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Selling some GW doujinshi, if anyone's interested! Please tell your friends. :3 They're mainly 1x2x1, but there's a 2x4 in there too, and they're all pretty gorgeous. If they all sell, I'll only have one of my once-mighty collection left - I just can't bear to part with my Atsumianiki! >D I already have a bid on one of them, so w007.

Putting those up took me, like, all afternoon, lol, so I've nothing else to report today. ^^'

Except, I have two days to write a fic to save my [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses. I don't know whether I a) can and b) want to. :/

[Edit] *grin* I forgot to jump on the bandwagon!

Ooishipuppet would own you all, but he's too nice, so he gives you all a big hug instead. :D
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There's an anime listed at AnimeSuki called Legend of Duo. It amused me, so I looked it up, and it does look hella pretty. *dl's*

RPing tonight! And happy birthday to Kamio! I feel I should mark the occasion with more than just giving him comedy sex with Shinji, but that'll take all my time, I reckon. Maybe I can wear my Fudoumine jersey into town. ^_~

This is the greatest challenge ever! Who would you cast the PoT boys as in Grease? XD (I suck, cos it's been about 8 years since I saw it, and I can't remember who everyone is. Boo! I do remember a GW fusion with it before, though, I'm sure. It's a good bet, anyway, as GW has fusions with everything ever. I think Quatre was Frenchie. o.O;; ...Have I made this up?!)
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Man, I'm on fire! [/burning] OK, so here's the 1x2x1 bit that [livejournal.com profile] klingonpoo requested here. I wrote it in Reno's, the best Italian-style cafe in the universe, where I drank amazing hot chocolate and scribbled like a loon. I hope it's OK for you, Leslie! It's just a little bit of fluff, but I hope you like it - you're always so supportive and wonderful to everyone, so this is my attempt at giving something back! :)

Title: Everyday
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really. Just fluff! Hope it's not too cheesy. :S
Disclaimer: (Man, I keep forgetting these things! #^^#) These characters are not my property.
Notes: This does bear some similarities to my own evening last night. [livejournal.com profile] davechan didn't like the dress I was wearing, lol, and we did talk about random stuff in bed (not post-coitally, though I'm sure that's TMI, lol), but in my case I suddenly exclaimed "Ski dwarf!". *rolls eyes* Just... if you have to ask, it's probably better not to. ^^'

Everyday )
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I'm so pathetic, I make myself laugh. Lol.

Pete isn't in the Workspace! What is the world coming to?! O.o It's a lovely day today, I should be out there doing something... but I don't know what! I actually really feel like going shopping. But no-one likes shopping! ;_; I thought of asking Pete, but he might get bored of going in Debenhams and Oasis and Schuh. ^^;;

Have decided I just don't like Quatre sex anymore. Which is just *odd*, because I used to love stories where he was a sex kitten because it made a change from him being a snivelling wuss! ^^;; Somehow though, it now seems... unnatural. Lol, I'm so silly. But you knew that. ;)
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Hm... funny how I have a real dislike of overly Sexy Duo. I much prefer Sexy Heero (because he is, of course, far sexier than Duo. Sorry, Duo. But it's true). Everyone should have guessed by now I love sexy, teasing, seductive and vaguely amused Heero... and drooling trying to restrain himself Duo. Sexy Duo is best when in conjunction with Sexy Heero; eg, when they're already together. *nods* Yeah. Speaking of which... had idea for naughty implausible masturbation fic. *adds to never ending list of things to do...* *goes cross eyed*

Saw Metropolis again tonight! Man, that film rocks my socks off. I really do love it to bits. I think the robot detective's voice is done by the guy who does Vicious... ^^' Love the jazz theme too. :D Hot jazz is so great!

Oh, and Pete would like it known that he is not cute, sweet, or in any way evangelical. Honest. *runs from rampaging Pete with big pointy stick* ;) ;) ;)
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Amusing AIM snippets...

L2Psyche00: breaded dragon pics
Star Platinum 12: new from Birds Eye! Breaded Dragon Nuggets!
...L2Psyche00: I suppose that's what Treize feeds Wufei after sex

(search strings are always fun! Wish I could see mine... lol)

TragedyandComedy: Oh, randomness, but someone sent me the link to this Saiyuki picture. It's of Hakkai and Sanzo and I was like, "Oh my God, Hakkai's got come on his face!" and the person who sent it me was like, "Um, no...it's rain..." ::sweatdrop::
Star Platinum 12: LOLOLOL
TragedyandComedy: Oh must send you this other link if I can find it of a picture where Hakkai looks like he has bosoms!
Star Platinum 12: hentai minds at work...

Was going to say something else of vital importance, no doubt. But... I forgot what it was. As usual.
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Faulgh! Faulgh! Faulgh! )

I got my ears pierced today! Finally! And it hurt far more than I expected, lol. I'm also meant to be going to a party where I'll know, er, one person for definite... ^^' Though at least one of our other friends is meant to be going, and I'll try and drag some others. ^^;;

Oooh! I approved two people today for 1x2ML! I feel all-powerful, mwahahahah! *cough* I just hope Yahoo automatically sent them an email... cos I didn't have to, lol.

Oh, and Wolf's Rain is actually pretty good, so :p Alex! ;) ;) ;)
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I think someone tore me off a strip this morning... I was being perfectly reasonable! I was a little surprised. But it felt kinda good, remaining reasonable. ;)

I've also started work on another fic - someone please tell me why... *kicks self* I've been struggling with my old ones a bit lately, so hey, I start a new one... *sigh* It's an idea I've had for a little while, but it suddenly all fitted together this morning - I'm actually pretty pleased. ^_^ I don't think I'd better post of to 1x2ML, but it'll be up on the GWXDML, and if people are interested I can post it here if you like. I've done a little more work on Esacping, too. Just got to finish this lemon. :)

*sniffs self* Ackk... I need to have a shower, I think...
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I'm in a filthy mood today, for no good reason (other than the Trouble I Am In), and I have to just post a quick rant.

Why do people go on about the lack of good fiction atm? I don't see it. There's crap, yeah, but there's always been crap. There's good stuff now - like I was discussing with someone recently, there may be less stuff now but the proportion of good stuff is higher: the shit writers have given up, and the ones who were OK have got better, and there are some good ones still around. The good fiction we get now is so much better, more original, and with better characterisations. I'd rather have a higher percentage of good stuff than wade through tons of crud like I used to. I'd give a hundred Madam Hydras for one Becca Abbott. *shrug* People are just prejudiced, they don't want to read stuff by people who aren't their favourite writers. And they're wrong. Some of the "favourite writers" can't write the boys decently; some of them don't even like GW, some haven't even seen it all. I don't care about quality as much as I care about caring, really. That's *my* snobbery.

Sorry about that... I realise I'm probably alienating a lot of people, lol. I know some people just don't have the time to read everything, but some just won't give new things a chance. It irks me. We're all new once. But at any rate, this isn't my system, though B's is now fixed so I should be home and sorted again by tonight. Joy!


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