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...I think we just decided that Johnny is Nyarlathotep. In fact, I think we just decided Johnny's is Nyarlathotep, what with him having however many forms, each more terrifying than the last. Think about it, we're all cultists! No sanity left! The resemblance is uncanny!

...We hadn't even been drinking. (I realise only, like, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground will have a clue what the hell I'm on about, but still. Tentacles! There's always room for 'em!

Um. Moving swiftly on. I scanned the last of my K8 doujinshi yesterday! It's another silly one (haha, funny that!) sort of based on their UFO noodle CMs (I had those noodles for lunch today! Got them in the Japan Centre. XD). It's called Sakigake! Otoko Dojo and is by open*nap 2007. The art's very cute (though hard to tell who everyone is! ^^;;) and there's no real warnings - except for BAD in cheerleading outfits. XD XD XD

What a manly boys they are! )

I also put up a zip, in case anyone wants it! ^_^
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Uploaded this for [livejournal.com profile] becroberts, so just in case anyone else wants it:

Idol poses for photoshoots, with Kanjani8-senpaitachi. Who could resist that face? Best clip ever. ♥ (Translated by [livejournal.com profile] paaaaan here, as if that needed any explanation.)

I seem to have nothing left to do in preparation for Japan. o.o This worries me - what essential thing am I forgetting? I do need to pick up my dry cleaning and shoes that are being mended. And buy a train ticket. But aside from that... :3 What am I missing?!

I'm looking forward to going and meeting people, but be warned, anyone who's on my friends list who I'm hoping to meet - I suck at meeting people for the first time, I really do. I'd probably be better if I just let myself go all-out fangirl from the start, but I always reckon I have to be normo to start with, and I don't do normo very well. ^^' So if you meet me and I seem really, well, crap, please don't think it's you, cos it's not, it's me. I can only be hilarious in groups, and usually in conjunction with [livejournal.com profile] vanillafire at that, cos she's, like, funny *and* nice and all, and I don't have any other fallback aside from my sporadic fangirl wit. So even if I do feel like I have a great time with someone, I never think they feel the same, so really, why meet me at all? Is what I should say, but I want to meet people! Hey, there's always a chance that this time I'll actually get my act together and not be rubbish! ^^' Ahh, that's the most accurate advert for my life: [livejournal.com profile] elyndys - sometimes she's not crap!

So, ah, that was my disclaimer. ^^;; Please give me a second chance! XD *slinks away*
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I... have absolutely no idea what's happening here )

Can't wait to find out, though. :3 Found, of course, at Vendy's, fount of all knowledge. Kansai Walker magazine seems to make a point of cataloguing all the (copious) gay that occurs in Honjani. To which I say, hooray for Kansai Walker! :D

I will also always think of Ryo when I hear the Red Hot Chilli Peppers now. But I don't know whether to be pleased or disappointed that he likes Radiohead too. XD

...I can't believe I'm going to see Take That. XD My 11 year old self is spinning in her grave! I'm looking forward to it too - now she's coming back to haunt me and throw knives at my head. But hell, when I embraced the gay I started to make the changes that led to me being able to now enjoy a cheesier, shinier, fuller existence. Some side effects were inevitable. ^_~

My calendar was shipped today! :D :D :D ...Now I need to buy some nails so I can display it proudly. (Maybe I should stick it in the hall. I would, if I didn't think some people would have apoplexies upon seeing... certain pictures. ^^;;)
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Probably the best reason yet why you should all join [livejournal.com profile] capslock8. If you've ever wanted to see Ryo getting hit in the crotch with a harisen by someone in an animal costume, that should be your first stop. *awe*

The scans from the new TV Guide are hilarious too. Yoko in that wig! XD Though they all look precious in their jammies. ♥

Damn, there are pics I NEED but have no idea where they're from, despite trawling comms and boards. x_o Gonna have to beg!
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Today I bought hats (2). They're damn funky. I plan to customise one with feathers and plastic jewels in a tribute to the new Japanese overlords in my mind. (I also nearly bought skull and crossbones knickers, but £4 is a price I will not pay for a single pair of underwear.) I also raided Whittards for bargains and got a mug that I think will strike a chord with [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground. :3

Apologies for what feels like prolonged absence but is actually probably barely noticeable - I cite the crack. Not to mention [livejournal.com profile] disography [livejournal.com profile] schwaschwa's generous gift of Shakma. :3 My Spirits DVD also arrived today, and it's the greatest thing ever. Again.

It's nice to have a dream. ☆
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Boy, have I got some quality crack for you today! >D It's a Johnny's Super Hits medley from about 2002, I reckon, and features all your favourite sempai singing a back catalogue of Johnny's songs (complete with scary 80s footage of the original artists) and some of their own hits. Tokio look like a bunch of very camp shiny cavemen, V6 look like something out of Dr Who and Nagase appears at one point to be wearing an entire wolf on his shoulders. It also features Tackey & Tsubasa, Arashi, Kinki Kids and various other retired Johnny's personel, plus, of course, the requisite feathers, rollerskates and three-costume-changes-in-15-minutes. The sets are so cheap, though - Tackey looks distinctly nervous to be sitting on that swing, and Koichi doesn't look entirely happy to be up a rope, either. ^^' It's hard to believe it was produced this century!

Sounds good? Get it here! :D Though why I used MegaUpload I don't know, cos it gets less and less Mega every time I try to use it. -_-

In other Johnny's geekery, Tokio and Kat-Tun? Together? Yes please! ♥ Can't WAIT to see that!! :9 It's been a pretty big year for Tokio, so I hope they get lots of attention and to be centre stage a lot. :D Is it tragic to be looking forward to seeing what dramas Nagase is going to be in next year? -_- He only did one this year, which is less than usual, but Tokio were busy touring and making their album and then he directed the DVD. ♥ I can still hope for that My Boss special, yeah? Yeah??

[Edit] ...I don't remember downloading Summary. o.o How did it get on my computer?! Oh damn, there go my plans for going to bed early tonight... ^^'
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#^^# I'm all embarrassed now, because after I posted this morning I thought about it again and wondered why I keep thinking that way and I was going to edit the post, but then I saw the nice comments some people left so I'm not going to. :) Thank you, people!

Also, Boku no Renai Jijou to Daidoku no Jijou (by, of course, Tokio, as I'm still listening to a lot of their stuff atm) came on my MP3 player, and it just made me feel so happy! So download it! Enjoy~!

Also going to take the opportunity to tell you all about the film I mentioned earlier, Yaji and Kita, the Midnight Pilgrims. I need to thank [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio for first bringing this film to my attention, and CDJapan for their impressively rapid shipping (it came in 3 days!!). The film's on enormous amounts of shiny gay crack, but we all know that's the best kind! Yaji and Kita are a gay couple in Edo. Yaji is married and Kita is a junkie, and they set off together to Ise on a motorbike, though the motorbike soon gets taken away from them because it's the Edo period, so they have to walk. On their journey they stop at several inns of varying craziness, and then there are, as Pez said, lots of mushrooms. Oh, and Yaji is played by Nagase, so we have the nice bonus of seeing him kissing a man. Which is what all the girls like!

I personally am convinced it's a work of genius, because although it's on crack, it's more what I'd call 'surrealist' than just pushing it further and further for no purpose (a la late period Monty Python). There actually *is* at least something of a story, and I found it intriguingly dealt with - it's kind of Alice in Wonderland, even down to the mushrooms, though with more male nudity. I'm kind of tempted to rip the DVD and send it to people for Christmas. Anyone interested, say aye! XD

Speaking of Christmas, if you haven't left me your address for a card yet, please leave it here - no matter if we don't chat that often, if you'd like an English card and probably something yummy, leave me your addy!

Speaking of which, I gor a card from [livejournal.com profile] chzbrgr_of_doom at the end of last week! :D My first one - thank you~! ♥ Now I just need to get in gear and get some nice new cards. ^^'

[Edit] Addition to the ol' wishlist - Tokio's GIG DVD. But 6000 yen? Argh, it's just on the border of how much I'd actually be willing to pay. XD
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If there are any PoT fans on my friends list who haven't been dl'ing the OVA, I have to tell you - DL EP 7 RIGHT NOW. I'm so pleased they decided to include some of what always made the PoT anime so great - the pure, unadulterated crack. And ep 7 has the wrongest kind, in spades.

It's the beach volleyball chapter of the manga, made 1000 times more awesome. In a fearful way, of course, but then anything that features Ryuuzaki-sensei in a bikini (in colour and animation) was always going to send a chill into the hearts of men. But man. I think [livejournal.com profile] tehexile probably thought I was going to die.

The ep also features Echizen finally being rubbish at a sport, Inui's naked ass (and more o.O), a mysterious phenomenon that occurs when people try to say "tennis", and Tez looking actually very good! (How weird is it that the animation in this ep didn't seem nearly as bad as the previous ones? XD)

Most amazing thing I've seen in a very, very long time!


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