Mar. 15th, 2011

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Eighters! Further to my posts earlier, the good people at [ profile] arashi_on have offered the use of their PayPal and master post for our own fandom fundraiser! Johnnys fandom is coming together and going all J-Friends to raise money for Japan. ♥

If you're not sure what's involved, it's basically this:

it essentially works like a local bazaar or marketplace where fans can offer up or "sell" their services, such as graphics, translations, subs and more, for small amounts of money and others can "buy" them, with all the proceeds going into one account for donations.

So it's like [ profile] help_japan, but specifically for Johnnys! So if people post twice, you get the twice the chances to get something you want, and twice the chances to help raise money. :]

[ profile] arashi_on are having two branches of their fundraiser:

1. Fandom services - eg fics, graphics, translations, art

2. A garage sale where you can sell physical goods such as magazines, concert goods, CDs, shop photos, crafts etc.

I already compiled a post of K8-related services but now if you have something to offer, as well as money to donate, please do get involved! :D

The mods at [ profile] arashi_on have been super-helpful and really efficient so please please help out in any way you can. :]
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