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Just when I was feeling distressed at the lack of porn in my corner of the internet, along comes the Johnny's Anonymous Smut Meme. Currently clearly filled with people on my friends list, ie, K8 fans, yay! :D :D :D Maybe I'll see if I can get something down tonight... :3

Seems like a long time since I've updated properly, probably because it is! I had a fantastic weekend with [livejournal.com profile] syuria in Kyoto. Do you want a quick round-up of what we did? I hope so, because you're getting one! :D

- Shopped. :D Of course!
- I took Sam to Osaka to see the bunraku! It was really charming, a lovely experience, I'm so glad I got to go. We also had okonomiyaki on Dotembori and tried to get in the Idol Box. For the first time ever, two girls started to talk to me! But then we got separated, and the Idol Box was so crammed we left straight away, lol. Oh well! We also did more shopping. ^^' And we went back to my sushi shop in the evening! XD The guy I met last time wasn't in when we got there, but he came in after a while and recognised me! XD Pity my Japanese has been completely abysmal for this whole trip, but at least he turned up! And man, that shop really does do great sushi. :9
- We went to Arashiyama and looked at some temples, and the bamboo forest, which was beautiful. And I discovered the joy of nishin soba. :9 Then we sang karaoke! :D
- Then... there was the Mountain Incident. We went up a mountain called Hiei-zan to see some more temples. Put it this way, Hiei-zan is not good on English signs. Nor running the cable car in winter. -_- Yes, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground, I gave in to my cable car fixation again! XD And this time it was my downfall... We got *up* the mountain just fine, on *one* of the cable cars, but I had this bright idea to come down on the *other* cable car which would take us close to where Sam lives. But... it wasn't working, presumably cos it's winter. -_- So we had to walk down the mountain. It wasn't *far*, per se, but it was pretty steep and covered in dry leaves which made it very treacherous underfoot, especially when we hadn't come prepared for mountain climbing. XD But we made it down, and miraculously came out very close to Sam's halls, so we got there in time for Shonen Club! XD Then I ate a whole packet of chocolate daifuku, to make up for all that exercise. ^^'

Then today I took my time getting back to Tokyo - I'm staying in Ikebukuro, so I went to Mandarake and K-Books (only found one dj I wanted! :|) and went round Sunshine City. I never realised quite how big the shopping centre is! O.O I bought a couple more pressies for people, had a nice cup of Earl Grey and a decent (though expensive ^^') cake, and, ah, found a shop that sold second-hand magazines, so I picked up one or two. *cough* Just wait till you see 19 year old Nagase, you'll see why I had to get them! XD And then I went to Nekobukuro! :D Which, if the name doesn't give you a clue, is basically a big room full of cats that you can go in and play with. Except a lot of the cats seem kind of skittish and/or cranky, haha. There was an ENORMOUS one, and a big fluffy ginger one, one that liked being in plastic bags... There were a lot of cats, it was worth the price! XD I've had my feline needs fulfilled. :3

I'm staying out the north side of Ikebukuro - I managed to lose my suitcase keys, but by chance there's a locksmith near the hotel, and the guy cut the lock off for me! I managed to negotiate that in Japanese, haha! And now I think I'm going to eat tonkatsu. :9 I want saaaaaauce!
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If I ever ask you to go up a mountain with me, [livejournal.com profile] syuria's advice would be, say no. XD Thank you so much, Sam, for being such a good sport and letting me drag you round temples and up mountains and into strange sushi shops! ♥♥♥♥♥

Shonen Club was fun! The game they played involved Subaru having to judge responses two teams came up with. Maru and Yasu were on opposing teams, each accompanied by three juniors; Subaru was so very mean to Yasu, as usual. ^^' But he seemed to like Yabu, haha! Hope someone translates it, because I got nothing. :X All three members were looking and sounding good and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Oh, and Subaru said he wants to eat a lot of purin this year. :3 Can't wait for next week's edition! :D

Ahhh, it's been a great few days in Kyoto. Back to Tokyo tomorrow - still need to find a place to stay... ^^'
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Yesterday was another scorcher! o.o We went to another of the famous temples, Ginkakuji, which again had a nice pond in nice, leafy surroundings - good for strolling around, but not very temple-y, really! Then we proceeded along the Philosophers' Path (I felt right at home there! Ha, yeah right XD) to Heian Jingu and its lovely garden, which was actually pretty peaceful after the herds at Ginkakuji. Heian Jingu is fairly elaborate as shrines go, it:s sort of Chinese-style, but I thought it was very beautiful, and the gardens were expansive and picturesque too.

Then we went to the Kyoto Handicraft Centre - 7 floors of yukata, kimono, woodblock prints and some less classy tat too. XD I picked up a few pressies for people. :3 There:s still a few people I need to buy for - I:ve already jettisoned my shoes and my jeans, but I:ve not got a lot of space left for cramming stuff into the suitcase! ^^;; I guess some people will have to make do with stuff from the airport. Possibly that comes in bottles. ^_~

In the evening we went for a stroll in the old entertainment district, Pontocho, and along the canal. It:s as loud and boisterous as a night out in a British city, but somehow so much less intimidating! (That:s a big part of what I:m not looking forward to about going home - the scary packs of people you get around town, day and night. x_o) We went to a great okonomiyaki place (which was pretty busy and loud, but yeah, not nearly so annoying as back home!) that had lots of choice and an English menu. :9 I still need to go to a supermarket or something and buy tonkatsu sauce and aonori to take home! Tonkatsu sauce is, like, my favourite thing ever. ^^;;

So, my overall impressions of Kyoto? Well, like [livejournal.com profile] solaas said, it both lives up to expectation and doesn:t. I:ve seen better temples in pretty much every city I:ve been to - we didn:t see them all, or even all of the most famous ones, but the ones I did see weren:t nearly as good as temples I:ve seen in Koyasan, Kamakura, Nara or even Osaka! I didn:t really get a sense of history in Kyoto, for all its ancient-capital status.

However, as a city, I really liked it. Even though of course it:s heaving with tourists, the parts we explored didn:t feel nearly as tacky as I:d expect, and the modern city was smart and vibrant and pleasant to be in. It:s also frickin: huge. XD It:s definitely somewhere I:d revisit, because there were so many other places we didn:t get a chance to cover, but it:s not at all what I expected.

And now we:re back in Tokyo. ;_; Only two more days left in Japan! I:m so going to cry when I leave. XD
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Today, as [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground and [livejournal.com profile] solaas were going to Hiroshima, I decided to check out a few of the temples in Kyoto, as they're so spread out we won't have time to cover them all in the time we have left.

So I went up to Kinkakuji, the famous golden pavilion. Yup, it sure is golden. That's about it. ^^' Unless was missing something very vital, there wasn't much else to it, apart from a pleasant stroll through some trees.

So that took, like, 20 minutes. Then I went on to Ryoanji, with its also-famous zen garden. The zen garden, as all zen gardens are, is a series of rocks arranged in some neatly raked white pebbles. Very nice, but I was expecting something more... expansive. The garden is all enclosed by walls and quite small - very zen I'm sure, but not as inspiring as I thought it'd be.

So I got on another bus, and went down to Daitokji, a temple complex not far away, again famous for its zen gardens. Similar story here - the gardens, though exquisitely maintained, were small and, to one not schooled in the zen arts, not as captivating as the more elaborate temples with more, well, shiny stuff and treasures. So while I'm glad I saw the zen gardens, I wouldn't necessarily call them unmissable.

Then I got on yet another bus (spent a fortune on bus fares today, because I didn't know where to get an all-day pass from) and went to find a tea shop I read about. I found it after only one false start, and had some... interesting tea I'd never tried before - not sure I was entirely keen, but you only have to drink 3 tiny cups of it. XD You have to cool the water to 60 degrees, so you have to keep pouring it from cup to cup till it's cool enough to put on the leaves. It was fun! I bought a couple of varieties, cos I think I'll have another tea party for my birthday this year, but a Japanese style one. A めっちゃ抹茶 party. Except I didn't buy matcha, cos I don't like it that much. ^^' (I hope people in my house like hojicha, cos I have a feeling I now have two lots of it. ^^' I should've splashed out and bought the more expensive sencha with the prettier name!) They gave me a sample of a very sweet powdered ice green tea, which I've forgotten the name of, but that was pretty good. :9 Maybe I'll get a chance to go in a different shop tomorrow...

After that, I went to say goodbye to Osaka. ;_; Managed to confuse myself so spent a very long time trying to get out of the station the right way, but eventually I did and went back to the sushi shop I went to a couple of times before. The guy remembered me~! ♥ I told him I was going home on Wednesday but that I'd definitely come back! I can't believe it's so soon! A week ago I was ready to come home, but now I'm not anymore! I'll be sad to leave! I'm already planning to come back - especially as I have people to visit next year too... People who are likely to get K8 tickets... ;D

Whyyyy did I only discover Friday magazine when I'm about to go home? >.<;; It has all the celebrity gossip. Though appears to be aimed at men, with its suggestive pics of girls in very little. o.O Plus, according to that Chinese article it's the magazine that got Subaru in trouble for smoking underage back in the day. ^^' But atm it has pics of Jin and that Rosa girl he's meant to be doing behind her boyfriend's back. I'd've been an avid reader if I'd realised it existed! x_o

Wah, so many things I'm going to miss when I get home! XD Though more on that closer to the time, when I'm summing up. ♥ さよなら大阪!好きやねん!また来年!


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