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It rained. I went to the mall. They have a Waldenbooks. I bought Reload 5, which, I have to say, brightened my day considerably. It's a bit of a weak volume - I'm waiting for the big stuff that's coming up - but I have to say, it's easier to get into when you have the collected chapters, hard copy, in your hands. I don't think the chapters flow quite as well as they have done before, though - it feels like there are chunks missing, which is fair enough as of course we don't need continuous narration, but it feels a little choppy. Loved Goku's fanboying Gato, though, more than I remembered. And the sequence at the end with the kid. Sometimes I worry that Minekura forgot how to make a point purely through having the characters be themselves, as she of course so cleverly has done before; but Sanzo in that sequence demonstrates that she hasn't. (Or, at least, hadn't 18 months ago. ^^')

Also wrote a bit of my weird 39 reinc fic that's been kicking round my brain for a year or so. I should give my OTP more attention, ficwise, though they're the hardest *ever* OTP to write.(As opposed to hardest *pairing*, cos some of the random stuff PoT throws up must be much harder, in actual terms. XD)

Anyway. Then, fulfilled, I came back to the hostel and bumped into my new friend, who invited me to see a play about Anne Frank, so along we went. It as actually very good, but it was intense stuff for a Saturday night. So, as he said, we've done all the typical Arizona things - watched a play about the Holocaust, ate sushi... Looks like tomorrow's Sedona trip isn't going ahead, so will probably take the bus to Phoenix, just for the hell of it. Then the GC on Monday (*crosses fingers* I keep believing!!!), and I'll head on to Sedona on Tuesday, probably stay the night, then back through Flagstaff and straight on to SF, I reckon. I'm attempting to salvage what I can! *shakes fist at weather*
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Grand Canyon tour cancelled due to the weather - 0% visibility.

There wasn't enough in Flagstaff itself to last me a *day* - even though Sedona is only 30 minutes away there's no way of getting there till 4 this afternoon; ditto Phoenix.

Flagstaff is becoming known as the town of failure. Unless I can find my new friend and persuade him he wants to go halves on hiring a car and drive us somewhere. -_-
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After yesterday morning's ...incident, I should've known that Thursday the 12th would prove unlucky. All my connections were perfectly planned; I rang ahead and booked my hostel room, and put my name down for their Grand Canyon tour. It all looked organised, for the first time in my trip!

But no. Greyhound decided to thwart my plans. The person in front of me for the queue for the 5.15. bus from Albuquerque to Flagstaff was the last one allowed on. It was full. The next bus was at 2.35am, the exact bus I'd thought I'd managed to avoid! Livid, I ended up unable to hold back the tears in the middle of Albuquerque bus station. After a quick cry in the toilets, I thought I'd go out and see if I could get some decent food and a much-needed Margarita. Luckily there were a few of us, so I teamed up with a very friendly guy from North Carolina and we went to a strange (but delicious) Brazilian grill place (where the Margarita was, of course, substituted for Caipirinha). Then, still having 6 hours to spare, we went and saw The Departed, which was surprisingly good! I'm always surprised how much I like Leonardo diCaprio, and the staff sergeant guy was great (and reminded me of the sarcastic priest in that Father Ted ep!). Must rewatch Infernal Affairs.

Anyway, we still had 4 hours to wait till the bus, so we just sat in the bus station and tried to stay awake, largely successfully though brain power was failing by the time we eventually set off, at 3am. ~_~ I kind of slept on the bus, but kept waking up; at least I was awake to see the sunrise in Arizona. Looking forward to the sunset, as it's a gorgeous day. Think I'm going to try and catch the bus to the museum. The hostel staff are wonderful (they picked us up from the bus station and put my name down for tomorrow's trip, rather than today's), but the hostel is full of young, trendy types and it's not quite as cool and cosy as Santa Fe, with its free random food and mix of hippies and genuinely cool young hipsters.

That story wasn't especially exciting, and as it mainly filled me with rage and distress at the time, I won't dwell on it. -_- At least everything (seems to have) worked out OK, and now I'm going to get washed and go out in the sun. :3

[Edit] All you NaNo people are bonkers, y'hear me? ^_~ Best of luck to you all. And incidentally, if any of you ever see me picking up a pen and looking thoughtful ever again, please just save me the hassle, and remind me it's not worth it. ([livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge excepting. You're allowed to poke me with sticks about that, because I kind of put it on the back burner and need to get going again with it. ^^;;)


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