Mar. 14th, 2011

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[ profile] arashi_on are having a fundraising effort where people are selling items and also offering fics, translations, art, icons etc, and I was thinking it'd be great if we could have such a thing in Kanjani8 fandom too. I've communicated with the [ profile] arashi_on mod about stealing her post and I'm hoping she'll say it's OK to just lift it.

I've never got involved in fandom fundraising before but I feel like this is especially relevant to us as fans of Japanese stuff, and many of us will have been to Japan or known people there or from there. So would people be interested/able to help if I tried to put something together? :X

[Edit] The part I'm most in the dark about is the PayPal side of things. How do I set it up, and how does the money then get where it needs to be? :? Hope the Arashi mod can guide me through that! ^^'
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OK so I changed my mind and decided to take part in [ profile] help_japan: my thread is here! (I wasn't going to cos I wasn't sure I could fulfil it, but hey, there's no time limit so I think I should manage it eventually! >.>)

I also compiled a list of everyone in [ profile] arashi_on who's also willing to provide K8 stuff to raise money! There's quite a few under here: )

K8-specific posts start on page 9 of this post! I'll try and keep indexing these too - hopefully we'll have a good turn-out! :D

K8-specific )

K8 garage-sale items )


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