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Thought I might as well give it a go. :3 Feel free to be as uncreative as you like if you do decide to send me one of these things! I won't be judging. ;)

My Valentinr - elyndys
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Man, I didn't realise I went to bed so late last night... Slept for the requisite time, but was completely and utterly drained of all physical energy when I woke up. This has happened the day after every time I've been to the gym since I joined. I'm hoping it's just cos I've been really inactive for the last few months, and that it'll pass once I get used to exercising again... :| I actually really enjoyed the gym last night, it made me feel a lot less tense and I was able to do everything I was meant to do without too much pain; just this overwhelming tiredness now. Hmm. I'll see how it goes and in the meantime worry like heck, no doubt.

My book that I have to review for, er, Monday, is actually pretty interesting so far, yay! Though I'm only on chapter 2. *cough*
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I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in 6 months. I was expecting EXTREME PAIN today, but surprisingly, I got out of bed without screaming this morning! The only place that hurts really is my ribs, especially on the right, which is kind of bizarre but I did do some sit-ups. I actually quite enjoyed it yesterday and it wasn't *too* hard going, so I hope I can get back into the habit. :)

Hello to people I met through the big old Johnny's friending meme! :D Tsubasa came to Ireland! Nino's been to Berlin and is going to Paris! Now, why can't the Johnny's I care about come to Europe? >:/ Subaru keeps going on about how he wants to come to England - do it, boy! I'll take you to gigs and go shopping with you and teach you English so you can write songs to go with all your English titles! You know, I would actually give a kidney to go to the Dome concert this weekend. Oh well, guess I'll have to make do with [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio... ^_~ And hey, you won't escape watching the other live DVD I have, so it'll be the next best thing... ^^;;

I've eaten far too many blue corn tortilla chips. :9
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Owing to the return of the evil white plague that falls from the very skies of hell (or something), all of my plans have once again been foiled. -_- I've not been to the gym for a week, and it feels like I'm not getting my money's worth! For a start, if I don't go more often, I won't see any benefits, so it'll be worse than not going at all, because I'll be exercising *and* paying money, for nothing! Aieee! I was also looking forward to trying out my new (cheapass) mp3 player. They didn't have the cheapass-est one in Argos, so I spent an extra £5. It's not any brand I've ever heard of, but it stores about 50-60 songs and that's enough to get me through train journeys and gym sessions!

So, instead of going out, I guess I'll stay at home and tidy the house. Joy. Maybe write some more too. The ideas keep hitting me; the coherency doesn't. x_o
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Back from gym.

My arms don't feel like they belong to me anymore. o.O;; And, inexplicably, my neck feels weird too.

Better news: I only have 15 more [livejournal.com profile] 1sentences to go! ^^;; And I got a free coffee cos my loyalty card was full. :9 And even though my computer beeped at me an alarming number of times, I was able to fix the problem. W007!

Going to have a bath now, in hopes that I'll be able to move tomorrow. x_o
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Someone please put me out of my misery - Zero Sum's been out nearly a week, and I've been on the edge of my seat for over a month. It's not helped by seeing mentions of it that use words like "[more] cliffhangers" and "far, far beyond" (the latter in reference to this pic). @_@ Patience has never been my strong point. *chews things*

...Hahaha, what a magnificent segue - Goldie Lookin' Chain seamlessly melds into the Floral Dance. XD I love my playlist-composing abilities. ^^'

My attempts to actually join the gym have been foiled *yet* again. I went for a trial-thingy on Sunday, and did enjoy it a lot - my legs felt fine the day after, but my pitiful triceps really felt the burn. XD I couldn't join that day as I need to get an alumni number, as an ex-student, so I can join as an associate member, and of course the office is closed on Sundays - this much I knew. So I went today at 3pm, but apparently if I want to get my number I need to get in touch with them before 2.30. x_o Cursed! Cursed I tell you! I'll go back this Sunday and just pay the bloody fiver for one-off usage, cos I do want to get into the habit of going. Then, when the soreness has worn off (Wednesday, then) I'll go back hopefully REALLY join. Finally. *rolls eyes*

Over halfway with my sentences now! ^^'
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Been toying with the idea of joining the gym for ages now, but am hesitant in part because of the clothing. *shudder* It just ain't my style, y'know?! I'm scared everyone will somehow know this and find it hilarious. ^^' Also, I wonder if I should quickly get checked out with my GP before I do anything - is that sensible, or is it paranoid? Because, let's face it, I'm a complete hypochondriac with terrifying visions of being one of those people who collapses and dies of an undiagnosed heart complaint. :/ (This is especially worsened by the memory of something in Dr Pettinger's expression when he listened to my heart just before prescribing me beta blockers. And the kind of odd feeling in my chest I seem to sometimes get on exertion recently. See, told you I was a hypochondriac.) I don't feel to have had much energy recently, and I wonder if doing some slightly more strenuous exercise would help. I should also probably, you know, drink some water sometime. (It's something I hardly ever do, especially in winter, and I wonder if that would also solve some things. ^^')

I think the main thing is conquering those old high school PE fears. XD

Also, after seeing these pictures, I'm just *so* going to have to buy that second Gaiden tankoubon. And the first one. *dies*

Contemplating making self Saiyuki moodtheme, from scratch. Do I have enough patience? Or, for that matter, competence? ^^'

[Edit] Also, when considering incestuous pairings, why do people always include cousins? That's almost as pansy-ass an excuse for incest as all those "step-brother" manga. Pah! I demand at least half-sibling-ness! ;)


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