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First things first - thank you, everyone who's left me comments while I've been here! ♥ I'm sorry I haven't got back to everyone individually, but it really means a lot that people are reading and thinking of me! You can never be lonely with an internet! :-*

Well, this morning it was raining, so I decided to, um, not do much. So I actually stayed in the hotel till after 2 - there was some kind of traditional theatre performance on TV, so I watched that, and then Hina's show was on so I watched that too. ^^' It wasn't very exciting, lol, but it made me want to eat okonomiyaki. So I went down to the southern part of Osaka and Amemura, where there are loads of boutiques and cool-looking shops - I've loved wandering round Osaka. ♥ It was cool to just stroll around the vintage shops and think "I bet Subaru and Yasu bought stuff here!". XD It's weird, there weren't many people around at all - they were all on the main couple of shopping arcades, which were absolutely rammed! I was desperately hunting for food, but the food places and the shops aren't really in the same places. ^^' And a lot of stuff was shut at 3pm on a Saturday. (...It is Saturday today, right? ^^;;) In the end I bought takoyaki, but it was a bit too tentacular for me. ^^' Plus it seemed kind of... runnier than I expected. o.O I ended up not eating much of it, so to compensate for my frustration I decided to go back to the Daimaru department store and treat myself to a cake set. :9 That was delicious - nice blackcurrant-y mousse and a lovely cup of tea. Japanese department stores are just wonderful - the food departments are just amazing! *_*_*_*_* I did actually see mangoes that cost 15000yen, too (that's about £75 O.O). That better be made of solid gold! XD

By the time I'd had my tea and cake, it was after 6, but I didn't want to come back north and then have to go out again, so I lurked in a bookshop (reading Oricon Style - I only didn't buy it cos I already have a hundred magazines XD) and wandered more till it was eatin' time. I eventually went to a place in Namba walk, the underground approach to the station, and to be honest my teriyaki bentou was disappointing, so today's food overall failed due to entirely different reasons to last week! ^^;; Oh well. I was in the mood to drink, so I decided to come back to a nice-looking jazz club I'd seen near the hotel. So I did. And it was lovely! The mama (who sang) also spoke English, so I had a little chat with her, and the wine was surprisingly good. :9 Stayed there a couple of hourse and did some work on my [livejournal.com profile] jexchange! (It doesn't make any sense, but blargh, better to at least make a start, right?) The price at the jazz place was suspiciously high, even taking into account cover charge for the music, but never mind - it's the most I've spent since I've been here, and it was fun, so I don't mind!

Oh! One last thing, I went in a knock-off JE shop down by the river! XD The Idol Box. :D Didn't buy anything, but they had a load of photos (including paparazzi shots, though no juicy ones XD) and pencil boards and posters and stuff. Not at all expensive! I also nearly bought Yorokobi no Uta, because every time I hear it I feel a certain affection. ♥ I want a theme song for Japan! XD ...Well, I have K8's whole album, lol, but I already had that. ^_~

Other observations from today:
- oh my lord, Japanese people walk soooo slowly!
- but then maybe they're tired, cos there are no seats in the shopping centres. o.o
- those tan guys with big, lightened hair really don't look as cool as they think they do. ^^;;
- the milk here is milkier. And the juice is juicier. :9

Tomorrow, I'm off to Hiroshima~!

[Edit] Oh yeah, and I found out something the other day - carshrimp kurumaebi means scampi. XD I didn't know that! Also, Samurai Blues = Japanese national football team. Of course~!
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:9 Watching so much Kamen Rider Kabuto has given me ramen cravings, so we're heading out for some kind of lunch. Anyone want to come with us? Probably going to the East Ocean cafe, as I'm sure it'll be open and it is deliciously good value. [Edit] Actually, we're probably going to be going at teatime instead. Which means we'll probably try and find somewhere new on London Road that we've not tried before. Yay food!

I also have cravings to watch Endless Waltz again, so that'll probably happen too at some point over the weekend. Along with Prince of Tennis Cluedo, more KRK, and possibly even the fitting in of Furi Kuri, as has been talked of for a while. :D

Wah, the very fact of having a day off has made me so happy! Even though the weather is miserable, and I stayed in bed late! Yay!
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You know what? Today wasn't nearly as busy as yesterday and the day before. o.O' It feels weird to have a day off tomorrow! Yes, *one* day! But they are laying me off earlier than they intended, so my last day is now New Year's Day. I'm kind of sad, cos it's £150 less money, but mainly cos I've actually enjoyed working there. I've probably not been *the* most competent employee they've ever had, but I've never dreaded work, or hated any of my colleagues, so yay for that!

Just gotta decide what the hell to do next, now!

More immediatelty, what should I eat? (Aside from the prawn crackers I just polished off, and the lone surviving pineapple fritter. :9) The remnants of the fridge are as follows:

- 1 egg
- approx. 6 pints of milk, best before today
- 1 courgette
- net of sprouts

I also, of course, have various tins of pulses/tomatoes, onions, rice, couscous, pasta etc, so I could concoct some kind of freakish meal o'doom, but... I also need to head out and get some petrol, so maybe I'll give in and buy some, like, real food. I kind of fancy veg and couscous, but that milk niggles me - I feel like I should use as much as possible, so that means something in cheese sauce, followed by rice pudding, then hot chocolate before bed. ^^'

...I'm gonna go see if Tesco's is still open. ^^'
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Sweeeeet. @_@ I decided to indulge myself, as I'm all alone tonight (and tomorrow too *woe*), and bought Chinese from the yummy Hong Da. Thing is, I only realised after I'd eaten half of it that kung po roast pork probably wasn't the best choice, as it means nothing I've eaten today has been savoury. ^^' Crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast; tray of fruit and a chocolate bar for lunch; chocolate cheesecake after work (it's Christmas! *cough*). I love kung po sauce, but I wish I'd gone for chow mein now. *_x I got a pineapple fritter too, but as those are the sweetest (and most delicious!) things in the world, I don't even know if I can eat it. DOUBLE WOE!! *nurses glass of wine* Sweeet, sweet wine... or, in this case, sour, sour wine. Ah, relief!

Oh! And my copy of Reload 2 came yesterday! Possibly spoiler-ish ramblings about that )

I'm working tomorrow, 9-5.30. *laughs slightly unhingedly* Man, it's gonna be fun. Every man in Sheffield's gonna be glowering across the counter at us. XD

[Edit] I've finally tried Firefox again (it used to always crash on my computer, but that problem seems to have solved itself), but may I say I HATE how it just dl's stuff willy-nilly, rather than letting you choose where to put it. >:E Yeah yeah, tell me the way to alter that, but why can't it *default* to the sensible way? -_-
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There's that meme going round where you post a random memory of a person, and I feel like an idiot cos I can never think of anything. So, inspired by the wording of that meme, I decided to post a(nother) poll, cos no-one can resist the ticky boxes.

So, I say to you all, if you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now... please tick a box! Even if you're just a random passer-by, here through friendsfriends page, or whatever. In fact, especially if you are, please tick a box. :D

[Poll #604649]

Yay for Spam Poll Thursday! (Which ended 45 minutes ago my time. But still. *cough*)

Er, do I have anything else to make this a real entry? #^^# Went to see the Wallace & Gromit movie today, with the always-delightful [livejournal.com profile] laliho! ♥ Thoroughly enjoyed it, as I expected to. (Still have to see Kinky Boots. XD)

I also bought some delicious meatbuns yesterday in the Chinese supermarket. :9 And had a very cheap and thrilling lunch at the East Ocean Cafe, so Sheffield folks take note! We'll have to organise a trip down there at some point. ^__^ I love good food days! [/foodgeek]
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Sheffield people, eat at The Mashouse. It's very very delicious, but I knew that before the great Sunday dinner we had there today. :9

They also had wines on the menu called The Trickster (white) and The Villain (red). Well, it amused me...

Yay, new KKM manga! :D I absolutely love it - it follows the same story as the anime, but somehow it's just even more awesome. Manga Gwendal is even hotter. :9


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