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Welcome to another installment in my long-running Chronicles of Fail series (est. 1981). Aka, How I Nearly Ended Up On Japanese TV And Probably Didn't. (Working title: Me versus potatoes - the Revenge.)

Well. First, the good points about today: I bought a ton of old magazines that were actually pretty cheap, and a good number of doujinshi too. Of course, on the other hand, it involved me spending a large amount of money, but whatever.

...So that's the good part out of the way. OK. Even when I got to Nakano Broadway this morning, got there too early, Mandarake wasn't even open, but I didn't have a problem with lurking in the Excelsior Caffe for an hour. So, after I'd raided the relevant shops I thought I'd head down to Shibuya, to the other Mandarake. So I did that. I thought I'd attempt to eat the bread I'd bought for lunch in the Hachiko area outside the station, but as I was sitting there, some men approached with a video camera and a board. How I didn't end up on Japanese TV )

Then after I'd shopped, I really wanted to find a Mister Donuts, because they do the best cup of tea in Japan, no word of a lie! But could I find one? Could I buggery! So it was back into another Excelsior Caffe, struggled to write a few sentences, pen ran out anyway. So I flicked through the guide book. Not far from Shibuya there's the Yebisu Beer Museum! So I thought I'd go have a look.

Could I find it? Could I etc. I walked for ages round Ebisu and... related districts, but by the time I realised it I'd walked all the way back to Shibuya. -_- At least Ebisu is a very nice area. One of the nicest bits of Tokyo I've seen, actually!

I keep trying to like Tokyo, give it another chance, but I don't think it likes me. I think it's surprisingly grubby, doesn't make any sense and it takes bloody ages to get anywhere. -_- Of course, these aren't necessarily things that make it different to any other capital city, but it does not endear it to me. The best thing about it, frankly, is the geek shops.

Oh yeah, I forgot the potatoes. *shudder* Tubers: the revenge )

[Edit] ...I#ve just eaten one of the leftover pieces, and it seems that all the pieces I left... are meat. XD I can't decide whether that makes it more or less of a failure... Well, less, because at least I have meat. And it's good. XD

AND NOW I AM DRINKING A BEER AND WRITING SOME PORN. And eating dried mango, just because everything I've eaten today has been STARCH. >:E

[Edit] Ahahaha, here's a drama I'll be watching! XD Now I have a name for us all too - fujoshi. XD
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Today was... a giant failure. -_- I thought I'd go along to Nakano Broadway, seeing as it's only a few stops from where I'm staying, but when I got there bloody Mandarake was still closed after New Year, so that basically took my whole day out, as I'd planned to go from there to the Mandarake in Ikebukuro. -_- I didn't even have my guide book with me, so I couldn't look up anything that might've been interesting (though, to be honest, I'm sure most of the attractions are closed anyway. So weird, everyone's on holiday for once, but there's nowhere for them to go!)

So I went to Shibuya, but I couldn't think of anything I really wanted, so I just bought one manga, and then I thought I'd go to Ikebukuro anyway but changed my mind and went to Akihabara and got another pressie for someone. Luckily when I stopped for a coffee I met a nice lady from Wisconsin and we chatted for quite a while as she waited for her sons. A conversation with a stranger was just what I needed today, as I was a complete wreck for a big portion of the middle of it. It'd be nice to have a day where the time I spend *not* thinking I'm about to die outweighs the time when I do feel like that. Seriously, it's a feeling that's absolutely impossible to explain and makes no sense, but it's so completely and terrifyingly real and I've been having it far too much recently. Still, it beats being depressed. Probably.

...I've just thought, I should've gone looked at Tokyo Tower. I've still never seen it! But maybe that's best, it's a very dangerous place, judging from a lot of anime etc.

Also, I'm confused - when exactly did Yoko become the member of K8 I find most attractive right now? ^^' All the solo con pics I've seen have been A+!
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Not that I want to leap in anyone's grave, or anything, but... if I was to app at [livejournal.com profile] osakahigh_rp as Subaru, would anyone want to play Yasu with me? Or vice versa, I'm easy! Might be a laugh.

Today has been almost a total FAILURE. Rubbish. I did at least do almost all the remainder of my shopping for overseas people, and a lot of packing too, but... *sigh* 47 hasn't even arrived yet, and tomorrow is the last possible chance it has before I go to my mum's, from where I'm going straight to Japan.

This evening I just feel so angry at my anxiety for making a lot of this past few weeks just crumble. I mean, I know I'm not the most organised person at the best of times, but I could've done better. It seems so lame! But there are genuinely times when it's very very hard to do a lot of things I'm otherwise fine with. Seriously, making the tiniest of decisions, and knowing where to start - it can be a huge problem.

I admit, I understand if you don't understand, because it sounds like an excuse. Hell, it feels like one, even to me. It's funny, I'd have no time for anyone who wouldn't make allowance for the problems that my friends are having; but my own don't feel nearly so real. I guess I should both take the same attitude towards anyone who gets impatient with me while I'm not in the best condition, and also stop hoping for extra-special treatment from everyone, just because some other people get it.

And that's enough about that!

[Edit] Forgot to say, got a card today from [livejournal.com profile] kanzenhanzai that made me LOL. XD I wish I could find the old Moon Brothers clip, I think that's the height of mad costuming... XD
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Just finished my assignment; problem is, I only realised when I went to submit it that the deadline was 12noon. Oops. Oh well, I stuck a note on it explaining about my freak out last night (well, I didn't use those words, lol) so I hope they only knock me 5% off. -_-

Now I'm going to eat Christmas cake with cheese with apricots in. I'm a Yorkshire person, what?! Oh, and I'll watch that other ep of the Boosh. :D
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Shit - did someone email me something about K8 tickets? ^^;; Cos I just emptied my spam folder, automatically, and only after I hit "Delete all" did I notice some actual words in one of the subject headers. -_- So sorry! But there's a couple of people I think it could've been ([livejournal.com profile] hirokura08??), so please email again!

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Ever get that floating-face-down feeling? Well, I did the day before yesterday when I attempted to negotiate the JE shop. XD I got there about 1, and the guy tried to explain very lengthily in Japanese about something or other, but I just took the ticket he gave me and said in Japanese "...I'll come back at 5 o'clock", because that's all he needed to say, really! I don't think Japanese people quite understand how to speak to foreigners - in Britain we have a lot more experience talking to people whose first language isn't English, I guess, but Japanese people don't always understand that it's much easier if they leave out all the gozaimasu-es and stick with easy words we might actually recognise. ^^'

In any case! I spent the intervening hours in Hama Rikyu Teien, down by the bay. It's an old garden with lakes and a teahouse and some beautiful, beautiful iris beds and azaleas. Wonderfully peaceful, even though there were quite a lot of visitors.

So then, when it was time, I headed back to Harajuku, had a cup of tea, and got in the queue. XD Even though my ticket was for 5pm, I didn't get in till well after 6. An American couple were sitting opposite the area where you have to wait, and I could tell they were dying to know what we were all queueing for, so eventually the guy came over and I explained to him in tones of shame and amusement. ^^;; After at least an hour and a half, then, I finally got across the road to the shop, where they put you in a kind of holding room downstairs where half the photosets are. You get sheets of paper with numbered boxes on, and you mark in the boxes how many you want, so I had at the K8 pics and then got in the queue to go upstairs, to where the other half of the sets are, including NewS.

It was only when I'd got right to the front of the queue to pay when I realised all the bands have their own set of numbers, so I had to hastily try and cross off the ones I'd added since I went upstairs, otherwise I could've ended up with some random weird ones, being as how they'd be from the K8 selection and all. XD (At least I only got a dozen or so photos, so she could show me them all to check!) I only spent, like, £10, which seems a waste considering the whole experience took about 3 hours. XD In short: next time, I won't bother with the official shop, I'll just go to the knock-off places a couple of streets over. They have older stuff too! :D So I'm so sorry, [livejournal.com profile] aicha, I failed in my attempt to get you Shige pics! *hangs head* However! I did raid the second hand bookshops in Jimbocho, and there's a marvellous place that has copies of magazines going back to the mid-90s, so I got some gold there. Including two where Yoko is still called Kimitaka! :O Some were really expensive (like, 2800yen O.O), and I'm afraid I'm too cheap to pay £14 for a magazine, lol, so I stuck to ones for about 1000yen and less, and I think I did pretty well. I'll scan them when I get back because everyone is so cute and fresh-faced! XD

So after that somewhat failing experience, I decided to get away from Tokyo yesterday and headed to Kamakura, which is full of shrines and temples (and a giant Buddha, but I didn't get that far cos my feet were killing me ^^;;). It was absolutely gorgeous - some parts were full of visitors and schoolkids, of course, but it was a lovely little town and the temples were pristine (though all seemed to have construction work going on ^^;;). The gardens are so beautiful I can't put it into words. In one of them you could even hear the monks chanting some way away, it was so atmospheric. I walked a short hiking course to a shrine where you can wash your money and it's supposed to multiply. I didn't actually try it, but the shrine reminded me of Taos pueblo - full of people selling stuff (except in Taos it wasn't as tacky XD) and a bit ramshackle, but utterly charming (and wonderful-smelling).

Exhausted, I got the train back to Tokyo and attempted to find food - sadly, all the places I wanted to eat looked like they didn't have picture menus (what can I say, I'm a classy person! XD) so I ended up going to this counter place where I had pork chop curry which wasn't great, but it only cost 650yen and I could say it. XD Then I went back to the hotel, watched Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom being bemused by small children on some TV show hosted by SMAP (I think - well, almost every evening entertainment show seems to be them or Downtown), then Hanayome to Papa. (Oh! And the other day I saw Propose Daisakusen too. :) Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up and flicked around a bit, Muchaburi was on! But it was just finishing. ;_; I completely forgot it was on Tuesdays! I thought it was Wednesday, and JaniBen on Thursday, but I guess that's because it's technically Wednesday morning. -_- Damn. Oh well, must remember to watch tonight!!!

This entry's been a bit less detailed than I would've done (haha, did you notice? ^^;;) but I really need to dash to the station and get to Osaka by 5. :D Still got to email the WWOOF place too! I need to know if they can have me, soon!
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Oh, I'm failing with a capital FAIL. XD Suffice it to say, even if I manage to crank something out with respect to [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge, I'll be begging them not to crosspost it till I've had time to hit it with big knobbly sticks. ^^' It feels so much longer than it is, too! Out of curiosity, I measured a fic someone posted up today, and it was about as long as what I have now. Admittedly mine isn't finished yet, but still. These things always feel so epic, then I realise they're, like, workmanlike to most people. *dies*

Also, I have posted some Christmas things, but by no means all. Expect them sometime in the New Year, everyone else! ^^;; (Of course, my closest friends will probably get them last of all, cos I spend ages trying to put together suitable parcels. I thought I had a head start this year, but I just lulled myself into a false sense of security! XD)

Bon voyage to [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio!! You're going to have the greatest time ever, and I so wish I was coming too! :D
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Grand Canyon tour cancelled due to the weather - 0% visibility.

There wasn't enough in Flagstaff itself to last me a *day* - even though Sedona is only 30 minutes away there's no way of getting there till 4 this afternoon; ditto Phoenix.

Flagstaff is becoming known as the town of failure. Unless I can find my new friend and persuade him he wants to go halves on hiring a car and drive us somewhere. -_-


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