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Go Edward go!

Someone posted an, ah, "altered" version of it too. I'll leave that one to your imaginations. XD

☆ THE MEME: 30-Day 関ジャニ∞ Challenge
day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)

Quote? I don't really read lyric translations. I don't care about lyrics in English, much less in Japanese. I usually only really care for the sound of the words, I like clever uses of sounds and rhyme. But I guess 前に進まなければ you have to go forward, from One. One was the first K8 song that caught my attention, and I read a translation which rendered the line you've got to put one foot in front of the other which was something I kept telling myself at around the time I was getting into K8 - just take the next step, keep walking, do what's right in front of you (it's also a Bell Jar quote but let's not linger on that lol). So that line struck a chord with me. I feel like mine and Subaru's lives have coincided at a number of points - we seem to have been through some similar things at some similar times. And that song will always be special to me, even though neither of us particularly emo anymore, lol.
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No surprises as to how deaded I was by this picture lol. *___*

Missed the opportunity to meet them again yesterday - probably for the best, though I do still want to give John the book with his namesake in lol. I've lost all my confidence in Jedwarding though lol - I just feel awkward around the boys no matter what I try and do. Ireland was really good and I felt comfortable, but this week has taken me right back to square one. I feel like, I want to be on a level where they talk to me like they do my friends, but I'm stuck in the awkward stage where they don't really know me, so being too familiar would be weird, but standing back gets me nowhere... And anyway, what do I have to offer? I'm not bubbly and fun and ker-azy. But then, neither are lots of people, and they get plenty! And this is in all aspects of life too, not just Jedwarding lol. What is it about me that is such a black hole void of interestingness? :| *I* think I'm interesting and cool - why don't other people agree?! Lol. (Or moreover, why do people think people *who act just like me* are interesting and cool, but not me? :/ Don't answer that, please. Read the atmosphere, I beg of you. XD)

...That said, there's a gig I want to go to in London next Weds so of course I'm hoping the boys will be around so I can go lurk suspiciously. Watch though, I bet they'll be in Ireland all next week and only come back on Friday when they have a show to do - that I can't go to cos I'll be in London lol. -_-
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"We just went into the X Factor thinking we had nothing to lose, and a lot to learn."

Nice to see that Universal seem to be actually giving thought to how best to use the boys! Moar of this plz.

I was outed as a Jedward fan by a fellow postgrad in front of someone I've never met before today, lol. We were talking about Twilight and agreeing how unspeakably bad it is, lol, but then he came out with "I've seen you with Jedward on Facebook" so I had to explain in as casual a way as I could manage that I'd been to Ireland and met them, lol... but apparently this now disqualifies me from ever making value judgements on anything ever, lol. But they still weren't arguing with me about Twilight! (Incidentally it also made me feel kind of bad that I didn't go to any of the lit papers... but seriously, I cannot sit through an hour of people talking about stuff I have never read and don't understand! I'm not going to go to it just for the sake of it. I need to conserve my brainspace for the stuff that's necessary to me! Though it does make me feel a bit panicked when people are spouting all these fancy terms and I'm just there nodding and going "...Yeah..." D: My brain is so not what it was! >< All downhill from here!)

Oh well let's at least make an attempt to finish this spreadsheet of vowels in the SED. Then I can at least *talk* about vowels in the SED. I hope. If the words will come out of the dark recesses of my mind. D:

[livejournal.com profile] lin, so sorry I haven't finished reading your fic yet! D: I'll try and finish looking it over tonight or tomorrow!
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Amusement in a costume shop in Doncaster yesterday:

Gorilla of my dreams~ Brb sending this to Hina. You know he'd wear it too. Someone shop his face onto it?

Also, hello there Maru:

But they shopped off his mole! Noooo! D: ...Oh yeah and Subaru looks alright too haha.

And because I'm still working on wearing you all down:

Dave uncharitably said something about Edward bearing a certain resemblance to Herman Munster, but I think that's a tad cruel!
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John and Edward (I just can't bring myself to say Jedward, it just seems so slangy, like saying "flist" XD) really are full of surprises. Every time I get nervous they're going to be made to do something crap or that they're going to fall flat on their faces (figuratively, as they literally do relatively often XD), they pull out something brilliant:

This is them covering NSync's pop with a DIY video made in their dressing room and it's seriously perfect in every way. The song suits them down to the ground too! And they look great too. Especially the make-up. ;)
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The more time has passed, the more I've been dreading writing this up cos it'll just remind me of how much of a FAILURE I was, lol, but at the time it was all so much fun that I do want to record and share it. But yes: this is an account of my time X-Factor stalking in Sheffield last Thursday and Friday. XD (LJ ate most of this the first time I wrote it, so I'm sure this version is missing bits and not as coherently written, but oh well. It's this or not post it at all, and I might as well now I've spent so long on it! Also I know there are typos, but I just don't care anymore. -_-)

Let me tell you a tale )

The show is actually AWESOME, pretty much everyone really impressed me, and even the more forgettable people had songs I like so they were still entertaining. I really liked the running order too, getting people on their feet and then letting them have a sit down again and so on, haha. The crowd on the Thursday were really quite lively, they got up at all the appropriate songs - though I think we were in a pocket of Joe fans, everyone around us stood up for his whole set while the rest of the arena seemed to stay sat down! Of course though, the highlight was the twins doing Ghostbusters, as agreed by pretty much everybody who's seen the show (including the doorman checking our tickets on the Friday, lol):

After the show we headed back to my house and pretty much went straight to bed, but I didn't sleep so well as I was freaking out pretty badly, lol - I've had so many bad adrenalin rushes that even the good ones you get from having loads of fun cause me to go crazy these days, haha. Maybe if I keep having loads of fun I'll get used to it again... ;)

But wait! There's more! )

So as you can see, it was a busy few days! SO much fun though. ♥ All the fans I got to meet were totally lovely, and the twins were wonderful. Seriously made me forget any fan unpleasantness or game-playing that had been going on, because they really did have time for us - they didn't have to do any of that, but they did it so easily and willingly. They deserve all the fans they have, because they work so hard to make them happy. ♥ Only problem is, once you've met them, you kind of want to do it again - if only to have a chance to not fail so badly, lol. Sooo... next month I'm off to Dublin to see them on their Irish tour, haha. I dunno if we'll ever have another time like we did in Sheffield, but hey, it's guaranteed to be fun anyway. :]
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This picture says all I need to about the past two days, really. ♥

But of course there were many more highlights, which you will not escape hearing about XD Including:

- giving Edward a daruma yesterday: "I don't understand... I'm scared!... I'm excited~" and then, this morning, "I did the eye thing!"
- [livejournal.com profile] lemoned_x getting them listening to hide ("It sounds like Friends!")
- inadvertently insulting Joe McElderry when he was SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME which I only realised 9 HOURS LATER ><
- John doesn't like chicken pie, or in fact know what it is
- "We had a pony called Dusty~ and a horse called [sthg I've forgotten]" - LOL not posh much?!
- "Can we climb the trees [in the Winter Gardens]?"
- Putting the lid back on a pen has never been so cute!

Gah there's loads more but it needs more explanation than I'm awake enough to give right now. XD So I'll save it for now. But suffice it to say that John and Edward have proved to me once and for all that they are wonderful, sweet, lovely people, and that they categorically don't play favourites. ♥

And just to prove it all did happen... )
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I wanted to make a proper LJ entry for the first time in forever but if I start it will be SO LONG and I have to wake up in less than 7 hours now. So long story short, the X-Factor live show is ACTUALLY AMAZING, Edward Grimes is a total sweetheart beyond words, and I am clearly too crazy to actually have any fun any more. More on these stories later!
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I saw a Merlin version of this on [livejournal.com profile] scribblemoose's LJ yesterday, and thought it was a lovely idea for any fandom!

Let's make a magical wave throughout LJ.
When you see this entry, post a picture of the boys to your own journal.

One for each of my fandoms! ♥

Smile if you're gay will never not be funny. Neither will Yoko's face. XD

Edward: *walks off*

Oh and I did that Love Meme thingy! I already got a few comments without even pimping it, so thank you so much! ♥
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I was nervous. I knew it could go either way. Especially when I heard Vanilla Ice was confirmed to be a part of it, I knew it might be a big train wreck. My heart was racing just before they came on. But you know what? They totally rocked it.

An American about.com page put it very nicely when they said "Take a look at the video, drop your prejudices, and just marvel in the joy and fun of the performance."

Because yeah. Why shouldn't two sweet, warm, lovely teenagers, with bags of personality, who work their arses off doing shows up and down the country, for mixed rewards, enjoy a bit of success? Their performances are always full of fun and exuberance - in their own words, who wants to go to a show and just watch someone stand there and sing? You want to watch someone who looks like they're really enjoying it, like they're putting their all into it for the people watching. It's why I love Kanjani8, and John & Edward do that every time.

And at the end of the day, the twins might not be the greatest singers ever, but they still managed to gather a small army of very fervent and loyal fans - isn't that the absolute true definition of the 'X-Factor'? ;)
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To do tomorrow:

- wash hair
- paint nails
- pack
- find keys to mum's house
- tidy car
- remember tickets

Tomorrow my face will alternately be \:D/ /).(\ \:D/ /).(\

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Feel free to add the punchline. ^_~

Stuff still to do:

- clean pig cage
- put laundry to dry
- tidy up living room a bit
- email Japanese tutor
- reply to comments ^^'
- finish reading Chambers & Trudgill >__<

I have at least cleared a space for [livejournal.com profile] syuria to sleep! But I'm really tired now XO I've not been sleeping so much lately - 5-6 hours a night for 4 or 5 nights, which is less than what I'm used to, plus I have my period which always drains me a bit. I think maybe I'll just read for now, cos let's face it, I REALLY need to.
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Haha this post has one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to proudly announce that I totally have tickets to see John & Edward in a couple of weeks time. >;D And also tickets to see X-Factor Live in March.

It's a meet & greet so I'll spend stupid amounts of time panicking about what to say to them lol. I'm so rubbish in front of celebrities XD Especially ones I can't always tell apart!

And make no mistake, there'll totally be a pimp post when I have internet back. ;) Only one week @___@


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