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Today I was so tired I slept till like 12, and I could've gone for more too. e_e But I dragged myself up and went to Meiji Jingu to see a Japanese New Year! Of course, it was absolutely rammed with people - but I only waited less than two hours, that's nothing on yesterday! XD To be honest it didn't feel very special or anything, as there were so many people there, but they had some interesting footage of some sort of ritual or something on the big video screen. Then I ate my first taiyaki, came back to Kichijouji and ate, came back to the hotel and watched TOKIO on Daishoten. :D Even though I can't understand most of it, it's somehow still funny! You can get the gist, haha.

Also: Nagase dating Aibu Saki? That is, the girl from Utahime. How cute would that be?! Johnny's denied it a while back, but I think it would be adorable if it was true. :D

The 37kh Japanese girl just beat the 6 foot American guy in the curry eating contest. I don't fully understand why the teeny weeny Japanese girls are the ones that can eat so much. Now there's going to be a chip-eating contest. This is New Year TV at its best, clearly!

There's some super-cute adverts on too - an energy-saving message from a very cute kitty, and an ad for something like WD-40 with a rat on a bolt. Nowhere does cute like Japan!

Man, I recognise so many people on this TV show from Janiben. XD And I'm looking forward to the MuchaBuri special tonight! :D Hope I can stay awake for it all... ^^'


Jun. 7th, 2007 01:59 am
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Damn TV, I spent ages channel-hopping last night but could find neither Domoto Tsuyoshi's show (I guess it must be on cable - I'd certainly never heard of the station before) or, ironically, JaniBen, despite me being in Kansai and it being on Kansai TV. -_- I watched KAT-TUN, though! And it was fun. :3 They were being tickled by disembodied arms. And limboing.

I also thought I'd drop in a quick photo of one of the mags I bought yesterday:

The Television 070615
The Television 070615 (CFB)

Awwww, Subaru and Ryo! Bless! ♥ And oh my lord, Ohkura. *_* My hasty photo cannot do justice to how hot he looks in orange. XD

I really, really, really want to go to another concert. XD
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Ever get that floating-face-down feeling? Well, I did the day before yesterday when I attempted to negotiate the JE shop. XD I got there about 1, and the guy tried to explain very lengthily in Japanese about something or other, but I just took the ticket he gave me and said in Japanese "...I'll come back at 5 o'clock", because that's all he needed to say, really! I don't think Japanese people quite understand how to speak to foreigners - in Britain we have a lot more experience talking to people whose first language isn't English, I guess, but Japanese people don't always understand that it's much easier if they leave out all the gozaimasu-es and stick with easy words we might actually recognise. ^^'

In any case! I spent the intervening hours in Hama Rikyu Teien, down by the bay. It's an old garden with lakes and a teahouse and some beautiful, beautiful iris beds and azaleas. Wonderfully peaceful, even though there were quite a lot of visitors.

So then, when it was time, I headed back to Harajuku, had a cup of tea, and got in the queue. XD Even though my ticket was for 5pm, I didn't get in till well after 6. An American couple were sitting opposite the area where you have to wait, and I could tell they were dying to know what we were all queueing for, so eventually the guy came over and I explained to him in tones of shame and amusement. ^^;; After at least an hour and a half, then, I finally got across the road to the shop, where they put you in a kind of holding room downstairs where half the photosets are. You get sheets of paper with numbered boxes on, and you mark in the boxes how many you want, so I had at the K8 pics and then got in the queue to go upstairs, to where the other half of the sets are, including NewS.

It was only when I'd got right to the front of the queue to pay when I realised all the bands have their own set of numbers, so I had to hastily try and cross off the ones I'd added since I went upstairs, otherwise I could've ended up with some random weird ones, being as how they'd be from the K8 selection and all. XD (At least I only got a dozen or so photos, so she could show me them all to check!) I only spent, like, £10, which seems a waste considering the whole experience took about 3 hours. XD In short: next time, I won't bother with the official shop, I'll just go to the knock-off places a couple of streets over. They have older stuff too! :D So I'm so sorry, [livejournal.com profile] aicha, I failed in my attempt to get you Shige pics! *hangs head* However! I did raid the second hand bookshops in Jimbocho, and there's a marvellous place that has copies of magazines going back to the mid-90s, so I got some gold there. Including two where Yoko is still called Kimitaka! :O Some were really expensive (like, 2800yen O.O), and I'm afraid I'm too cheap to pay £14 for a magazine, lol, so I stuck to ones for about 1000yen and less, and I think I did pretty well. I'll scan them when I get back because everyone is so cute and fresh-faced! XD

So after that somewhat failing experience, I decided to get away from Tokyo yesterday and headed to Kamakura, which is full of shrines and temples (and a giant Buddha, but I didn't get that far cos my feet were killing me ^^;;). It was absolutely gorgeous - some parts were full of visitors and schoolkids, of course, but it was a lovely little town and the temples were pristine (though all seemed to have construction work going on ^^;;). The gardens are so beautiful I can't put it into words. In one of them you could even hear the monks chanting some way away, it was so atmospheric. I walked a short hiking course to a shrine where you can wash your money and it's supposed to multiply. I didn't actually try it, but the shrine reminded me of Taos pueblo - full of people selling stuff (except in Taos it wasn't as tacky XD) and a bit ramshackle, but utterly charming (and wonderful-smelling).

Exhausted, I got the train back to Tokyo and attempted to find food - sadly, all the places I wanted to eat looked like they didn't have picture menus (what can I say, I'm a classy person! XD) so I ended up going to this counter place where I had pork chop curry which wasn't great, but it only cost 650yen and I could say it. XD Then I went back to the hotel, watched Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom being bemused by small children on some TV show hosted by SMAP (I think - well, almost every evening entertainment show seems to be them or Downtown), then Hanayome to Papa. (Oh! And the other day I saw Propose Daisakusen too. :) Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up and flicked around a bit, Muchaburi was on! But it was just finishing. ;_; I completely forgot it was on Tuesdays! I thought it was Wednesday, and JaniBen on Thursday, but I guess that's because it's technically Wednesday morning. -_- Damn. Oh well, must remember to watch tonight!!!

This entry's been a bit less detailed than I would've done (haha, did you notice? ^^;;) but I really need to dash to the station and get to Osaka by 5. :D Still got to email the WWOOF place too! I need to know if they can have me, soon!
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I, ah, just napped for 4 hours. ^^' Guess the travel + not eating + hit-and-miss-sleep + period + shopping all day caught up with me. :D

So, today me and the nice girl I was in the dorm room with both decided to go to Yoyogi Park, so we went together. We went to Meiji Shrine, which was beautiful, especially the iris garden, which managed to be peaceful even when packed with people. There was another wedding too, though no shou this time. Then we went round the edges of Yoyogi Park, where all the bands, junk sellers and colourful weirdoes hang out. It was very cool. And after that, we headed to the main street in Harajuku that I forget the name of, where there are hundreds of shops selling clothes and trinkets (but none selling food, on the day I really want to eat! @_@). It was a lot of fun. ♥

We even found the JE shop, but it was already after 6 and there were lots of people in, so the guy tried to explain to us in French (Maike speaks French, cos she's German and awesome) that we needed a timed ticket, but man, I could've got it from his English or even his Japanese, if he'd talked slowly enough. Maike asked in French, and I tried to ask in Japanese, if I came back tomorrow, where could I get a ticket, but he answered Maike in French but I don't think it was clear, and he tried to answer me in English, but basically the answer was "in the park" and that was less than helpful. ^^' Sometimes when I try to speak Japanese to people they speak English back (though they don't speak that much), even when I continue to speak Japanese, so I wonder if I'm a) so crap that they pity me and are trying to say they'd understand me better if I just stuck to my own language, or b) they're trying to be kind or c) they just feel like giving it a go. It's happened to me on several occasions, and it's fine with me, cos I can say more words than I understand, but still. I don't want people to be encouraging me to give up cos I'm so rubbish. XD (Though I do often just say words, even if I *know* I know the grammar. -_- Work faster, brain!) There were two very nice ladies we kept running into in the park, though, and we had a kind of broken conversation with them too, which was sweet.

Anyway, the upshot is I'm going to try and go back to the JE shop during the day when all the schoolgirls will be, well, at school, and hope for the best.

Seems Sunday is a good TV night. :D I have a single room now, so I put the TV on and Tetsuwan Dash was on! :D Leader and Yamaguchi were saving baby birds from snakes, and Taichi and Mabo were removal men, but I fell asleep before it was over. :( Then I woke up and Tegoshi was on. :D Then I went back to sleep, and woke up and Downtown were on something. Then I came out to the cafe and Doumoto Kyoudai was on! :D :D :D Then I just saw an ad with Nagase in, and then! An ad for Zukkoke Daisassou!! I was so happy. :D In Harajuku we saw a truck advertising KAT-TUN's new single too, and when we were eating ramen (couldn't eat a whole one, even though it wasn't that big ^^;;) Zukkoke Otokomichi came on and I was all squeeful again. :D (Love So Sweet also came on later.)

Things left to do: Kamakura (need early start! ^^;;), Akihabara, return to Harajuku. XD 2 days left in Tokyo!


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