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I'm constantly reassured by credible people in my fandom who like really rather incredible pairings. I love that there are people who are clearly intelligent and reasonable, but they still a) like Johnny's Entertainment and b) get giddy and that brilliant, beautiful kind of silly over pretty boys with other pretty boys. I love it. ☆

I'm sort of assuming this Mongol800 song is the one Subaru Band sang in Okinawa yesterday, because sources kept mentioning it in conjunction with Propose Daisakusen, etc. It's a great song, and I love the idea of the band doing it! I seem to like a lot of music I've heard that comes from Okinawa. It's currently absolutely top of my list of places to visit! Man, I think I would've actually given a kidney for a ticket to today's show. XD askdlfkdjs I hope there's going to be some kind of reports or fancams or something around! Yesterday's show sounds special enough, but the very last date was probably even more so, if only because there was probably a lot of crying. ^^;; And maybe more kissing. :D Ryo had mentioned in a magazine that maybe he and Subaru would really kiss in Okinawa, but I thought he was just teasing. I should know better by now, shouldn't I?! XD

I really, really want to eat some kind of hot dog. I keep remembering this thing I had in Japan from a Vie de France or somewhere, it had a sausage in bread (Japanese bread, so it was kind of sweet) with ketchup already in it, and the ketchup was kind of sweet too. Then I keep remembering I had it in Japan, not from the Chinese bakery, and I get all disappointed. XD Might go to the Chinese bakery anyway, get some kind of sausage bun and one of those really really really really really really greasy anko donuts that I can't even eat cos they're too greasy, but I can have a taste and pass the rest on to Dave. XD
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:3 I'm sure people who like to notice these things will point out the pink in the cover of K8's new single, as if Uchi has smacked them all in the face. XD

Everyone looks so cute. Especially Ryo. If the C-side is good, I might well order the single. :)
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Everyone loves working at the call centre... I showed it to Dave and asked if it was an accurate representation. He pretty much did the exact pose Ohkura is doing in that pic. XD

*_* Guh. Spent several happy hours this evening browsing Japanese JE fanart sites. Oh yeah.

I still have this really annoying cold that is making me feel even rubbisher than I already did. :/ It responds to paracetamol, though, so I'll keep myself hopped up.

The B-side of It's My Soul ...isn't very good. But I forgive them, because I like IMS quite a lot. :-*

MediaFire doesn't like me this evening. ;_; I want to dl Ike Ike Ikemen! I always wondered where those pics of Yoko dressed up like someone's mum came from. XD

99 people have downloaded the Subaru/Yasu dj I uploaded! That's... nearly a hundred! XD 75 dls for the Subaru/Ryo too! It makes me so very happy. ♥

Sleep now. o.o
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...I think we just decided that Johnny is Nyarlathotep. In fact, I think we just decided Johnny's is Nyarlathotep, what with him having however many forms, each more terrifying than the last. Think about it, we're all cultists! No sanity left! The resemblance is uncanny!

...We hadn't even been drinking. (I realise only, like, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground will have a clue what the hell I'm on about, but still. Tentacles! There's always room for 'em!

Um. Moving swiftly on. I scanned the last of my K8 doujinshi yesterday! It's another silly one (haha, funny that!) sort of based on their UFO noodle CMs (I had those noodles for lunch today! Got them in the Japan Centre. XD). It's called Sakigake! Otoko Dojo and is by open*nap 2007. The art's very cute (though hard to tell who everyone is! ^^;;) and there's no real warnings - except for BAD in cheerleading outfits. XD XD XD

What a manly boys they are! )

I also put up a zip, in case anyone wants it! ^_^
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Haha, I woke up this morning and tragically counted the hours till Recomen was going to be on in Japan. XD In between I went to see the Simpsons movie with [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire, which was very decent, if not what I would describe as side-splittingly funny.

And then I came home and yay, It's My Soul had indeed been collected from the radio and shared, so I fell over myself downloading it! My first reaction was definitely that it's nice to hear them doing a normal-sounding song, after ZOM, although that's not because I don't like the crazier songs, because I love ZOM and it will always have a special place in my heart; it's more because I didn't want them just to keep getting shoved into the crazy slot! Though, as I said to someone else, I don't think anyone could stop them doing the crazy thing even if they tried! ^^' People on the comm were instantly drawing Arashi comparisons, and the thought struck me too, especially at the chorus. Though luckily it doesn't have an annoying rap in the middle. XD I've listened to it quite a few times now, and I actually think it's a nice, perky, bouncy song that I greatly look forward to seeing them perform! ☆

'Twas a day of great bounty, for the eagerly-awaited subs for the last ep of Yamada Tarou were out too! Cut for vague spoilers? ^^;; )

Haha, that came out sounding so critical, but I actually really enjoyed the series! Many moments of sheer comedy gay gold. :D And like I say, Nino was really excellent in it. The performances really made the series.

Finally got around to dl'ing HanaKimi subbed yesterday - for some reason I didn't keep up with it when I came back from Japan, so I'll be doing that at some point soon I'm sure!
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Decided to do a bit of YouTubing this evening! Current favourite find is 4 Tops singing Love and Dream, featuring some of our favourite kansais. ♥ Despite some dubious harmonising, it's a lovely song and call me sentimental, but somehow I find it a sweet performance! Witness Yamapi's dreadful solo line, Subaru groping Toma's ass and Toma trying to keep Subaru and Yoko under control at the end. :D Ryo was in his ugly stage, lol, but Hina looks so cute (and exactly the same as he does today, lol). Yoko doesn't even attempt to sing, lol, but he has very cute hair. Saikou!

While you're at YT, have Yoko vs a cave full of bats while Hina laughs at him. XD XD XD

Will continue the research and edit! :3

[Edit] Now we know why Nakai had it in for K8 on Utaban: they were mean to him in 2004. XD They were responsible for him getting thrown on the floor a lot. Go Yoko! XD

[Edit 2] (Most of) K8 randomly popping up to wander around and jump up and down a lot as Arashi perform Kokoro Chirari. (Thought it appropriate on this day of beautiful, gay Happiness! Aren't you proud of me, I know another Arashi song now! XD)
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OK, height of dorktitude - I just saw an advert on TV for Robinsons Fruit Shoot, and there were little animated characters wearing raincoats coloured red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. You know where I went with that.


I also spent about 17 hours yesterday uploading a nice custom mood theme someone shared on the K8 comm. How do people have the patience to do any sort of graphics or web design or maintenence?! I was ready to kill myself when I was done. XD

Anyone who signed up for the gifty-memey thing yesterday, don't forget to send me your address! Then I'll get onto sending things asap. Which will be Tuesday, as it's bank holiday weekend. :)
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Can anyone tell me what they use to clip bits from avi, and how to use it? Please bear in mind I'm a bit thick technologically impaired, so it needs to be a nice, gentle step-by-step thing. XD

There are so many things to dl but I have, like, 500MB space free on my laptop. They've never called to say when they're collecting it yet... :3 *sigh* Guess I better do that burning, but I hate it with a passion!

Watched the first ep of Sushi Oji last night. The part with the marlin made everyone in the vicinity howl with the most inappropriate laughter. I had to wind it back so everyone could appreciate it. XD XD XD Then I... fell asleep. o.o Could not keep my eyes open! At 9pm! I did that the night before too. I went to sleep at 9, slept till 1, woke up and did stuff till 3, went back to bed, couldn't sleep for a bit, eventually slept, woke up at 11am! o.O What the heck's going on here?! I slept normally when I first got back, but now I find myself suddenly tired at 9-ish. Though hopefully not tonight, given how late I got up. ^^'

I also watched the first ep of Papa to Musume... this morning too. I really like it! The girl is nice and appealing in a very normal sort of way. I quite often like the heroine in J-dramas, it makes a change! They're not wibbly and squeaky like in anime, but not too irritatingly cool and kickass/smartarse like in Western dramas. I like to see *normal* women in dramas! Not people who wisecrack and get the upper hand all the time! ...But I digress. ^^' Suffice it to say, I like the drama and shall be watching ep 2 presently.

...Incidentally, how the heck do Maru and Ohkura have time for filming their dramas?! o.O I have no idea how they're fitting that in. Looking forward to the one Ohkura's in, though - Nagase!! I've been waiting for a new Nagase drama all year! Being as it's a music-related drama, what are the odds Ohkura's playing a drummer? :3

I rewatched Excite for the first time in aaaages yesterday - well, I had it on while I was scanning and kept watching a bit. It's funny how... poppy it feels, and how cheap 'n' cheery. XD If I had an Uchi OTP, it would totally be Hina. Incidentally, I kept forgetting to mention this, but when we came out of Tokyo Dome on the 5th, someone almost immediately stuck up a big kanji of Uchi's name in a window of the hotel opposite the Dome. We thought it was cool. Part of me still wonders what it's going to be like when Uchi comes back (because now, I reckon, it's a question of "when" not "if" - they couldn't give us something like that and *not* bring him back) - I don't begrudge Uchi anything, but the band I fell in love with has *7* members. I've never been a fan when he was in the band, so it's silly, but I don't know if the dynamics will be different. But they all seemed so happy. And they'll still be awesome and funny and everything I love about them, but with an extra 7th more of everything.

Hmm, I still can't seem to work up a huge amount of enthusiasm for anything. :/ This always makes me sad. I need some new jeans to replace the ones I dumped in Ikebukuro, but I don't really feel like shopping. I'm also hungry, but I can't be bothered to go and get any lunch. ^^;; Oh well, I guess it's toast again for me~!
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8/8 is Mugendai-day? Mugenday? I like it. :3


Next year's - 8/8/08 - will be extra special, I'm sure. (I hope I'm still into K8 at this time next year, because I probably won't get a chance to come see them again before then, and right now there's nothing I want more! Mind you, when I got into them I wondered if I'd still like them by the time of the Osaka Dome concerts, and look what happened there.)

Advice given to me by a t-shirt on someone standing in front of me on the subway: Trust Your Love.
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We're in Kyoto! And we're in a 5-star hotel that cost us like $200 each, it's excellent. :D We only got here at 4pm today, though, so tomorrow we start exploring. :)

I dreamt last night I was at a concert where both TOKIO and K8 were performing. Then I started to realise it was a dream and was trying to convince myself it wasn't, but I was waking up. Gutted!

Just watched MuchaBuri with Leah Dizon! I didn't know whether to feel a bit sorry for her, she seemed a bit... uncertain about everything (and the boys didn't help, with the way they kept giggling). Everyone was lookin' good in yukata though, and Maru and Ohkura both looked gorgeous in the VTR. :9 Hey, we all know MuchaBuri isn't about the guest, even when it is Leah Dizon! I've never heard of next week's guests, but the show looks bonkers. Almost as mad as the laugh-yoga woman. XD ...But next week when it's on, I'll be getting ready to go home! ;_; Awww, I'm starting to feel sad now! I'm not gonna see K8 again, I'm not gonna be able to watch their TV shows or any of the dramas as they're on anymore... ;_; You know, one of the things I'm going to miss most about Japan is the TV. I love Japanese TV!

I'm already making my list for next time. ^_~ I'm lucky I have more lovely friends coming here next year! *smarm smarm*

Oh yeah! Yesterday we went to see Tenimyu! )

When we were having dinner afterwards, in the restaurant they were playing some of those CDs of, like, muzak versions of pop songs. It took me a little while to work out, but the first one that was playing was an accordian rendition of Kanfuu Fighting! XD

...I think I was going to say something else, but it's lost now in the mists of 1.30am. ^^' Was probably K8 related. I think I have some more Uchi things to say, but I'm kind of waiting. Hey, now it's not if, it's when, right?
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Whew, well, I love when my fandom goes berserk! I know everyone knows the really important stuff about the second Dome concert now, but I thought I:d share a few of the other bits as well! Again, it:ll just be my own impressions (ie, it:ll be the Subaru Report XD), but hey, I:m milking the fact that I was an eyewitness for all that it:s worth! XD

I:ll mainly be talking about things that were different from other times I:ve seen them, because the set list was largely the same and the songs were all really good and everyone sounded great (though Ryo did sound a little bit hoarse at times - that boy needs to quit smoking! XD). So please refer to my other flailings for more details, such as they are!

I:ll be showing off about *this* one for a while! XD )

I wasn:t into K8 until a long time after Uchi was suspended, I:ve never claimed to care about him; but honestly, last night, everyone looked so damn thrilled to be together that I was utterly won over - I flailed and screamed with everyone else, because it felt like such an important moment for the band. It:s impossible not to be happy for them. They:ve worked so hard. They really deserve some reward. I really, really hope they get a ton more recognition and success, and if Uchi comes back, maybe there:ll be an even bigger chance of that happening.


Oh yes, and this is the reason why Shibutani Subaru is my favourite pop star ever. It:s like something off a Miles Davis album cover. Unending adoration!
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You didn:t hear it first, as I:m sure it:s all over the interwebs by now, but, like, Uchi. O.O

I didn:t even think I cared about him, but I screamed with the other 50,000 fangirls. Honestly and from my heart. The band all looked so happy. ♥

But honestly, how dare he overshadow Subaru! XD Who looked so damn comfortable in Tokyo Dome, and so utterly gleeful to be there he couldn:t stop smiling.

I:m glad I also seem to have been right about there being a new DVD. Yay! (Haha, everyone was on best behaviour. No crotch-touching, no silly faces, no collapsing into giggles. Kind of a shame, but they did great! Except Energy, which everyone messed up. XD I love that song, but it sounded like they:d not quite had enough practice. ;)

I predict I won:t be sleeping tonight! O.O
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OK, just about calmed down from Shizuoka now. XD And there is much to report on! The day before yesterday we made the 6 hour journey from Tokyo to Hakodate, right at the bottom of Hokkaido. Hakodate is a sleepy little place, but has an interesting museum about the Ainu people, and it's also notable for its European influences - there's the old British Consulate, which now has a sweet little British-style tearoom and shop where they sell scones and rose oil and, um, golf equipment and the like. We pottered around the town a bit, and went to see the place where Hijikata Toshizou had his little republic for 6 months before they came from the mainland and crushed him when it stopped being so cold (NB: historical accuracy not included).

Then today we came to Sapporo! We got here about 3, having made a successful phone reservation (the lady spoke so slowly and claearly and was so nice, it was wonderful!). We wanted to look at the Botanical gardens and museum, but of course, it's Monday, so they were both distinctly closed (curse you, Monday!!!). But never mind, cos we shopped instead! :D It's beautiful weather up here - sunny but not too hot, and not humid at all - and the beer festival is out in force. XD Thing was, it all looked a bit complicated, not to mention full of tipsy Japanese people, the scariest of which would no doubt have approached us, so we ended up buying beer at the combini instead. *cough* But Sapporo is an awesome city! Seems nice and compact, but there's, like, a million department stores, a Mandarake, an Animate (somewhere...) and a nic clean atmosphere about the place, so we kept ourselves well entertained!

Ahh, it feels good to have shopped~! I bought a hat, finally! It's black, strawlike but Trilby-shaped in nature, with a black band with white skulls on it. It was half price! Probably cost me about £5. (I'm totally wearing it to one of the Dome dates, with my skull-print shirt. :D) I also got a wonderful surprise when this provincial Mandarake had a big stash of K8 doujinshi!! Including the first Subaru/Yasu dj I've ever seen!! I had to buy it, and luckily it's so tooth-rottingly cute I consider it one of the best Y210 purchases I've ever made! I also got a little Ryo/Subaru one, and a gag okan one too. XD There were more too! I was so thrilled! I should've bought the YOhkura one too... Makes up for the K8 playing cards I saw the other day that I didn't buy cos I thought it was too silly. >.<;;; Regretted it immediately, and have since checked every branch I've seen of Gyokodo (I think it's called that!), but to no avail. ;_; Also bought volume 3 of Gaiden as well. *_* So unbelievably pretty.

I've had an interesting fannish few days, actually! For anyone who cares about pop Japanese culture, if you want to know (that'll be, um, you, then, [livejournal.com profile] whited_79!), Katori Shingo has to be the most exposed entertainer in Japan atm. The new Saiyuki movie came out the other day (we think we're going to go see it - will try on Wednesday! ;), and he's been on *so* much TV lately, including Fuji TV's 27hour TV over the weekend. I went to sleep on Saturday and he was on TV... Woke up on Sunday and he was still on TV... Went out, came back and he was *still* on TV... (I kept thinking of you, [livejournal.com profile] aicha! ;D) Bless him, he seems like such a good sport, he was still so smiley and working so hard, even at the end. And on SMAPxSMAP he and Goro kissed. Well, it caught *my* attention anyway! XD (I've since seen the clip repeated in slow motion twice, at the end of 27hour TV and on tonight's SMAPxSMAP. XD Ahh, Johnny's, it's the same all the way up the ranks! Why did I take so long to get into JE again?!)

After that and Tetsuwan Dash, though, there was nothing else on cos of the election. :/ Damn, I really want to catch Shige's drama at least once before I go home! And Yamaguchi's too! And I'm a couple of eps behind on Yamada Tarou, too... I'll get that one subbed when I get home. ^_~

Oh, and by the way, my computer's wireless spontaneously stopped working. *rolls eyes* If I'd been by myself I would've thrown an absolute fit, but somehow, having Liz here kept me calm. XD Plus, we have a cable here. ^_~ My mp3 player, on the other hand, I'm not so calm about. It also stopped working - the battery ran out a few days ago, and, while it works when it's plugged into my laptop, it always starts by saying "Rebuilding music library" then won't switch on when I disconnect it. And there's no way to get the battery out that doesn't involve a screwdriver. o.O I've even tried pressing the tiny reset button (with one of Liz's earrings!) but still nothing. I've only had it 6 months too! Wonder if it's guaranteed? And, even if it is, will I still have the necessary documents... *sigh*

Oh well, it's sunny and pleasant and there's less than a week till I see K8 again, so I can get by! ;D
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What a portentuous date, all those sevens! (...Is portentuous even a word? If not, it is now. :3) Yes, yesterday I went from Tokyo to a little place called Aino in Shizuoka-ken, where the Ecopa Arena is, to see Kanjani8!! )

Anything else... Hmm, the only other things I have noted down are that everyone did their spoken bits for Kanfuu Fighting in cute squeaky voices, though I'm not sure it was everyone, but defintely the first three and maybe others, I can't remember! Oh, then I got back to Tokyo after 11 and ate a pizza and drank some wine, and it only cost Y1500 and it was an AMAZING pizza. :9 Which is important! But I missed the last train to Asakusa and had to get a taxi from Ueno. I had some great opportunities to talk to people, but I was just *too* tired, I had to genuinely skip that time!

This report doesn't feel like a report because I've tried to do it sort of thematically rather than sequentially, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! :D Suffice it to say, I've been grinning like a maniac ever since, and I can't *wait* for next week at Tokyo Dome!!! :D :D :D

Haha, this has taken me like 2 hours. XD
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The only sound in my brain is Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Everyone was amazing. Ohkura was super-hot. Maru was super-nice. Yasu was super-cute. Subaru. Oh my dear lord, Subaru. *_*_*_*_*_*_* Ruwa was the most amazing thing I've ever heard in my life. I have some notes (in the middle of which is scrawled Ruwa was fucking A!!!!!), but I've only just got back (yes, it's after 1am @_@) so I'll try and type them tomorrow. Maybe on a train. :3
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One more day, one more day, one more day! One more day till lots of things. :3

I decided to try and give some things up. I think it will make my life so much lighter and happier. I'll do my best. ♥ This is very important news, and I need to remember it and work on it every day.

This isn't exactly a Japan update, because all I've been doing is making breakfast, dinner and beds. And hoovering and waxing floors and cleaning bathrooms. ^^' So yeah, it's a a thrill a minute. :D There's a guy called Dave here too. he's really cool, but we haven't yet figured out if he's part of the Dave collective. Must ask him about that.

Hahaha, Subaru told the Niigata story (or part of it ;) in this month's Wink Up. XD K8 fandom is so much fun atm, I'm so glad to be in it right now. ♥ I want to do a big love post (mmm, big love - the best kind!) but I'm sadly not really in a position to do it at the moment. Which is ironic, as I'm probably in the *best* place to do it, physically, lol, but you know. Things to do, plates to wash, tofu to slice. You know the sort of thing. *headdesk* Managed to watch both MuchaBuri and (some of) HanaKimi too last night, so that was fun. MuchaBuri was madness - now I think about it in the light of day, it feels like a crazy hallucination. XD They were doing 'face exercise', so of course, certain people really enjoyed pulling silly faces. XD Then they did 'laughter yoga', which was like something out of the Wizard of Oz, it was all on so much crack, but it was very funny.

...I was going to say I'm bored, spam me, but then there was sudden flurry of activity, and suddenly it's an hour later. *rolls eyes* You can spam me anyway. :D

[Edit] Ilana wrote chibi Takki/Subaru and now I can't get the image out of my mind. *_*
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I think there's some kind of book coming out at some point imminently, as a lot of my friends seem to be talking about it; but please forgive me if I don't care, because you wouldn't either if you were going to see Kanjani8 twice more in the next 3 weeks. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Priorities, people! *spins*

But yes. Earthquake yesterday morning! Here in Tokyo it was just five minutes of gentle shaking of the building - I probably wouldn't have noticed if someone hadn't mentioned it to me! Would probably just have thought I was a bit dizzy. XD But you could hear it more than feel it, it was very interesting. Pretty bad in Niigata, though. :/

We tried to go to a kabuki play yesterday, but there was standing room only, so we're going to try again today. Instead, we went to Akihabara! :D It was a lot of fun - we met up with the guy I met on Koya-san, haha, and we geeked out over so many things, it was great. We had tea in the Cafe With Cat (the waitresses had ears and tails) and went for yakiniku, which is still the greatest invention known to man. :9 I bought a manga called Zone 00 simply because the art was so gorgeous, even though I have no idea what the hell is going on. XD Might have to buy the other available volumes, just cos it's so amazing to look at. Might have to go back there again, because we spent so long in each shop I'm sure we didn't even begin to scrape the surface of the available gay. XD

The day before was the day of the typhoon! Again, not so bad in Tokyo - it just got a bit windy in the evening! But it did disrupt the trains a bit, and Kyushu got it pretty bad, I think. But because it wasn't a nice day we did Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, which was very interesting, of course! Saw lots of Japanese archaelogical artefacts, and plenty of impressive Buddhist statues too - it was very informative. I always feel like I've achieved something if I learn at least a little, even if what I've learnt is geeky, which it inevitably is in one way or another!

Best run now, if we wanna get that kabuki!
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Yay, I had a wonderful day with [livejournal.com profile] honeybeanlove and her friend! :D We bought magazines and went on a boat and a big ferris wheel and ate Chinese food and manjuu and purin and drank bubble tea and fangirled, it was loads of fun! ^__^ Hope we can do it again in Tokyo or Osaka! ♥

V also told me about the TV show K8 were on tonight too - luckily they were on at the start, otherwise I would've sat through 3 hours of enka, lol. I've nothing against enka, but all the performers seem like something from 1975, so it was quite amusingly inappropriate seeing K8 in there! They did a little medley - Sukiyanen Osaka, Kanfuu Fighting and Zukkoke Otokomichi, and everyone was cute (or a little crazy, in some people's cases, of course ;) and sounding good. :) Oh, yes, and Ryo had black hair again, haha. *relief*

And now I'm watching Yamada Taro Monogatori, Nino and Sho's new drama. Hahahaa, there are rainbows and stars and sparkles in the OP. And a high-kicking school principal (who played the father-in-law in one of the Mukodono's, I think). The 15 minutes prior to the OP seemed a bit corny, but I'm sure Sho as a spoiled rich boy will hold my interest. :9

Also, I totally forgot to talk about Hana Kimi too! I watched the first ep and I really loved it. And I have to say, Mizushima Hiro is the best thing in it. :D I kind of want to punch Oguri Shun's character - he's such a typical manga leading male, lol. The sort that pisses me off, haha, but I'll definitely be sticking with it - I love a drama so straightforward I followed it perfectly adequately without subs, lol.

Now Sho is stalking Nino. I'm completely unconvinced by their high-school-ness, but the drama seems pretty entertaining, actually, and there's plenty going on. Seems like the new drama season might be the best in a while!

And tomorrow is Ohkura and Mabo's drama! I kind of doubt I'll get a chance to watch it, because I'll be in a hostel in Nagano. ^^' Oh well, I'm sure it'll be up for dl very shortly!

Random weirdo encounter of the day: drunk black guy at 10.30am who told me I was beautiful and gave me a fan.
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So now I can't connect to the internet at all on my machine. This is rather worrying. Especially as I've messed with the settings now, so I hope it works somewhere else, and it:s just the internet here not liking my computer or something. Either that or my machine just randomly altered all it:s settings in ways I can:t figure out. It's unbelievably frustrating! Mainly because of the sheer fear that something's gone wrong with my own machine. I hate that worry. It worked fine last night! What the hell! Seriously, any ideas, I want to hear them.

I even finished my fic, but I can:t even transfer it to this computer cos you can:t put Word files on a Creative Zen. >:E So. Fucking. Frustrating.

Plus, this hotel is closed tomorrow. I have to find somewhere else. That's going to be fun too. I want to stay in a hostel again, but both the ones in Nara seem to be booked up tomorrow.

And all I:ve eaten since lunchtime is some pineapple and a banana cos I felt ill earlier, and now it's too late to be bothered going out. I just hope I don't feel ill again tomorrow, otherwise I:m gonna get nothing done. I:m not looking forward to dragging my case all over Nara tomorrow either. *sigh* I guess I:ll go back to the tourist information place that booked me in here.

I seem to have hit a period of critical failure. Though a consolation would:ve been that I watched K8 on the Osaka Shonen Club on TV earlier - I switched channel and actually said aloud to the TV, "What are you guys doing on?!" Thing is, I missed the first 20 minutes - ie, practically all the K8 part. -_-

So I put on Heat Up for something to listen to, and of course ended up watching the whole first half, cos it never fails to perk me up - gonna have to watch the second half now too, and hope it has the same effect. Watched Mentore G and had a nice bath too - I needn:t have bothered paying to go to the onsen, this hotel and the last one have both had public baths which are just the same, if not nicer.

Gonna go see if I can catch Domoto Kyoudai. Gah, I wanted to see if I could look at K8 ticket auctions too. There:s a few dates that seem to correspond (or near enough) with where I:m going to be; and there:s also Ishikawa... ;)

And I can:t be arsed to fix all the erroneous colons in this post.
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Thank you guys so much for your reassurances yesterday! ♥ They were just what I needed, thank you! Will try and do individual replies soon. :)

Another confidence boost today at a tempura shop in Fukuoka. I went at it like I had something to prove, haha, and had a nice little chat with the lady behind the counter! Should've got the name of the leaf they made me eat, though. XD It looked like a nettle, and I was trying to explain that to them. ("Igirisu de... *touches leaf* Itai!" XD) It was good tempura, and great miso soup - I've kept having tempura cravings, so it was nice to finally satisfy them! :9 For all it's meant to be a big food town, though, I must've been in the wrong bit, cos I didn't see all the noodle stands there's meant to be. Oh well, I like tempura much more than ramen, so no loss there! :D

I just spent the afternoon (well, 2 or 3 hours at least) just wandering round Fukuoka, basically - had to switch to the shinkansen there, so I thought I might as well have a look around and get some food (even though I didn't find the famed noodles!). It seems a nice enough city, though it seemed a bit the same as anywhere, especially in the rain. ^^'

I also bought the new TV Pia. Kyushu edition, though, so it's not of as much actual use now. XD I'm staying in Hiroshima tonight and tomorrow night - going to Miyajima tomorrow, cos I read that there's meant to be a festival there tomorrow, then I'm staying in Takamatsu on Shikoku for a couple of nights, which I only remembered to organise earlier. ^^'

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