [livejournal.com profile] lina_lau yesterday) - ate loads of delicious food, went to loads of cool shops, bought loads of those ridiculously shiny overpriced magazines - and a great time was had, barring one problem.

My laptop won't switch on.

So I'm out till further notice. (Well, I'll probably be able to get online at work, but yeah. Happy bunnies. Happy bunnies.)

I wonder where I put the receipt? It isn't where I thought it was. Not that that matters, cos they'll be able to trace it if I take it back to the shop, but yeah. *crawls off*
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You know we were meant to be having Meat Day today? Well, I think actually we're going to call it off after all - I certainly am going to be rushing around like a mad woman, and the free time I do have I was hoping to spend not having to organise stuff in my own house - hence, we were going to head to the beer festival for a little while, so if anyone agrees that that would be a welcome alternative, please do join us! (Hopefully I'll catch up with my anime crew later? Want to make sure I see you all before I go! ;_;)

Got a hotel room booked yesterday, which is a huge relief, and put some money in the bank; bought some US and Canadian dollars; now I need a socket adapter and, er, a suitcase. *cough*

My new laptop is supershiny, and actually nice to type on! :9 Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] avatar1983 for helping me set it up! Just got to dl a chocka load of manga to keep me going now... *goes off to raid Nakama*


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