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Thank you to everyone for coming today! The show was fantastic, the company was wonderful, and no-one (out of 13 of us) ended up under a bus, so I call that a success! [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio, [livejournal.com profile] giving_ground - looking forward to seeing you on the 24th! [livejournal.com profile] dystopiarcadia, you're welcome to come along as well, if you're free! ♥

Now, however, I'm very tired and thirsty, so night night all!
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If you haven't bought your train tickets for Avenue Q, Sheffolks, DO IT NOW!! Also, give me money.

Current itinerary:

- Sheffpeople meet 10.15 Sheffield station. (Remember, we'll need time to collect tickets from the machine if you, like me, have opted to pick them up at the station.)
- Get train at 10.27.
- Arrive London 12.51.
- Meet London people 1.15 in Leicester Square (outside the Odeon, cos it's, er, the only place I know from up here ^^').
- Play starts at 3.00.
- Play finishes approx. 5.30.
- Train back 20.25.
- Arrive back in Sheffield 22.45.

Did I mention give me money? :3 Thank you for your attention! This information will be reposted on Friday, and drummed into housemates' brains tonight and tomorrow. *needs SemeMura icon, complete with whip*

[Edit] Not a lot going on at work today, due to everyone being out on training. Guess I could've done some writing, but I never thought of that... ^^' *headdesk*
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I'm probably be going to be doing some minor friends list trimming over the next few days, so before I do, if you've been wanting to take me off your own list for whatever reason, please take this opportunity to do it - there's a few people on my list I've not really got to know as well as I thought I might, or our paths have diverged, or we just don't really talk. Basically, I'll probably be taking off the people who I think want to take me off, so I'm giving us both the chance to do it with no hard feelings! Of course, if I do remove you you're welcome to keep me on your list; and if, for whatever reason, you desperately want me to keep you, just drop me a note here if you think you might be in danger! Though if you're worried, like I say, chances are you're not going anywhere!)

Ugh, I don't want that to be all I have to say! So, for reference, Avenue Q confirmed attendees... )

[livejournal.com profile] new_kate, I seem to recall you expressing an interest way back when I first mentioned it; you're still welcome to join us! :D Also, [livejournal.com profile] yuki_scorpio, you know you want to come. :D Inappropriate puppets = yay!
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I finally bought Avenue Q tickets!! I bought 10, at £10 each, for the 10th of June at 10 o'clock 3pm, so if you want to come, comment here! There is always the possibility of more tickets, so if it turns out that everyone who said "Maybe" now says "Yes", if won't be a problem! So, basically, if you want to come, tell me here! ♥ We can then negotiate cash transferrence, etc. (Cheques are good, but PayPal works too. :3)

Oo, have a poll too!

[Poll #739472]

Also, **hugs** to all of you who are feeling crappy right now. :(
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More Avenue Q update!

Due to LARP and other commitments, it's looking like Saturday June 10th is going to be the day for going. Final numbers required please, and then I'll book tickets and you all can PayPal me the cash. ;)

Also, we must do a Get Backers marathon at some point. It's been ages since I've seen it! :3

Finally, I'm wanting to study Japanese again. @_@ It's just all or nothing with you, brain, isn't it? >.<'

Now I've got to go out, which is bad, cos it's looking mangy out there. Boo!
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Avenue Q update! :D Projected dates for going are currently looking like June 10th, and June 17th. Those are both Saturdays, and I think we're currently looking at a matinee performance (so, afternoon). Please let me know whether ot not these dates are OK! :D I got a great response - currently 13+ interested - and it's not too late - if you want to come along, just let me know! :)
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Who fancies going to see Avenue Q when it opens in London in June? Preview prices from £10, and if we book far enough in advance we should be able to get dirt-cheap train fares too! (Also, anyone who lives in or near London is my new best friend. :3) The internet is for porn! ♥


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