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Long story short, because I am super-tired, lol, but I ARRIVED IN JAPAN though my luggage... well, probably has by now, but it had not yet been reunited with me. :3 But no matter, the only thing I really wish I'd had that I didn't have was a clean shirt... and remedied that by buying a K8 tour t-shirt at Nagano Big Hat today!! :D :D :D

I arrived in Japan around 8.30; got to Nagano about 1; agonised for a while but hopped on the shuttle bus to the venue, and only paid a very small fortune for tickets for both of today's shows. :3 The first one... I have to say was not the most exciting performance they've ever done, lol, but Yoko looked hot (:O he'd slicked his hair back and it really suited him!) and Ryo was being a big dork (for a change) and, most importantly, there was buckets of Yasuba action!! :D :D :D A few more details under here~! )

I JUST THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE THOSE HIGHLIGHTS WITH INTERESTED PARTIES ON MY FRIENDS LIST! But internet here doesn't seem to be a given, so I shall attempt to post this for now, and return with more another time, haha.

I am also staying in a lovely ryokan with a GORGEOUS bath. *_* That was exactly what I needed.
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This icon is still the funniest thing in the world. XD

Also have just discovered there is a restaurant in Harrogate called Yoko's. >.> Leeds is actually packed with Japanese restaurants! Sometimes I do miss living in a city with a *big* town centre... rather than three streets, one of which is currently being knocked down, which is what we have in Sheffield. XD (Well, I say 'miss' like I ever did live somewhere like that, lol, but you know what I mean...)

Conversation with my mum today:
Me: Well, I might be going to Japan again... see, there's a show I want to see... on my birthday...
Mum: I was going to ask what you wanted. How long will you go for? I mean, it's not worth going for just a few days, is it? You should go while you can [ie, before I start my PhD and after I've finally got my dissertation done! Which was my plan, haha.]
Me: ...*_*!

I really really have to do some work. :| But the gratuitous nudity thread is just too distracting... *_*
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;_; I can't believe how fast my time here has gone. I didn't even get to do some of the things I wanted to do, due to a combination of my own disorganisation and circumstances, like being in Japan at the innorportune time of New Year. (However, I'm going to think of not getting to see Shock as 150,000 yen saved. O.O) And in any case, I've had such a lovely time hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] aicha, who very kindly let me stay at her place and joined me on a few of my trademark wild goose chases! It's been a lot of fun, I don't want to have to go home!

I have bought another crapton of stuff! Quite a bit of which I'm going to give away, and a lot of which I'll have to scan at some point - but when I get back I have SO MUCH work to do it's not in the slightest bit funny. o.o

But that's for tomorrow. :3 And the days after that. See you guys from England~!

I also feel vaguely nauseous, but I think that's in part due to the fact that I heard someone throwing up when I was in the toilets in Nippori station. *shudder* [/emetophobia]
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Welcome to another installment in my long-running Chronicles of Fail series (est. 1981). Aka, How I Nearly Ended Up On Japanese TV And Probably Didn't. (Working title: Me versus potatoes - the Revenge.)

Well. First, the good points about today: I bought a ton of old magazines that were actually pretty cheap, and a good number of doujinshi too. Of course, on the other hand, it involved me spending a large amount of money, but whatever.

...So that's the good part out of the way. OK. Even when I got to Nakano Broadway this morning, got there too early, Mandarake wasn't even open, but I didn't have a problem with lurking in the Excelsior Caffe for an hour. So, after I'd raided the relevant shops I thought I'd head down to Shibuya, to the other Mandarake. So I did that. I thought I'd attempt to eat the bread I'd bought for lunch in the Hachiko area outside the station, but as I was sitting there, some men approached with a video camera and a board. How I didn't end up on Japanese TV )

Then after I'd shopped, I really wanted to find a Mister Donuts, because they do the best cup of tea in Japan, no word of a lie! But could I find one? Could I buggery! So it was back into another Excelsior Caffe, struggled to write a few sentences, pen ran out anyway. So I flicked through the guide book. Not far from Shibuya there's the Yebisu Beer Museum! So I thought I'd go have a look.

Could I find it? Could I etc. I walked for ages round Ebisu and... related districts, but by the time I realised it I'd walked all the way back to Shibuya. -_- At least Ebisu is a very nice area. One of the nicest bits of Tokyo I've seen, actually!

I keep trying to like Tokyo, give it another chance, but I don't think it likes me. I think it's surprisingly grubby, doesn't make any sense and it takes bloody ages to get anywhere. -_- Of course, these aren't necessarily things that make it different to any other capital city, but it does not endear it to me. The best thing about it, frankly, is the geek shops.

Oh yeah, I forgot the potatoes. *shudder* Tubers: the revenge )

[Edit] ...I#ve just eaten one of the leftover pieces, and it seems that all the pieces I left... are meat. XD I can't decide whether that makes it more or less of a failure... Well, less, because at least I have meat. And it's good. XD

AND NOW I AM DRINKING A BEER AND WRITING SOME PORN. And eating dried mango, just because everything I've eaten today has been STARCH. >:E

[Edit] Ahahaha, here's a drama I'll be watching! XD Now I have a name for us all too - fujoshi. XD
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Just when I was feeling distressed at the lack of porn in my corner of the internet, along comes the Johnny's Anonymous Smut Meme. Currently clearly filled with people on my friends list, ie, K8 fans, yay! :D :D :D Maybe I'll see if I can get something down tonight... :3

Seems like a long time since I've updated properly, probably because it is! I had a fantastic weekend with [livejournal.com profile] syuria in Kyoto. Do you want a quick round-up of what we did? I hope so, because you're getting one! :D

- Shopped. :D Of course!
- I took Sam to Osaka to see the bunraku! It was really charming, a lovely experience, I'm so glad I got to go. We also had okonomiyaki on Dotembori and tried to get in the Idol Box. For the first time ever, two girls started to talk to me! But then we got separated, and the Idol Box was so crammed we left straight away, lol. Oh well! We also did more shopping. ^^' And we went back to my sushi shop in the evening! XD The guy I met last time wasn't in when we got there, but he came in after a while and recognised me! XD Pity my Japanese has been completely abysmal for this whole trip, but at least he turned up! And man, that shop really does do great sushi. :9
- We went to Arashiyama and looked at some temples, and the bamboo forest, which was beautiful. And I discovered the joy of nishin soba. :9 Then we sang karaoke! :D
- Then... there was the Mountain Incident. We went up a mountain called Hiei-zan to see some more temples. Put it this way, Hiei-zan is not good on English signs. Nor running the cable car in winter. -_- Yes, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground, I gave in to my cable car fixation again! XD And this time it was my downfall... We got *up* the mountain just fine, on *one* of the cable cars, but I had this bright idea to come down on the *other* cable car which would take us close to where Sam lives. But... it wasn't working, presumably cos it's winter. -_- So we had to walk down the mountain. It wasn't *far*, per se, but it was pretty steep and covered in dry leaves which made it very treacherous underfoot, especially when we hadn't come prepared for mountain climbing. XD But we made it down, and miraculously came out very close to Sam's halls, so we got there in time for Shonen Club! XD Then I ate a whole packet of chocolate daifuku, to make up for all that exercise. ^^'

Then today I took my time getting back to Tokyo - I'm staying in Ikebukuro, so I went to Mandarake and K-Books (only found one dj I wanted! :|) and went round Sunshine City. I never realised quite how big the shopping centre is! O.O I bought a couple more pressies for people, had a nice cup of Earl Grey and a decent (though expensive ^^') cake, and, ah, found a shop that sold second-hand magazines, so I picked up one or two. *cough* Just wait till you see 19 year old Nagase, you'll see why I had to get them! XD And then I went to Nekobukuro! :D Which, if the name doesn't give you a clue, is basically a big room full of cats that you can go in and play with. Except a lot of the cats seem kind of skittish and/or cranky, haha. There was an ENORMOUS one, and a big fluffy ginger one, one that liked being in plastic bags... There were a lot of cats, it was worth the price! XD I've had my feline needs fulfilled. :3

I'm staying out the north side of Ikebukuro - I managed to lose my suitcase keys, but by chance there's a locksmith near the hotel, and the guy cut the lock off for me! I managed to negotiate that in Japanese, haha! And now I think I'm going to eat tonkatsu. :9 I want saaaaaauce!
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If I ever ask you to go up a mountain with me, [livejournal.com profile] syuria's advice would be, say no. XD Thank you so much, Sam, for being such a good sport and letting me drag you round temples and up mountains and into strange sushi shops! ♥♥♥♥♥

Shonen Club was fun! The game they played involved Subaru having to judge responses two teams came up with. Maru and Yasu were on opposing teams, each accompanied by three juniors; Subaru was so very mean to Yasu, as usual. ^^' But he seemed to like Yabu, haha! Hope someone translates it, because I got nothing. :X All three members were looking and sounding good and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Oh, and Subaru said he wants to eat a lot of purin this year. :3 Can't wait for next week's edition! :D

Ahhh, it's been a great few days in Kyoto. Back to Tokyo tomorrow - still need to find a place to stay... ^^'
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Today was... a giant failure. -_- I thought I'd go along to Nakano Broadway, seeing as it's only a few stops from where I'm staying, but when I got there bloody Mandarake was still closed after New Year, so that basically took my whole day out, as I'd planned to go from there to the Mandarake in Ikebukuro. -_- I didn't even have my guide book with me, so I couldn't look up anything that might've been interesting (though, to be honest, I'm sure most of the attractions are closed anyway. So weird, everyone's on holiday for once, but there's nowhere for them to go!)

So I went to Shibuya, but I couldn't think of anything I really wanted, so I just bought one manga, and then I thought I'd go to Ikebukuro anyway but changed my mind and went to Akihabara and got another pressie for someone. Luckily when I stopped for a coffee I met a nice lady from Wisconsin and we chatted for quite a while as she waited for her sons. A conversation with a stranger was just what I needed today, as I was a complete wreck for a big portion of the middle of it. It'd be nice to have a day where the time I spend *not* thinking I'm about to die outweighs the time when I do feel like that. Seriously, it's a feeling that's absolutely impossible to explain and makes no sense, but it's so completely and terrifyingly real and I've been having it far too much recently. Still, it beats being depressed. Probably.

...I've just thought, I should've gone looked at Tokyo Tower. I've still never seen it! But maybe that's best, it's a very dangerous place, judging from a lot of anime etc.

Also, I'm confused - when exactly did Yoko become the member of K8 I find most attractive right now? ^^' All the solo con pics I've seen have been A+!
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Today I was so tired I slept till like 12, and I could've gone for more too. e_e But I dragged myself up and went to Meiji Jingu to see a Japanese New Year! Of course, it was absolutely rammed with people - but I only waited less than two hours, that's nothing on yesterday! XD To be honest it didn't feel very special or anything, as there were so many people there, but they had some interesting footage of some sort of ritual or something on the big video screen. Then I ate my first taiyaki, came back to Kichijouji and ate, came back to the hotel and watched TOKIO on Daishoten. :D Even though I can't understand most of it, it's somehow still funny! You can get the gist, haha.

Also: Nagase dating Aibu Saki? That is, the girl from Utahime. How cute would that be?! Johnny's denied it a while back, but I think it would be adorable if it was true. :D

The 37kh Japanese girl just beat the 6 foot American guy in the curry eating contest. I don't fully understand why the teeny weeny Japanese girls are the ones that can eat so much. Now there's going to be a chip-eating contest. This is New Year TV at its best, clearly!

There's some super-cute adverts on too - an energy-saving message from a very cute kitty, and an ad for something like WD-40 with a rat on a bolt. Nowhere does cute like Japan!

Man, I recognise so many people on this TV show from Janiben. XD And I'm looking forward to the MuchaBuri special tonight! :D Hope I can stay awake for it all... ^^'
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After some bizarre sleep last night (and yesterday afternoon - slept about 3-5pm, 6-9pm, 4am-9pm, or something like that) I woke up at about 9, which was perfect! I was able to get out in good time and have a bit of a stroll round Kichijouji. If you guessed that my first stop was the bookshop, you'd be almost right wrong! It was my second! (My first was the bakery. ^^') So I ate my baked goods and read some magazines in Inoshigara (...I think that's right!) Park, before heading off to Shinjuku. I know, I thought, I'll pop into the big tourist information centre there, see about those tickets I wanted! I should've been suspicious by the fact that the whole area was totally deserted, but of course, the TIC as shut (and, indeed, invisible) as it's in a government building. -_- Oh well, it was exercise and fresh air. So then I went down to Comiket!! I didn't even know it was on till [livejournal.com profile] dilettantka mentioned it this morning, but I'm so gldad you did, because I had a great time! :D I basically just strolled round for a couple of hours, seeing what I could find, and I picked up pressies for several people and a couple of cute things for me (the cutest Saiyuki dj ever, and some guinea pig notepaper!). The animal section was the best. Totally not as wrong as it sounds. XD There was masses of PoT stuff, but sadly not much that I thought anyone I know would want. :|

My feet were hurting by the time I left (note to anyone who's interested: wear sensible shoes to Comiket XD), but I thought I'd go and visit the aquarium that's a couple of train stops away. Of course, the bastard was closed over New Year, and I was *really* regretting my detour round Shinjuku by this point, my feet were killing me! So I've spent a large portion of today travelling, and a significant portion of that travelling was to get to places I shouldn't have gone to, but never mind! Comiket was more enjoyable than I would've imagined, even by myself, and I'm glad I got to have that experience. Just wish I'd been able to go yesterday when they had the Jpop stuff! ;) Oh well, there's plenty of Mandarake to hit up yet. ^_~

Argh, now I'm very tired though! And there's nothing on TV, cos I think all the schedule is out cos of the holidays, just like at home. At least I've plenty of reading matter now! ;D
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I made it!! @_@ And people who told me about KLM and it's weird food, you weren't kidding. XD

I very nearly missed my flight - went to the wrong Amsterdam flight in Heathrow #^^# - but I made it in time. And 10 hours from Amsterdam was that bit more bearable than 11 from London, somehow! Though the entertainment was a bit rubbish, so I mainly read my book (bought Terry Pratchett's Thud! in the airport and am enjoying it greatly). I even managed a bit of a nap, which sustained me till I got to the hotel about 2pm (luckily I didn't have to wait long for my case, and my journey from the airport was pretty smooth, despite having to negotiate Shinjuku station... o.o). When I got here, I ate the chestnuts I bought (:D), had a bit of a nap, had a shower... and now I'm going to attempt to find people's contact details and stuff, maybe nip out to the all-important bookshop, lol, and wait for that TV special K8 are on later. ^^' I left my "itinerary" at home, so I'll try and rebuild that - though it mainly consisted of "Countdown!!!" and "shopping x3??"

Aww, WaT just came on TV, bless their cute little faces. :D And just knocked their mic over, through which they valiantly continued. XD
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Anyone know which airline is better, out of KLM and Air France? :3 I sort of want to go with KLM, because then I can say I've been to Amsterdam, lol, and I've been to Paris before. XD

Have booked accomodation for my first stop in Tokyo (not cheap, but not expensive either); also done a lot of washing, lol. What's the temperature like out there atm? :3 And for that matter, the underfoot conditions? Shoes are an important consideration. XD Now the main things I need are yen, and, er, a plane ticket. ^^'
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Oh, cringe, I couldn't think of anywhere else to eat tonight so I went back to the sushi place I was in a couple of nights ago and oh, it was full of people and so I now have no idea if me and the sushiyasan were having a conversation we both understood or not, lol. He had a quiet voice as well! And I know I mixed up "tsukau" and "tsukuru", my old enemies. >.<;;; Oh well, as I left I thanked him for talking to me. XD He was a very nice man, and if the other customers laugh at my pitifulness, they laugh. I just have to take the "whatever!" attitude. ^^' Oh, and I ate raw salmon for the first time too. It was actually very nice! Though doesn't have nearly as much flavour as it does cooked. ^^' Should've asked him to blowtorch it. Or at least asked how to ask for it blowtorched. ^^'

Anyway! Today I went to Osaka Castle, which isn't really worth the effort, to be honest. There's a few interesting artefacts, but it goes on and on about Whatshisface Hideyoshi and by the end I didn't care. -_- I have to say, no-one does museums like the British. :3 (The American ones I went to were good, but they just don't have as much resource as we do, historically speaking! ;) Then again, our stuff is also pillaged from years of empire, so maybe I shouldn't be so proud. -_-

But then! I went to Shitennouji, which is a large temple complex in southern Osaka. It really was marvellous - lots of little buildings with small statues, and then some big ones with big statues (...I'm selling this well, aren't I? ^^;;) But no, it was incredibly impressive - everything was utterly lush, without being ostentatious - very atmospheric. There was a monk reciting prayers for a lady, too, which was really interesting to see. I spent at least a couple of hours there, it was well worth the time.

Then I quickly raced down to Tennouji itself. Didn't get to go in the zoo, but I did go round the gardens. Every garden I see here is more beautiful than the last! This one was impeccably kept, with such neat trees and azalea bushes. Absolutely wonderful. Then a random old guy came and started talking to me in rapid, slightly toothless, Osaka-accented Japanese, and even though it was perfectly apparent I didn't understand (especially as I said "I'm sorry, I don't understand") he kept going on. o.O Then I saw him again, and he insisted on showing me the way out. ^^' Though I did then finally grasp what he was saying to me earlier, lol (I think he was asking me if I'd been bitten by insects, lol, cos I was wearing a vest-top [and my skin's not great -_- I just said "Er, yes, yes I have"]). To be honest, I think Tennouji is a slightly dodgy area, in that there were dodgy-looking people in the plaza outside the station, but then, compared to the standards I've seen before, it looks like a clean, cutesy, slightly old-fashioned sort of neighbourhood. ^^'

Oh, and I found the cake shop I went past before. And this time, I bought a cake. :D It's very light and fluffy and beautifully presented, but doesn't have *the* most flavour ever. Still - cake!!! And I negotiated the Starbucks on the 7th floor of Hep5 earlier to get Earl Grey tea too. :9 Mmmm, tea. *makes some green tea*

I want to be first in with fannish news for once (ie, I've had a copy of Duet for several days and not seen it at Vendy's yet) but this entry's long enough as it is. ^^' Suffice it to say, Maru loves everyone, and Subaru laments the fact he and Yasu haven't been on any dates recently. Awww. Oh, for those of you so inclined, Arashi get a nice gay photoshoot for the first time in a little while. It never gets old. ♥

[Edit] Oops! Just creamed YamaPi. *wipes him off*


Jun. 8th, 2007 01:51 am
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OK, so I suddenly realised I really had better think about booking the next leg of my journey, so I went to HostelWorld (thanks for the tip, [livejournal.com profile] muscatlove!) and booked a nice-looking (and incredibly cheap!) hostel for 3 nights.

...What I'm still trying to figure out is why I booked from the 10th, when I'm meant to leave here on the 9th? I even looked up the right date for the Shinkansen timetable and everything! *headdesk* Oh well, I guess an extra night in Osaka won't hurt! :D Now just got to make sure they can keep me. ^^'

I'm sorry [livejournal.com profile] honeybeanlove, I think we talked about meeting in Hiroshima? But as my rail pass runs out before you arrive I decided I'd make the most of it and do the far-away places while I could. But I'd still love to meet up somewhere! I'm sure we'll work something out. :D Let me know where you're going to be, when you know! ^_^

Castle today, I think! And I'd like to do Tennoji too (look at the zoo, see Yasu's relatives...), so I'm sure I won't run out of things to do in Osaka. :]
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Ever get that floating-face-down feeling? Well, I did the day before yesterday when I attempted to negotiate the JE shop. XD I got there about 1, and the guy tried to explain very lengthily in Japanese about something or other, but I just took the ticket he gave me and said in Japanese "...I'll come back at 5 o'clock", because that's all he needed to say, really! I don't think Japanese people quite understand how to speak to foreigners - in Britain we have a lot more experience talking to people whose first language isn't English, I guess, but Japanese people don't always understand that it's much easier if they leave out all the gozaimasu-es and stick with easy words we might actually recognise. ^^'

In any case! I spent the intervening hours in Hama Rikyu Teien, down by the bay. It's an old garden with lakes and a teahouse and some beautiful, beautiful iris beds and azaleas. Wonderfully peaceful, even though there were quite a lot of visitors.

So then, when it was time, I headed back to Harajuku, had a cup of tea, and got in the queue. XD Even though my ticket was for 5pm, I didn't get in till well after 6. An American couple were sitting opposite the area where you have to wait, and I could tell they were dying to know what we were all queueing for, so eventually the guy came over and I explained to him in tones of shame and amusement. ^^;; After at least an hour and a half, then, I finally got across the road to the shop, where they put you in a kind of holding room downstairs where half the photosets are. You get sheets of paper with numbered boxes on, and you mark in the boxes how many you want, so I had at the K8 pics and then got in the queue to go upstairs, to where the other half of the sets are, including NewS.

It was only when I'd got right to the front of the queue to pay when I realised all the bands have their own set of numbers, so I had to hastily try and cross off the ones I'd added since I went upstairs, otherwise I could've ended up with some random weird ones, being as how they'd be from the K8 selection and all. XD (At least I only got a dozen or so photos, so she could show me them all to check!) I only spent, like, £10, which seems a waste considering the whole experience took about 3 hours. XD In short: next time, I won't bother with the official shop, I'll just go to the knock-off places a couple of streets over. They have older stuff too! :D So I'm so sorry, [livejournal.com profile] aicha, I failed in my attempt to get you Shige pics! *hangs head* However! I did raid the second hand bookshops in Jimbocho, and there's a marvellous place that has copies of magazines going back to the mid-90s, so I got some gold there. Including two where Yoko is still called Kimitaka! :O Some were really expensive (like, 2800yen O.O), and I'm afraid I'm too cheap to pay £14 for a magazine, lol, so I stuck to ones for about 1000yen and less, and I think I did pretty well. I'll scan them when I get back because everyone is so cute and fresh-faced! XD

So after that somewhat failing experience, I decided to get away from Tokyo yesterday and headed to Kamakura, which is full of shrines and temples (and a giant Buddha, but I didn't get that far cos my feet were killing me ^^;;). It was absolutely gorgeous - some parts were full of visitors and schoolkids, of course, but it was a lovely little town and the temples were pristine (though all seemed to have construction work going on ^^;;). The gardens are so beautiful I can't put it into words. In one of them you could even hear the monks chanting some way away, it was so atmospheric. I walked a short hiking course to a shrine where you can wash your money and it's supposed to multiply. I didn't actually try it, but the shrine reminded me of Taos pueblo - full of people selling stuff (except in Taos it wasn't as tacky XD) and a bit ramshackle, but utterly charming (and wonderful-smelling).

Exhausted, I got the train back to Tokyo and attempted to find food - sadly, all the places I wanted to eat looked like they didn't have picture menus (what can I say, I'm a classy person! XD) so I ended up going to this counter place where I had pork chop curry which wasn't great, but it only cost 650yen and I could say it. XD Then I went back to the hotel, watched Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom being bemused by small children on some TV show hosted by SMAP (I think - well, almost every evening entertainment show seems to be them or Downtown), then Hanayome to Papa. (Oh! And the other day I saw Propose Daisakusen too. :) Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up and flicked around a bit, Muchaburi was on! But it was just finishing. ;_; I completely forgot it was on Tuesdays! I thought it was Wednesday, and JaniBen on Thursday, but I guess that's because it's technically Wednesday morning. -_- Damn. Oh well, must remember to watch tonight!!!

This entry's been a bit less detailed than I would've done (haha, did you notice? ^^;;) but I really need to dash to the station and get to Osaka by 5. :D Still got to email the WWOOF place too! I need to know if they can have me, soon!
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I, ah, just napped for 4 hours. ^^' Guess the travel + not eating + hit-and-miss-sleep + period + shopping all day caught up with me. :D

So, today me and the nice girl I was in the dorm room with both decided to go to Yoyogi Park, so we went together. We went to Meiji Shrine, which was beautiful, especially the iris garden, which managed to be peaceful even when packed with people. There was another wedding too, though no shou this time. Then we went round the edges of Yoyogi Park, where all the bands, junk sellers and colourful weirdoes hang out. It was very cool. And after that, we headed to the main street in Harajuku that I forget the name of, where there are hundreds of shops selling clothes and trinkets (but none selling food, on the day I really want to eat! @_@). It was a lot of fun. ♥

We even found the JE shop, but it was already after 6 and there were lots of people in, so the guy tried to explain to us in French (Maike speaks French, cos she's German and awesome) that we needed a timed ticket, but man, I could've got it from his English or even his Japanese, if he'd talked slowly enough. Maike asked in French, and I tried to ask in Japanese, if I came back tomorrow, where could I get a ticket, but he answered Maike in French but I don't think it was clear, and he tried to answer me in English, but basically the answer was "in the park" and that was less than helpful. ^^' Sometimes when I try to speak Japanese to people they speak English back (though they don't speak that much), even when I continue to speak Japanese, so I wonder if I'm a) so crap that they pity me and are trying to say they'd understand me better if I just stuck to my own language, or b) they're trying to be kind or c) they just feel like giving it a go. It's happened to me on several occasions, and it's fine with me, cos I can say more words than I understand, but still. I don't want people to be encouraging me to give up cos I'm so rubbish. XD (Though I do often just say words, even if I *know* I know the grammar. -_- Work faster, brain!) There were two very nice ladies we kept running into in the park, though, and we had a kind of broken conversation with them too, which was sweet.

Anyway, the upshot is I'm going to try and go back to the JE shop during the day when all the schoolgirls will be, well, at school, and hope for the best.

Seems Sunday is a good TV night. :D I have a single room now, so I put the TV on and Tetsuwan Dash was on! :D Leader and Yamaguchi were saving baby birds from snakes, and Taichi and Mabo were removal men, but I fell asleep before it was over. :( Then I woke up and Tegoshi was on. :D Then I went back to sleep, and woke up and Downtown were on something. Then I came out to the cafe and Doumoto Kyoudai was on! :D :D :D Then I just saw an ad with Nagase in, and then! An ad for Zukkoke Daisassou!! I was so happy. :D In Harajuku we saw a truck advertising KAT-TUN's new single too, and when we were eating ramen (couldn't eat a whole one, even though it wasn't that big ^^;;) Zukkoke Otokomichi came on and I was all squeeful again. :D (Love So Sweet also came on later.)

Things left to do: Kamakura (need early start! ^^;;), Akihabara, return to Harajuku. XD 2 days left in Tokyo!
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Re: LJ deletions - if I get to Japan and try to log into LJ and find my journal has disappeared, I shall know it's because one of my interests is "Yasuda Shota". -_- Unfortunate.

I have also never been this scared in my entire life. I'm scared I won't be able to eat. I'm scared of not being able to talk to people, which is ludicrous because I'm usually quite content in solitude; it's just when the possibility is taken away from you, you start to panic. ^^' I'm also - and, in fact, mainly - worried that I'm not well enough to enjoy myself, and that I'll feel too bad to even enjoy the concert. Which would be the most ironic and tragic thing ever. -_-

I think that's, at least in part, the 2am talking, though. I really hope so.

Thank you to everyone who's come to say bye to me, and sent me good wishes over LJ etc! ♥ I love you all and I'm gonna miss you! ;_;

Now to attempt sleep... ^^'
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Holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap, yes, I'm entering the pure terror stage of the trip preparations. O.O I was so scared last night I nearly threw up. You know, this wasn't something that once even crossed my mind before I went to America, and it's only occurred to me this time very recently, but I'm scared I might be lonely, especially as I'll be surrounded by people whose language I only speak on the most minimal basis. I guess I'll just have to seek out the ex-pat community in Tokyo, haha, if I feel the need to, you know, talk to people (my guidebook seems to operate on the basis that that's what other people might think too, so I should be able to track some Brits down. And probably hundreds of Australians too).

Thanks to my house et al who came out last night! ♥ It was lovely to hang out with you all ("one last time"), thanks for making time to come! I'll miss you all. ;_;

And don't eat my guinea pigs!
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I greet you from another of my holiday homes, [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio's flat! Yesterday we had high tea in Liberty's (scooooooooones! *_* And smoked salmon sandwiches in fingers! :9). Someone thought me and [livejournal.com profile] dystopiarcadia were sisters. I was so happy! ♥ Today we had roast beef and I put sugar in the cauliflower. (Note to self: when cooking at someone else's house in future, taste white granular substances before adding them to food.)

I've been reading my Rough Guide today and keep finding other places I want to visit, damnit! I want to stay at the Hotel Ohkura in Kyoto. And I'd go to Amanohashidate just to stay at the Maruyasu. :3 I'm currently accepting (read: begging for) all tips, advice and recommendations (for places to visit/stay etc) re: Japan! Everything gratefully received! :D

[livejournal.com profile] giving_ground has worked very hard today. She deserves a day off for her birthday, don't you think? And on Tuesday I get to meet [livejournal.com profile] shabzilla! :D Hooray for everything!

*poorly suppressed flailing* Con reports from Yokohama!!! And new icon! *keels over from the cute*
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Not that I care *that* much, but there hasn't been enough talk of Jin on my friends list. I think this means I need more JE friends. :3 (However, I'd rather have more specifically K8 friends, and they're harder to come by... Trying to convert the ones I have has had limited success. Understandable really, from an objective point of view, but still disappointing. XD) I refriended the KAT-TUN comm for all of five minutes, before realising that was foolish. ^^' Jin does seem to be looking good; though when I looked at the pics from the press conference, my main thought was "Wow, Ueda looks great!" ^^'

Today is going to be... quiet. There's only me and one other member of staff in, so I'm gonna read my Rough Guide to Japan (yeah, yeah, I know it's cheesy, but I had one for America so I know the format and trust it!). Found return tickets to Kansai International for £400 yesterday, leaving at the end of May, and that sounds cool. I'm also thinking I wouldn't mind staying in the city in hostels or ryokans for a bit first, then doing my WWOOFing, then travelling a bit after, when I'm a bit more used to being in Japan... Must sort out my driving licence too, and the relevant visa.

...Might try to write some fic. XD Anyone got any good, fairly worksafe entertainment? ^^' Also, there may well be running commentary from me on the music on the radio. How good a song is Intervention, by the Arcade Fire? :O
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Damn, I want to be in Osaka on the 25th of February. XD

But I also want to be in Tokyo in August. ^^;;

My current turnover rate for fangirling is alarmingly high. o.o At this rate, I wouldn't even be surprised if I'm not nearly as squeeful over Kanjani even by February. And that thought makes me sad, cos then I'll feel like I've missed out on something I'd've loved if it was, like, tomorrow! ^^;; I shall try and maintain the squee, and drag in as many people as possible to help me! ;D

...Did that make any sense at all? I swear, my words aren't coming out right at all lately. =_= I'm not with it!

[Edit] I didn't know it was possible for a programme in this day and age to be as crappy as WMP11! o.o ...No tracklength? No total time? And, seemingly, no screencapping! And MPC won't let me either! *headdesk*


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