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[livejournal.com profile] m00nface, recognise this? :D

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:D Cap from last week's Tsuukai Everyday. I was like "I've been there!!" and got all excited, lol. They went to the a leaf place and Maru ate some gold. Just some gold. We were like, I don't think that's a healthy way to do it...

I was also tagged by [livejournal.com profile] rei_kurasaki for this meme (I'm so happy, I never get tagged! ^^'):

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

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Well, I'm sure that was fascinating for everyone! XD And I'll tag: [livejournal.com profile] sublimeparadigm, [livejournal.com profile] roadwaffle, [livejournal.com profile] iverin, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground, [livejournal.com profile] kanzenhanzai, [livejournal.com profile] hirokura08 and [livejournal.com profile] bakabanri. (If you've done it before and I've forgotten, please forgive me!)

Now I need to go forage for some food before X-Factor. :D
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I can't believe I'm leaving Kanazawa tomorrow! ;_; I've had a wonderful time hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] m00nface and meeting her friends, and I've done *so* many things that I've really wanted to do, but couldn't have done without a Japanese speaker - I'm so grateful! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so we had a picnic in the castle park (with chocolate melon bread :9) and then we went and made Japanese sweets! That was great, though I had flashbacks to primary school - I'm rubbish at making anything with my hands, so mine were a bit wobbly but it was a lot of fun, and they all taste the same anyway! :9

Then we met Amelia's friend Kaori for coffee, then we went to the izukaya where Kaori works for a heavily discounted dinner of what would otherwise be very expensive food and drink! We tried 5 different umeshu (plum wine), on the manager's recommendation, and they were all absolutely delicious - I adore umeshu! :9 And we ate pistachio tempura and hoke (fish) and amazing fried chicken and ochasuke (rice with, like, tea over it - I really liked it, but I was full so couldn't eat much! ;_;) and gyouza and loads of other stuff I wish I could remember! We had a private room and our own music and everything, it was amazing! *_*

Today rained again, so we went to a Japanese restaurant (haha, yes, I know they all are, but this one did a mixture of set lunches) and I had a ginger-y pork thing which was delicious. Then we went to a manga kissaten! Totally not what I was expecting - I thought it'd be a coffee shop with some bookshelves round the edges, but it's massive! Again, we had a private room with the biggest TV I've ever seen - we had the anime channel on and watched Yakitate Japan and Fruits Basket :D - and a PC and some kind of slot machine. You pay a cover price depending how long you stay, and you can help yourself to drinks (many different teas, hooray!) and ice cream. :9 (You can also, apparently, play pool and ping pong and stuff, and even shower. Bearing in mind the hentai collection, that seems a bit seedy, but hey, it's something to remember if I need cheap accomodation one night! XD) I spent a lot of my time looking at JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, haha. (Later volumes feature Joseph's illegitimate son he had when he was, like, 65 who's younger than JoJo, and there's a sequel series starring JoJo's own daughter, Jolene. XD The end of the actual series has a long arc with some relation of Dio, who's called Giorgio Giovanni. The art by the end is actually AMAZING and the character designs are in a really different style to the earlier volumes... but I realise the people who care about this number zero, so I'll shut up. XD Must remember to look for those elusive art books if I'm in a Mandarake or something again. There's so much gay in those books, I want to see!)

Anyway! Then we went for conveyer belt sushi! :D That was awesome too! I had eel, which was yummy, and tamago, and kappa maki (which are my favourites, cos I'm a bit boring sushi wise XD) and something with beef which wasn't as good. :/ Great experience, though!

Wah, I can't believe how quickly time has gone here! ;_; I'm moving on to my WWOOF tomorrow (which, after I looked a bit more carefully, turns out to be in Hyogo prefecture where Yasu is from, haha, that's the only thing I know about it!) - takes about 4 hours on the train, changing in Osaka. So I might well be picking vegetables in the rain on Tuesday! ^^;; I also don't know what internet access I'll have, so yeah, I might be silent for a little while, but then again, I might not be. ^_~

Open the window.
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Man, the rainy season really did kick in! O.O It has not stopped all day today. But that didn't prevent us from going to the old entertainment quarter of Kanazawa to look at the gold leaf shops and tea houses. We had delicious omurice for lunch, and then went for tea (can't remember the name of the tea but it was... brown ^^;;) and gold-leaf walnut meringues. :9 Chayagai is a beautiful old district, all wood buildings - it smelt wonderful, very atmospheric! It was pretty quiet, probably cos of the rain, but it was great to see it - all the places I've been so far in Japan have been fairly modern (by and large, I've been staying in cities that suffered in WWII), so it's amazing to finally see some more evocative buildings. The other day I also had a wander around the samurai district - little narrow streets with big old houses with high walls. It was really fun to just wander around! I've had a lot of fun just walking around the places I've visited, getting a feel for them. Kanazawa has such a lot of character, it's probably the best place to explore I've seen here!

We also visited Myoryuji today - aka, the Ninja temple! It doesn't really have anything to do with ninjas, but it was full of cubby holes and secret passages that the samurai could lurk in if under attack. It felt quite like an English castle, it was really interesting!

Yesterday was a day of firsts! I had my first Osaka-style okonomiyaki (I actually preferred Hiroshima-style), then in the evening I got Amelia to take me to two things I've really wanted to do since I got here, but you can't do alone - yakiniku, and karaoke! :D Yakiniku was sooooo good - [livejournal.com profile] davechan, you'd love it - it involves meat and fire, two of your favourite things! :9 The beef was unbelievably delicious, but it was so filling! Man, I've eaten so much over the past few days. ^^' Then we, ah, did 5 hours of karaoke! I sang a lot of K8 songs. #^^# We also did Yorokobi no Uta, which is actually a very easy song to sing! Or would be if I knew more kanji. ^^' Also did a bunch of GW songs, for nostalgia value!, and a load of other anime songs. Though I forgot about Tell Me Why! XD Need to see if they have that next time... ^_~

The day before that I went to Kenrokuen, the big garden in Kanazawa that's one of Japan's top three. I've seen one of the other two, in Takamatsu, and Kenrokuen is miles better than that! The azaleas and irises were still out, and there are some beautiful ponds and streams and waterfalls, and a teahouse where I had a nice sencha and watched a heron by the pond from the veranda. It was absolutely gorgeous. ♥ I spent ages there, then I had a look in a museum of arts and crafts of Kanazawa - lots of gold leaf, as that's what the area is famous for. I really enjoyed the museum, too - I think I was suffering from a museum deficiency, lol - I'd not been in one for, like, nearly 2 weeks! @_@ I felt so much more fulfilled after I'd been in there!

So all in all, Kanazawa is delightful, I really like it here! And [livejournal.com profile] m00nface is looking after me very well. ♥ I can't believe how quickly three days has gone! ;_;

Now to continue certain auction-based research, and maybe type up some stuff. :3
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Midorikawa Hikaru is on a TV show! They just had the "omae o korosu" moment on. ♥ And he just recreated it in the studio. I'm far more excited about this than I would've expected! XD In real life, he doesn't sound anything like any character I've ever heard him voice. Seems like a nice, genial, entertaining bloke, though!

I got to Kanazawa about 4.30 - the journey took nearly 6 hours, but it really didn't feel it! There was a certain amount of waiting around in stations involved. ^^' But then [livejournal.com profile] m00nface met me at Kanazawa, and we spent the evening catching up. :D It's so great to see her again! And I'm incredibly grateful for her organising the room too - I'm staying in Kanazawa University guest house, and it's *so* nice! Nicer than several of the places I've paid more to stay at! ^^' It's a lovely spacious room, and has a view. Hey, a window's a bonus, so actually having something to look at through it is even better! ^^' (Reminds me of the video the Australian guy showed me, of a room he stayed in somewhere in south east Asia - when they opened the curtains, there was just a wall. XD) There was a beautiful sunset this evening - lovely clear skies, and nice and warm but not humid. I like it here already!

Tomorrow I'm going to at least attempt to make the last day of my rail pass count (I thought the last day today, but then I realised the actual expiry date was the 20th, and Amelia pointed out that the big "19" stamped on it actually referred to Heisei 19 ^^'), though it's a little difficult to get to places from Kanazawa. There are some lovely looking places around this area, though, so hopefully I can work something out. :)

Ahh, looks like no MuchaBuri on this TV either, so I'll stick with Midorikawa. ;) He's reading Saiunkoku scripts now. :D ...And playing a toy trumpet. ^^'


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