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Bwahaha, cap of the month from ep 13 of Gakuen Heaven ep 13!

From Gakuen Heaven ep 13
From Gakuen Heaven ep 13

"Naruse-san! We can't elope, my boyfriend is watching!"

XD I was actually pretty proud of myself, I probably understood more than half of the dialogue in the ep even though it was raw. Which could say something about the scriptwriting, lol, but I most certainly wasn't disappointed with the ending - in fact, I almost exploded with squee. I was all doki-doki! But then, I'm a sap, so hey. ^_~

Also, my Reload 4 arrived at the Space Centre!! So I picked it up at lunchtime. *explodes again* Man, my admiration keeps increasing for the way Minekura so cleverly echoes themes throughout her work, and parallels situations in such a skillful way - that neat but very inventive way of drawing the characters together by coming back to ideas she originally raised volumes ago is masterful. Can't wait for Zero Sum, either - should be out this week, and last month's was something of a let-down after several breathtaking months. I think she put all her energy into Gaiden last month, lol, but hey, no-one's going to begrudge that, and in any case, she hasn't got that to worry about this time. :3

You know, having the hard copy really does make a difference... I enjoy Tokyopop's adaptation, for a start, but I'd never 'got' that line Gyokumen Koushu has about the revival before. *lightbulb* Yes I'm slow, but it brought things together in my mind! I was thinking recently about the last sutra, actually - there's one Sanzo we don't know anything about, still, isn't there? I think maybe if she was going to mention it, she would have fitted it in just after the desert arc - its time is probably past now, but that's kind of a shame.

...I could go on more, but it's probably a) old hat and b) boring. ^^' I'm also shy of these intelligent fandoms! #^^#

This song is so lovely. Who can fail to be moved by Date's adorable tears? ♥
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Note to self: create one-woman fandom re: Gakuen Heaven. So much eye-candy, so little lovin'. WHERE'S THE FLUFF, PEOPLE?

...Which reminds me, I never did get that Chinese torrent for that Angel's Feather OVA. I'm sure Aarinfantasy will be picking it up, anyway...

I'm also really looking forward to seeing the rest of Higa in the PoT OVA, because I'd forgotten how much I like them. Really hope people start producing more fic and might even feel more inspired to do my own, cos I need fandom to solidify my own ideas!.

Yay for sunshine, finally!! *fingers crossed for weekend...*
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Oh, *how* adorable is Gakuen Heaven getting?! Kazuki and Keita's relationship is just so lovely, and the supporting cast are a lot of fun too. It has a nice natural feel, which I always like in a series, especially a shonen ai one. ♥ If angst kicks in any time soon, I shall be furious at another opportunity wasted. ^^;; *crosses fingers* Let's just hope!

Got another ep of Ouran to watch too - the ending of the last one made me kind of sad for the twins. ;_; I have a whole Thought comparing Haruhi with Honda Tohru, but it doesn't make sense, because things like that don't, which is a shame cos it's a genuine reason! ^^' It basically amounts to the fact that, although I don't *dis*like Haruhi, I don't *love* her either, while I really like Tohru, cos she's so, well, nice! ...And that's where I'll stop, cos it'll break down into nonsensity. *cough*

In any case. I'm so tired, but not sleepy, which is very, very annoying! ^^' I went to a place after work cos I picked up a flyer that said they did free reiki, but when I went the place was deserted. I've only ever seen it deserted, despite its banner and brightly coloured door. >:E Don't advertise things that don't exist, yer bastards!

Did finish my 39 ficlet (as near as damnit, anyway) so expect it tomorrow (no more typing tonight, probably. z_o).

[Edit] 悪い夢を見たと思う。Plz tell me whether or not you can use と思う with a verb in that way. And if not, what I do instead.
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"A bunch of men together calls for some naked socialising!" Never a truer word spoken, Niwa-kun. *nod nod*

Ep 4 of Gakuen Heaven was completely bananas. XD I feel they missed a trick by not having Shinomiya someone give Iwai mouth-to-mouth, though. :3

Also, the new raw ES21 chapter (184) rocked, because my favourite supporting character got to save the day! Yay! :D (Well... the day may not have been saved, but he got to do something cool, and that's good enough. I ♥ Jummonji!) F-M released the whole of volume 16, too, so I have that to read now. Woo!

For those of you who like hearing about the adventures of [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire's hamster Yuuta, she is enjoying exploring my house in her ball. :D She especially likes [livejournal.com profile] davechan's room. She got all hyper after her run last night, it was very cute. (I think the pigs are jealous. Dave wants to get them a ball each too. ;)

[Edit] Bwahahah, someone at [livejournal.com profile] eyeshield_21 shared a song by Hiruma's seiyuu (and his brother - I thought they might be twins, being Atsushi and Ryou and all, but no, just brothers. ;). It's actually a good tune, but it made me laugh so much, for a) the yelling and b) the sheer thought of Hiruma singing. XD

The Oujou White Knights group song is good, too! I know I dl'ed more ES21 character songs, but I have no idea where they are now. ^^' I want to find them, cos so far I've seen a 100% success rate! ;)
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Ahh, marathoning Prince of Tennis is good for the soul. ♥ However, there are consequences. Now I'm all confused - help me out by answering my handy poll!

[Poll #705844]

Now back to watching Gakuen Heaven! And remaining calm while my entire house goes crazy (see option 4 of poll). *zen*


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