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Well, I've got to go off to the place with no internet now for a few days - will be back Tuesday, then back to work Wednesday! Thank you very much to everyone who's sent me cards and stuff! I still have a huge pile of stuff to send out to people, which I'll probably end up doing next Friday (unexpected day off! Woo!) so, uh, expect things in the New Year. #^^#

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and see you all in a few days! :)
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Oh, I'm failing with a capital FAIL. XD Suffice it to say, even if I manage to crank something out with respect to [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge, I'll be begging them not to crosspost it till I've had time to hit it with big knobbly sticks. ^^' It feels so much longer than it is, too! Out of curiosity, I measured a fic someone posted up today, and it was about as long as what I have now. Admittedly mine isn't finished yet, but still. These things always feel so epic, then I realise they're, like, workmanlike to most people. *dies*

Also, I have posted some Christmas things, but by no means all. Expect them sometime in the New Year, everyone else! ^^;; (Of course, my closest friends will probably get them last of all, cos I spend ages trying to put together suitable parcels. I thought I had a head start this year, but I just lulled myself into a false sense of security! XD)

Bon voyage to [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio!! You're going to have the greatest time ever, and I so wish I was coming too! :D
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Well, today was shitty. And that's enough about that.

Bought some manga, though (Gerard & Jacques 2, and the new anthology from DMP, though I might give that away for Christmas), and bought [livejournal.com profile] zalia what I think is a great present, so I hope you don't get 5 of them! Realised I was a moron yesterday, though, as I always forget some people go home at, like, the end of term, so I was a fool for thinking "It's OK, I'll get those other things next weekend", as the people I want to get them for won't be here then. -_-

Seeing that DMP anthology made me remember how much I want the next Rush, too. :9

Was going to do Christmas cards tonight, but I don't feel cheerful enough. :/ Also, I lack small plastic bags.

I did randomly think of this picture at lunchtime, though, and I couldn't stop laughing in the street. He's smoking a pipe, for heaven's sake! XD

And finally: My Christmas stocking )

Haven't actually looked at many other people's, though, so if I get nothing except lumps of coal, I understand.

Now back to Ikebukuro West Gate Park, which, incidentally, is great.
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OK, I caved too: Secret Santa Anonymous Love Whatchamameme. In case you wanted to say something nice about me, again. ;)

Bought more Christmas presents today! :D Yay! Realised I have more people to buy for than I thought. ^^' I don't promise creativity, but I'm trying to keep my standards high. :3

Will spam later with rantings (please feel free to add to my list!). I'm looking forward to it - are you? ^_~
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More unpopular opinions! :D This is quite fun!

Meine Liebe )

Rikkai )

Speaking of Rikkai, though, they seem to be in fashion again recently! Some nicely entertaining little ficlets doing the rounds on the comms. Hope it keeps up!

Made a little more progress on my [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge, but I still have to remember to alter the whole timeline to fit in one event that I just didn't want to lose. ^^'

Did some Christmas shopping and everything yesterday (ie, I went to the fancy chocolate shop and bought quite a few not-necessarily specific goodies)! :D Bought cards, so if anyone would like to exchange them with me this year and hasn't already left me their address, please drop it here! :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have another ep of Mukodono to watch. It's not *the* greatest thing ever, but... Nagase! (I even dl'ed an Ayumi Hamasaki song to listen to earlier, never having heard any of her stuff before and knowing I wouldn't especially like it, just cos she's Nagase's girlfriend. XD The song wasn't actually too bad! o.o Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] postingwhore! :D)
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#^^# I'm all embarrassed now, because after I posted this morning I thought about it again and wondered why I keep thinking that way and I was going to edit the post, but then I saw the nice comments some people left so I'm not going to. :) Thank you, people!

Also, Boku no Renai Jijou to Daidoku no Jijou (by, of course, Tokio, as I'm still listening to a lot of their stuff atm) came on my MP3 player, and it just made me feel so happy! So download it! Enjoy~!

Also going to take the opportunity to tell you all about the film I mentioned earlier, Yaji and Kita, the Midnight Pilgrims. I need to thank [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio for first bringing this film to my attention, and CDJapan for their impressively rapid shipping (it came in 3 days!!). The film's on enormous amounts of shiny gay crack, but we all know that's the best kind! Yaji and Kita are a gay couple in Edo. Yaji is married and Kita is a junkie, and they set off together to Ise on a motorbike, though the motorbike soon gets taken away from them because it's the Edo period, so they have to walk. On their journey they stop at several inns of varying craziness, and then there are, as Pez said, lots of mushrooms. Oh, and Yaji is played by Nagase, so we have the nice bonus of seeing him kissing a man. Which is what all the girls like!

I personally am convinced it's a work of genius, because although it's on crack, it's more what I'd call 'surrealist' than just pushing it further and further for no purpose (a la late period Monty Python). There actually *is* at least something of a story, and I found it intriguingly dealt with - it's kind of Alice in Wonderland, even down to the mushrooms, though with more male nudity. I'm kind of tempted to rip the DVD and send it to people for Christmas. Anyone interested, say aye! XD

Speaking of Christmas, if you haven't left me your address for a card yet, please leave it here - no matter if we don't chat that often, if you'd like an English card and probably something yummy, leave me your addy!

Speaking of which, I gor a card from [livejournal.com profile] chzbrgr_of_doom at the end of last week! :D My first one - thank you~! ♥ Now I just need to get in gear and get some nice new cards. ^^'

[Edit] Addition to the ol' wishlist - Tokio's GIG DVD. But 6000 yen? Argh, it's just on the border of how much I'd actually be willing to pay. XD


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