why I hate Twitter - RANT ALERT

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:40 am
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well, according to Twitter I'm the devil. apparently if you defend someone against one relatively minor accusation, because you don't think they were in control of themselves when they did it and you're worried the witch hunt will move onto you next, it means you personally have done every bad thing that person has ever done. I know you're supposed to nip things on the bud because otherwise when they come for you there'll be nobody left to support you (I don't remember the exact quote) but when nobody bloody supports me if I say anything anyway, I think I'll just batten down the hatches and hoard canned food and polish my shotgun for the day when I'll inevitably be alone when They come for me anyway.

(may be slightly triggered because this reminds me of a worse incident in my life and I wanted to prevent it from happening again)

from now on, Twitter gets used for spamming streams, squeeing at kittens, retweeting disaster relief campaigns that don't piss me off with shock images and finding out about deals on games slightly earlier.

FFFC daily challenge

Sep. 7th, 2017 12:56 pm
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It's cool how this is becoming the Soleil challenge. If I don't think of something immediately, I tend to go back and write something Soleil-related retroactively for it. Soleil is actually kinda a short game and not exactly full of deep lore but I have played so much of it and find it such a huge inspiration.

I also think of Soleil as very much a proto-Undertale, much more so than Earthbound. So many basic features of Undertale pop up in Soleil

SOME POTENTIAL SPOILERS - humans making peace with monsters, getting into fights due to misunderstandings that can be resolved, also involving shapeshifting/possession being trapped underground, even flowers being trolls.


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