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Happy Friday! I finished my book review (I only realised after I'd sent it that I hadn't even read it through, haha), and so I am zen. :3 I also went for a massage that I'd forgotten I'd booked, and I had to go otherwise there would've been a cancellation charge. >.<' But I think I needed it - the girl described my shoulder muscles as "crunchy", which isn't good! I could feel it too. I'm gonna hurt tomorrow, I think! It was at the gym, though I didn't even have time to do any exercise cos I had to rush back and send off my review, haha. But I'll try and go tomorrow or Sunday. Then I've got to start on my dissertation proposal. Which, I'm realising, I don't really know how to start. ^^;; But that is for NEXT WEEK. And after that... oh, there'll be genuine free time, at least for a while. :D I'll get so much done, now I can stop procrastinating! XD

Also, have a present:

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - The Beat That My Heart Skipped. Seriously this is one of the best tracks I've ever heard in my life. I love the lyrics, I love the message, I love the beat, I love the bass, I love the music box bit at the end. And it's a live version - I don't know how he does it! All the songs I've heard by Sac & Pip have been A+++++ and I wish they'd release an actual album so I could have them all. (They're the guys who did Thou Shalt Always Kill, which is another genius piece of work.)

Ahh, I love that they have so many flaming gay guests on Janiben. :D It's especially hilarious cos Yoko and Hina are just like normal, yeah whatever, and Ryo just didn't know what to do with himself, being hit on by this guy, hahaha! That said he doesn't know what too do when it's a female guest either, bless him. XD I hope someone subs this one eventually! Seemed like a riot!
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Highly remiss of me, but I completely forgot to post in honour of the birthday of the guy who started me off on this whole Johnny's mularkey:

Nagase Tomoya, whose birthday it was yesterday! Some people are Junbait; I was Nagasebait. [livejournal.com profile] aicha showed me My Boss My Hero, and - besides it being a completely compelling drama - my eye was well and truly caught by Nagase.

Cut for pics that better explain the appeal! XD )

He's a great singer, talented musician and songwriter, and - overall, in my opinion - an excellent actor with fantastic screen charisma. MBMH is ESSENTIAL VIEWING, as is the exceptional film Yaji & Kita the Midnight Pilgrims. (Seriously, I'll be repeating what I did last Christmas and offering those up to anyone who wants them, and probably some people who don't. :D)

As it happens, I also have a few TOKIO uploads knocking around, so here you go:

Best of TOKIO - not *officially* the best, but 38 of my favourite tracks. :)
Mr Travelling Man #2 - bonus version from Harvest album.
Doitsumo Koitsumo PV. You've gotta love disco samurai. :D

Also, anyone wanna play an online TCG with me? :D I joined Countdown, a JE trading card game, and it looks very cute. I've not traded with anyone yet but I've got all the stuff I do have up here. And if you do decide to join, please tell them Elyndys referred you! ;D

Oh oh, I kind of want to flail again about Janiben in Okinawa, but it's pretty much the same flailing as yesterday. XD I love how terrified Subaru and Ryo were of the birds. Subaru's *face* when he saw the cockatoo looking threateningly down at him! XD No wonder you guys were the loser team. *snerk*

Finally, I'm pleased Yuukan Club was good again this week. The firs couple of eps were so poor I had no hope, but 3 and 4 were actually pretty good. And 5 looks very interesting too, so looking forward to that. And it's Utahime day tomorrow!! Yaaaaaay! I'm even keeping up with the raws of that, I'm enjoying it so much. :)
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How come every Japanese lesson I go to I suck more? -_- I can think of the *words*, I just don't know how to string them together! And an hour a week class is not the sort of setting where you get a chance to make everything correct. Oh well, at least we're all in the same sort of situation!

Best JaniBen ever ever ever! I keep watching and rewatching Subaru and Ryo singing Misetekure, I've seen it like 20 times now! Subaru sounds like a ROCK star! And Ryo's smile! Oh my lord. I was digging my nails into my palms so hard just seeing a few seconds of TV footage! XD I wish I'd been there, but it's probably best that I wasn't - with that and the kissing I would probably have expired. What a tragic way to go~!

Have 600+ words of Okinawa-type fic. I can't tell if it's going well or not... I'll try and do more when I've put dinner on.

*goes to do that* :3
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cranes for peace.

Yukan Club 2 hardsubbed! :O Man those guys are fast. :D I was wondering about dl'ing it raw, just cos I'm too eager to see that snippet of Yoko in the wedding dress, lol, but now I don't have to. Excellent!

Watched the new Burial ep subbed - it's shot-for-shot from the manga, and subs are preeeeetty much taken from Tokyopop's manga translation, but to be honest, I *like* Tokyopop's translation of Saiyuki (and clearly know sections of it word for word, lol), and the manga's so good, why fix what ain't broke? But wow, Saiyuki with, like, decent animation. o.O It'll be cool to see Banri animated next time. ^_^

This week's JaniBen was suitably off its nut. Japanese comedy really is like something from 1975, isn't it? And WHAT was Subaru wearing?! It's a question I should've learnt to stop asking, but it looked like something from the Hawkshead shop. XD

I keep looking at this pic and having a little smile. Bless them, it's a rare picture where Yasu looks like the *normal* one. XD Aww, lookit Mr & Mrs Murakami on their honeymoon. ♥ (Pic originally from that treasure trove, [livejournal.com profile] boku_nari_no.)

I'm... gonna go cough some more now. My diaphragm hurts! ^^'


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